Msr Hubba NX 2-person Lightweight Backpacking Tent Review

Last Updated on May 2, 2022

Maybe this is the umpteenth that you hear that success doesn’t happen by chance. That holds for every plan in our lives. And when it comes to planning for successful camping, the statement holds to be true.

Among the things that you should regard to have successful camping is getting the best tent.

The tent should stay upright in windy, rainy, or even sunny seasons. Though the first thing you should look at is its capacity.

If you are planning to go for a camp with your partner, I would remarkably recommend this MSR Hubba 2-person tent. I know you need solid proof that this tent is worth it. I am doing exactly that; below are details about its features, pros, and cons.


  • It takes the shortest time to set
  • It comes with a three-year warranty
  • The frames and the poles are very solid to remain standing
  • The interior has an elegant appearance making it quite homely
  • Abrasion-resistant bottom part hence lives for ages


  • The tent can hold only two people
  • Not suitable for too windy seasons or areas

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Msr Hubba NX 2-person Lightweight backpacking tent Features

Solid poles and frames

The frames and the poles are what keep the tent upright. Consequently, the amount of force your tent can withstand to remain upright depends on how sturdy are the poles and the frames.

Considering that, it doesn’t surprise why this tent manufacturer considered very solid materials for the frames and poles. Consequently, they are quite firm to keep your tent upright at all times.

Even better, due to how stable the frames are, you can camp in relatively windy areas.

Unified hub and pole system

Further, it is the nature of the hub and pole system that determines how long it will take to set the tent. Ideally, the complex the system is, the longer it will take.


This remarkably crafted tent has a unified hub and pole system, which dramatically simplifies the setting up process. Thus, it will take only a few minutes to get it standing.

When placing the clips, you don’t have to take hours figuring out which clip should be placed where. Their clips are color-coded to help quickly determine the right position to place them.

Anti-tear fabric

Additionally, your tent will last for as long as the fabric can withstand the tear and wear. Hence, the weaker is the construction fabric, the sooner you will have to purchase a new tent.

However, with the fabric of this tent, you wouldn’t regret it. It is of high strength to bear the tears and wears; hence it will last for ages.

Nylon mesh design

Still, you wouldn’t be comfortable in a room that makes you feel suffocated.

To make your temporary abode comfortable, this tent has an excellent ventilation system. It incorporates mesh lining made of nylon for smooth airflow from the external environment.

Yet, the mesh is of nylon material; hence you can be sure it will bear tear and wear.

Lastly, the interior lining has the most elegant appearance, which makes it have a homely feeling

Benefits of using the MSR Hubba tent

To begin with is the fact that this tent has a homely feeling. That is due to its elegant interior and spaciousness for two people to avoid congestion.

Similarly, it has the best ventilation for maximum breathability.

When it comes to durability, this tent promises that. It has very solid frames, poles, and exterior fabric. Still, due to the poles and frames’ robust nature, it can withstand relatively intense wind.

Also, setting up this tent doesn’t require any neuroscience. The clips are color-coded to identify their right positioning quickly. Further, the hub and pole system is unified to avoid any complexity while setting up the tent.

In a single line, for one or two occupants, it is a worth it tent.

Frequently asked questions

Q; how much is its vestibule size?

A; this quite spacious tent has two vestibules, each of them with a capacity of 8.75 square feet. Hence, you have 17.5 square feet where you can place your extra accessories.

Q; what is the floor size?

A; I guess you are looking for a tent that can accommodate your camping accessories and yet leave ample space to move around. For that reason, this tent floor area is 29 square feet. The area should comfortably accommodate two people without feeling congested.

Q; how do I determine where to place the tent clips?

A; it was supposed to be your work to figure out where to place the clips but thanks to the manufacturer who did it for you. The clips are color-coded to determine their right positioning in the tent quickly.

Final Thoughts on Msr Hubba NX 2 Tent

If you are forward-looking to a successful camp, then you should plan for a good tent. That is the rule.

That is why we strongly recommend the MSR Hubba tent, for we want to wish you successful camping.

Why this item? you would ask

Briefly, it has stable and sturdy crafting. The poles, frames, and the exterior fabric will withstand any external force that may attempt to bring the tent down. Yet, that sturdy crafting promises its longevity.

However, this tent is not suitable for too intense windy seasons. 

To add, it has the most straightforward settings due to the coded clips and the unified pole and hub system. Also, due to the elegant interior and the spacious floor, this tent gives a homely feeling.

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Msr Hubba NX 2 Person Backpacking Tent

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