Northwest Territory Front Porch Cabin Tent 10 Person

Last Updated on August 30, 2022

For a fun family outing, the Northwest Territory 10-person cabin style tent provides you with wide space to comfortably accommodate all your family members. Add an easy setup, an affordable price tag with that and you have got yourself a bargain.


  • Easy to set up
  • A lot of space available inside the tent
  • A perfect option for a big family or 2 small families
  • Aesthetically good looking
  • Greatly organized
  • Very comfortable
  • Front porch available


  • A heavy option

As far as we’re aware, this tent has been on the market for about a decade, and its previous measurements were 18 x 12 ft. The current version on the marketplace is 20 x 10 ft in size. So, if you find some older videos or reviews of this tent, don’t be alarmed.

This is a conventional cabin-style tent with a retractable barrier that divides the inside area into two rooms. There are two entrances, one on each narrow side, allowing the chambers to be entered separately.

However, this cabin tent has a large screen porch with a retractable floor. The fly protects the porch, although it should be noted that the sides have merely meshed with no panels. As a result, when you’re sitting on the porch, you’ll be protected from flying insects. In any case, this is a lovely porch design with a removable floor.

This is a lovely structure with six enormous windows with zippered panels on each side, as well as two windows on the doors. The windows surround you on all sides, and the high walls give you the impression of being at home. The highest height of the tent is 7 ft 2 in (218 cm). That is more than enough for anyone to stand straight inside the tent, no matter how tall.

Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent Review

Now it is time to discuss all the positive and negative sides of this family cabin tent. The more you know about a product, the less time you will need to decide whether or not it’s worth your money.

The Good

Wide Space

The first thing you need for a family camping is enough space inside the tent. Otherwise, it will affect your camping experience and there will be very little privacy. Luckily for us, the Northwest Territory Family Cabin Tent takes care of both of them.

The capacity is for 10 persons, and the floored space is 150 ft2 (14 m2). This equates to 15 ft2 (1.4 m2) per person, and the measurements are such that 10 sleeping mats can be placed on the floor.

The porch is partially sheltered from the outdoors and adds 50 ft2 (4.6 m2) to the space. However, for true family camping, the number of users should be limited to no more than 5-6 persons.

That way all your luggage and outdoor gear can stay inside the tent. It will ensure more security too. Plus, you will be able to have some fun activities inside the tent.

Well Suited To Warm Climate

In terms of seasons and temperature, we envision it as a tent for summertime camping in locations with little wind and rain. Because the ceiling is entirely made of mesh, as are all of the windows and doors, this will work well in a hot environment.

This is a tall and boxy structure with Guy lines to keep it secure in the event of strong winds. However, with such a tent, staying away from windy locations is preferable.

Sturdy Steel Poles

They used all-steel poles to make the construction robust and steady. You’ll get eight leg poles, as well as roof poles and a long ridge pole. This is a huge structure, but the chain-corded and color-coded steel poles and quick-connect frame hubs incorporated into the upper corners and sides of the tent make the setup a snap. The poles are kept in their own bag. The set includes simple steel stakes.

Removable Porch Floor

The fabric of this tent is polyester but we don’t have any information from the tent manufacturer about its waterproof rating. The bathtub construction floor will keep you safe from the ground. The versatile porch floor is easily removable, allowing users some flexibility.

You can just roll out the porch floor if you want to cook under the porch or want to sit on a chair with narrow feet. That way, you won’t damage the floor.

Under the porch, you will get an E-cable port. An E-port is a tent addition that provides for quick extension cord access. If you ever need to run a cord inside your tent, this may not seem essential, but it can prevent tent leaks and bugs from entering. This isn’t available in all tents.

The Bad

Heavy Tent

This is not a critical negative side but this cabin-style family tent is not very lightweight with its 51lbs weight rating. Carrying this tent will require some muscle work. Now to remove the negative tag, the carry bag of this tent comes with wheels. So, pulling it won’t be as much hard work as carrying it around.

Plus, the huge size of the tent and the steel poles easily justify the weight.

Not Built For Cold Weather

With its mesh style ceiling, doors and windows, it is a great tent for camping on a summer day. But things take a drastic turn when it comes to cold weather.

Do not plan a camping tour in a cold environment with this tent as it is not designed for it. We saw some users complaining about how cold the tent was on a cold night. Of course, if you use a tent in a cold environment, it will be cold, but some tents are more adapted to a cold temperature than others. Unfortunately, that is not the case with this tent.


In conclusion, despite its size and weight, the Northwest Territory Front Porch 10 Person Cabin Tent is comfortable and simple to use. It has a price that makes it an absolute steal. Do not subject it to hard tests, this is a tent for peaceful summer weather, and we highly suggest it for that purpose.

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