Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin Style 14 Person Tent Review

Last Updated on May 2, 2022

While it isn’t built to withstand extreme weather, it offers great value as an affordable model with the capacity of accommodating 14 people. The good amount of airflow, 4 rooms for extra privacy, and 4 doors for comfortable entry and exit also make this one an attractive option.

Camping is considered one of the best family bonding activities that you can do and enjoy. It keeps you away from the enslavement of digital technologies for a short time and lets you enjoy the beautiful world around you. Camping, on the other hand, can be a tragedy if you are not properly prepared.

The preparation process should start with selecting and purchasing a nice and big family camping tent. Choosing the finest family tent can be a difficult task for both seasoned and new campers. That’s because you have to focus on some specific factors besides the size to choose the best one.

Here, we are going to share the story of a giant size family tent that can keep you all cozy out in the wild. Now, anyone who is looking around for family tents might have already come across Ozark Trail Tents. That’s because Ozark is the best out there.

Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin Style 14 Person Tent Review At A Glance

The 14-person Ozark Trail Base Camp is an enormous non-freestanding cabin-style tent. There is more than enough room for a big family or a large group of people staying together.

The peak height of this tent is 78 inches so unless you are the tallest person in the world, you won’t have any problem standing freely with your head high anywhere inside the tent.

It has 4 T-style doors along with 12 windows around the tent. The door allows us to move furniture or camping gear easily into the tent. It is better than the D-style door because that door is small in size and you would have to squeeze your luggage in through that door.

The tent weighs around 50lbs, so it can be considered heavy but not too much given its size. Finally, it has e-ports just like every other Ozark Trail tent to give you the option of charging your phone.

The setup process is easier considering its enormous size. The quick setup feature makes this tent even more appealing.


  • Style: Cabin style
  • No. of rooms: 4
  • Capacity: 14 people
  • Space: 235 ft2
  • Peak height: 78”
  • Fabric: Mesh and polyester
  • Pole: Fiberglass
  • Weight: 50 lbs

Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin Style 14 Person Tent Review

We will point out the good and bad sides of this tent separately so you can easily compare.

The Good

1# Lots Of Space

This tent has a huge floor area as the brand didn’t compromise with space at all. If you give attention to its floor plan, there are 5 rooms in total if we count the one in the center.

You can fit 4 queen size beds in those rooms or you can mix things up by squeezing in a kitchen or living room in one of them. The multiple bedrooms will ensure an impressive amount of privacy for you and your partner. Each of your children (if you have any) can enjoy their own bedroom.

2# Proper Ventilation

The tent has 12 windows and 4 entrances to guarantee that the tent is well ventilated so there is no danger of suffocation. The inclusion of a mesh rainfly improves ventilation while also providing a beautiful perspective. The tent does a great job with ventilation.

3# Waterproof

Although the manufacturer makes no guarantees about the roof’s waterproofing, it does have taped seams and therefore can readily take light to moderate rains. A double-layer pattern may be found on all of the windows and doors. The roof includes a wide rainfly that stops exactly above its mesh window panels, allowing for an unimpeded view.

4# Amazing View At Night

Watching the night sky is a fun activity during camping. You’ll enjoy a fantastic view of the night sky from inside the tent thanks to the enormous mesh panel on the ceiling.

5# Dividers For Extra Privacy

This style includes a few separators that separate the construction into four rooms, each with its own entryway. When all of the dividers are left unzipped, it will create one large space, or you can zip them up for additional solitude.

With the dividers, you will get 3 same size rooms and one large space which is the common area.

6# Easy To Set Up

This tent has a simple-to-understand assembly process and it is a very important factor for a tent this big. Two people can set it up within 30 to 40 minutes. The beginners might need a little more than that so let’s say probably around an hour.

The Bad

1# Not A 3 Season Tent

The Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin Style 14 person tent has some minor negative sides that we are going to ignore as nothing is perfect. However, there is one thing that we simply can’t ignore as this is a major concern. This tent is not an ideal 3 season tent as advertised.

This model is labeled as a 3-season tent, but it’s really just meant for mild weather, relatively low rainfall, and warm temperatures. Because it does not hold heat efficiently, you should avoid using it throughout the winter months.


  • A great option for summer camping
  • Mesh ceiling will provide a great view of the night sky
  • Perfect for the whole family or a large group of people
  • Very easy to understand the setup process
  • Huge space inside
  • 4 rooms with dividers for additional privacy
  • Enough no. of windows for proper ventilation
  • Built-in rainfly


  • It lacks ground vents
  • The stakes are not as robust as you would expect them to be
  • Takes a long time to set up
  • Not a 3 season tent as advertised


In comparison to its competition, the Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin style 14 Person Tent performs admirably. This tent is habitable, well-ventilated, and one-of-a-kind. While the durability of this tent is dependent on the camping environment it is exposed to, the pricing is really reasonable.

The tent is one-of-a-kind, and most people love it. It’s perfect for a large family or a group of people to sleep at night. This is the kind of tent that leaves a great impression every time you use it.

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