Nemo Aurora Tent Review

Last Updated on October 17, 2021

Nemo is building outdoor gear for 19 years now and with each passing day, they are getting better and better in improving the quality of their products. The name “NEMO” is an acronym for “New England Mountain Equipment”, and it was also a nod to the famous character “Captain Nemo” by Jules Verne.

In this piece, we are going to focus on two backpacking tents from this brand’s “Aurora” tent series and discuss further their positive and negative sides. Finally, we’ll provide you with our verdict on which one should you buy and why. Keep reading to find out.

Nemo Aurora Tent Review

Nemo Aurora 3 Person Backpacking Tent Review


  • This tent is for 3 people and unlike some other 3-person tent, this one actually has enough space to accommodate 3 persons comfortably. Each one will get its fair share of lying space credit to its vertical walls.
  • A fully ventilated tent with a weatherproof rainfly included. What that means is, this tent will provide service in all 3-season. You won’t have to worry about the season anymore to enjoy a camping session.
  • This tent is light enough to be considered a suitable backpacking option. Although there are some tents available that are much lighter than this one but considering other features this one is definitely better.
  • A lot of space is available to store your extra gears and keep them protected at the same time, thanks to the addition of 2 vestibules. The vestibules will surely take some pressure away by taking care of your things.
  • The special light-diffusing fabric used in the overhead light pockets will ensure that the glow of your light is evenly distributed throughout the tent.
  • Enough headspace is available to sit inside and chat. Even if you are a tall person, it won’t be a problem.
  • For the protection of the bottom side of the tent, this one comes with a waterproof footprint.


  • If you are hell-bent on buying an ultralight tent, then the Nemo Aurora 3- person tent is not for you. It is light but not ultralight.
  • The price of this tent is on the higher side. It is expensive but that is totally justified with the features it comes with.

The Nemo Aurora 3-person tent is an excellent choice for backpacker couples or for a small family with a child or a small group of friends. You will get 44 sq. ft. of floor space and 44 inches of headspace inside this tent. For entry and exit, it has 2 large doors so that you don’t have to step over your tent mate while going out.

The floor of this tent is 68D PU polyester made with a 1200mm waterproof rating. This tent is rated for 3-season and you can definitely use it in 3 different seasons, unlike some other tent that uses false advertisement. This tent will keep you and your gears safe and protected in any weather and that’s a big plus point. 

Nemo Aurora 2 Person Backpacking Tent Review


  • This tent is for two people, and unlike some other two-person tents, it offers enough room for two people to sleep comfortably. Because of the steep sidewalls, everyone will get their fair portion of the lying area.
  • A durable rainfly is included with this completely ventilated tent. That is to say, this tent can be used in all three seasons. You won’t have to worry about the season if you want to go camping.
  • This tent is lightweight enough to be used as a backpacking option. Although you will have to distribute the weight between the two of you to enjoy the lightweight feature. If one of you decides to carry the whole weight, then it will feel much heavier.
  • Due to the addition of two vestibules, there is plenty of room to store your additional gear while also keeping it safe. By taking care of your belongings, the vestibules will undoubtedly relieve some stress.
  • There is enough headroom inside to sit and talk. It will not be an issue even if you are a tall person.
  • This tent comes with a waterproof footprint to protect the bottom side of the tent.


  • Though this tent is supposed to be a 3-season tent but dealing with harsh weather is not its strong suit. We suggest you do not plan a camping trip during heavy rainfall or wind with this tent.
  • This is an expensive tent

The Nemo Aurora 2-person backpacking tent will provide around 32 sq. ft. of floor space with 44 inches of headspace. You will get 2 doors and 2 vestibules on this tent for convenient entry, exit, and storage space. The full mesh steep walls and roofs will allow sufficient air to circulate inside.

The interior space is enough for 2 people to sleep but there won’t be a lot of space left to stretch yourself. The tent is fully waterproof, but the tent material isn’t as strong as it was needed to deal with heavy winds. You will get some better 2-person tent options within the price tag of this one.


Whether you are looking for a 2-person or a 3-person tent, the Nemo Aurora 3 backpacking tent will serve you better. The Aurora 3 costs only a little bit much but it performs way better than the Aurora 2. So, why should you settle for less comfort just for a little amount of money, right? With the Aurora 3 tent, you will enjoy all the features exactly as advertised.

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