Thule Tepui Tent Review 2022

Last Updated on May 2, 2022

Camping is rated to be the favorite pass-time activity for most Americans. Tracing back, we come across the memories of well-spent camping activities such as storytelling around the fire, swimming, and hiking around our beautiful land.

On the other hand, there are some of us who even cant withstand the camping memories. That is after waking up in damp beddings or literally the tent crumbling on our bodies.

With that said, a tent is a critical accessory that can make or break your camping memory. Consequently, it would help if you don’t settle for less than a sturdy and weather-resistant tent.

If that is what you are willing to pay for, you are in the right place. Here is a detailed review of the Tepui rooftop tents, which have proved beyond doubt to promise successful camping.

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Thule Tepui Tent Review

1. Thule Tepui Annex for Kukenam Rooftop

Are you looking for a tent annex for camping or for your vehicle? Then durability, budget-friendly, and fast installations must be among what you are looking for. Sincerely those are infrequent features, especially in this decade where counterfeit items are all over but don’t freak out.

The Thule tepui annex tent is a living testimony that expectation meeting products still exist. It delivers on durability, fast installations, and budget-friendly. However, that is just a hint of what it has to offer.

The best of them all is that this tent keeps away mosquitoes. Yes, you read right. How? You want to know. Its mesh panel has a uniform and close netting to leave no entry space for the mosquitoes.

Beyond that, its design guarantees it will remain upright despite the threatening forces. On its corners, there are ground stakes that maintain balance at all times.

Likewise, the zippers are evidence that you will enjoy fast installations of the tent. The zips connect at the bottom part of an open tent.

As if all that is not enough, the frames and the fabric is like nothing you have experienced before. The frame is an aluminum material that is secure from rusting and promises stability and longevity. In the case of the fabric, it is meant to withstand all the abrasion, tear and wear


  • The stakes and frames keep it upright at all times
  • The zippers make it easy to set it
  • Leaves no entry for mosquitoes
  • High-quality crafting makes it last longer


  • Slightly heavyweight

2. Thule Tepui Kukenam Three Rooftop Tent Review

Next is the Tepui Kukenam roof top tent, which can accommodate up to 3 occupants. What’s unique about this product? Let’s find out.

To begin, it is all-weather-resistant crafting. In most cases, harsh weather such as storms or heavy downfall can limit you from camping. Luckily, this item has a waterproof surface and very heavy-duty frames to stay upright and dry despite the storms.

Similarly, while camping in too sunny seasons, you will yet have a favorable temperature in the tent. How? There is a mesh panel with the most brilliant design to allow free airflow to cool the tent interior. Addedly, the external fabric has Uv treatments making it UV resistant.

The best part?

I love the fact that this tent incorporates a high-density mattress. It’s no secret that we all anticipate having a good and effective rest after hiking or simply when we get back to the tent. That wouldn’t be possible if the mattress is of a mediocre design

Fortunately, with the Tepui Kukenam tent mattress, which is filled with foam and of high-density design, you can be sure to get the most relaxing and cozy naps.

Nevertheless, we can’t overlook the need for privacy while in your temporary abode. For that reason, this tent is accompanied by an annex that provides a canopy to give you the needed privacy. I have included this tent on my Toyota Tacoma roof top tent list.


  • It has extra pockets to place the camping accessories
  • Has a cozy high-density memory foam mattress
  • All-weather resistant 4 season tent for any camping season
  • Excellent mesh panels for superb airflow
  • Has an annex that will promote your privacy


  • It cannot be used with any slide bar

3. Thule Tepui Autana Rooftop Tent Review

The tent capacity is the first feature to look at in a tent. For this case, the tepui tent can hold up to 4 people and leave ample space for movement. If the capacity is fit for you, we can move on and look at its features.

First is the weather-resistant crafting material. Well, I am sure you can’t imagine waking up on wet bedding or, worse extreme temperatures while resting in your tent. That would not only ruin your moods but, worse, even keep your health at risk.

With that said, this tent is water-resistant. Subsequently, you can camp even during the rainy season. Similarly, it is secure from UV and mold growth. When it comes to its frames, they are super stable for stormy seasons.

Further, the ventilation channels of this tent are greatly enhanced. Before I dive right in, the tent design should allow free airflow to cool the interior and keep your breathing system safe. Due to this tents ventilation system, you will access clean breathing air and enjoy room temperature while relaxing

Do you need a tent that gives you maximum privacy? The tepui rooftop tent has an extended canopy on the entrance, which has a removable annex to assure the occupants’ privacy fully.


  • It has removable pockets which aid in maintaining neatness
  • The mesh panels are handy in maintaining room temperatures
  • An extra canopy to enhance your privacy
  • A weather-resistant tent for every season camping
  • Its solid frames and cotton fabric guarantee durability


  • It cannot hold more than four persons

Final Words on Tepui Tent

Against all doubts, the Thule Tepui tent offers awesome durability, weather protection, and stability.

However, exceptionally, I would recommend the Thule tepui autana roof top tent and Thule tepui explorer kukenam tent. They uniquely have the best ventilation systems and the comfiest interior. Check on this tepui tents review for more details.

Tepui tent reviews

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