Ozark Trail Cabin Tent Reviews

Last Updated on May 1, 2022

A friend of mine once told me how a tent he had mindlessly purchased at a convenience store had messed him up quite badly.

He arrives at his campsite with all his camping gear, all excited until the rain started before he had set up his tent.

Being the ever-determined person, he quickly assembled the tent before the downpour became excessive to no avail. He had to shelter under a tree until the rain dissipated.

He was outraged, and he swore never to go camping with such a tent again.

While most tents are relatively easy to set up, some can be quite complicated. My friend, in this case, had an encounter with the latter.

What exactly should someone look for in a tent apart from the easy assembly?

We discuss that and more in our review of the Ozark Trail tents.

Reviews Of The Top Ozark Tent Models


  • Pre-attached poles make it easy to set up
  • It has two rooms that come with a room divider for more rooms
  • It has an electrical cord access
  • Excellent ventilation thanks to the eight windows
  • Spacious
  • Comes with a carry bag


  • It is hard to break down and put in the carry bag
  • The tend fabric might come with a few pinholes
  • The rainfly is too small and cannot cover the whole tent

Features of the Ozark Trail Tent

Easy Setup

This tent prides itself on fast setup. It can’t take you more than ten minutes to have it ready for use. That is because it comes with already attached poles that ensure you have an easy time setting it up.

All you do is get it out of the bag, unfold it, and then extend, and voila, your tent is up.

A tent with a complicated setup can frustrate you and expose you to the prevailing weather conditions. That’s why this tent will excite you with its fast setup.

Although it is easy to set up, the problem comes when you want to break it down. The breakdown can be quite hard since it is very bulky and would require you to fold it manually.

Yes, it comes with a carry bag that should make it easier to transport it but putting it in the bag can be a nightmare for you.

That shouldn’t, however, detract from having it set up relatively fast.

Ventilation and Spaciousness

This tent has top-notch ventilation and proper airflow. That is down to the eight windows it comes with. You can open the windows to have the air enter and improve airflow within the tent.

The tent is spacious enough and can hold up to ten people. Although it comes with two rooms, you can subdivide the two rooms with the room divider and create more space.

Ten people can comfortably sleep in this tent on the two queen-sized inflatable beds the tent can hold.

The material is also light enough to ensure it can allow the right amount of air into the tent for better airflow. That, however, doesn’t mean it will make it cold at night.

Tent Quality and Design

This tent comes with an instant dark rest design that ensures you can enjoy a nap no matter what time of day it is. It has dark rest skylights that you can turn on to bring a feeling of darkness even in the daytime.

Guess you now get where it gets the dark rest term from. The dome design ensures rainwater falls off and helps preserve dry conditions inside the tent. Not that it would be an issue since the polyester material is waterproof.

The material is also hardy and can last you a long time as it isn’t prone to damage from UV light and rainfall.

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Accessories and Additions

This tent comes with a carry bag that you will use to carry it comfortably to and from camping sites. It is quite bulky and wouldn’t fit in your backpack, not to mention the weight that renders that impossible.

Moreover, the 14 tent stakes will easily fit inside the bag alongside the tent. They would, however, make for heavy lifting.

You also won’t struggle to get power into the tent thanks to the electric access cord. Passing a power chord through the tent’s door might make the tent door hard to close or open.

Weight and Center height

This tent weighs about 20 pounds, which isn’t that heavy when compared to other tents. However, that doesn’t mean that it would be a good idea to vary it on your back. You don’t want to strain your back.

The center height is high enough. Most tall people will comfortably walk around in the tent.

Weather Protection

Similar to the easy setup property, the Ozark tent also offers good weather protection. Actually, all types of the brand have the same determination. Tents from different brands are formed in a way so that everything goes right and conveniently. As a result, the tent holds weather protection.

No exception to the Ozark trail tents. This type of tent offers potential weather protection across the board.

How Will You Benefit from Using This Tent?

This tent’s innovative instant dark rest technology is one of the most significant benefits you will reap. You can set the skylights to different brightness levels to create any atmosphere you want in the tent and enjoy a nap even in the daytime.

You also benefit from the tent’s spaciousness. Ten people will comfortably sleep in this tent, making it the ideal family camping tent.

The tent is also easy to set up since it just involves you unfolding and extending it. The real issue is with the packing after you break camp. It will be somehow tricky to put it in the carry bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this tent that easy to set up?
A: Yes, the setup is quite fast.

Q: Can 12 people sleep in this tent?
A: No. The tent has a capacity of 10 people.

Q: What is the weight of this tent?
A: The tent weighs about 20 pounds.

Final Thoughts on Ozark Trail Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail tent is a good deal because of the qualities it offers you. It is spacious and can host up to 10 people, making it the ideal tent for a family camping trip.

The most impressive thing about it, however, is how fast it is to set it up. You can quickly have it ready in only a few minutes.

You will reap the maximum benefit from this tent for a long time, and it will therefore be worth buying.

Ozark Trail Cabin Tent Review

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