Mountainsmith Conifer 5 Plus Tent Review

Last Updated on May 2, 2022

The Conifer 5 Person tent stands out among three-season tents for highlighting living conditions and usable space. This is a tent that will endure a long time. Sturdy construction, waterproof system, and affordable price make this tent a strong option to consider.


  • The bathtub floor construction and taped floor seams make it weatherproof
  • Tent fly ventilation windows are versatile and wide
  • With two doors and two vestibules, this configuration can accommodate up to five people
  • Mesh wall panels on free-standing tent
  • Interior mesh storage compartments and retractable ceiling loft pocket
  • The tent is lightweight and breathable thanks to the clip-on pole attachment
  • Reflective guy lines with a tension lock cord that may be adjusted


  • It doesn’t have much privacy without the rain fly
  • The color labeling method is confusing

Camping is one of the most exciting and fun outdoor activities for a family or a group of friends or sometimes just by yourself. The most interesting part is spending the night inside a tent. Now to make sure that the tent experience is a fun one, you need a tent that will do its part right.

The Mountainsmith Conifer 5+ tent is a strong candidate for that position. It has a wide floor space (83 ft2) available to accommodate 5 people comfortably. There are over 6 feet of interior headroom space inside so that you can stand inside the tent if you want.

This versatile tent will be on your side in every season out there. Its sturdy construction, waterproof functionality with bathtub construction, and taped floor style make it a great option for a rainy day or a windy summer day. It also performs well under cold weather. We will discuss more on this topic later in this review.

Mountainsmith is producing outdoor gears for over 40 years now so you won’t have to worry about the quality of their product. Their products are well known for stability, comfort, and performance. They use quality materials to make their product durable.

The Conifer 5 Plus Tent offers a great package within an affordable price range. Now, we will try to analyze this great tent in detail and point out all the pros and cons of this product. Just keep reading.

Mountainsmith Conifer 5 Plus Tent Detailed Review

The Good

1# Easy To Use

The Mountainsmith Conifer takes a bit longer to set up than its quick-pitch tent competitors, but you receive a far more secure and spacious tent. The color-coding approach aids set-up by identifying where each pole should be placed, however, it is not very useful in orienting the tent.

It can sometimes be difficult to tell which is the front and which is the back door because both sides of the tent have yellow corner tabs. Try to match the hooks to the pole’s color-coding, though this might be tricky in the wind or if you’re setting up your tent after dark. It’s simple to set up once you’ve done it a few times.

There are a few exceptions to the color-coding, such as instructions naming a color they don’t use and requiring yellow poles to run through a blue top loop to hold the construction upright. That will allow you to hang a lantern. The tent is really easy to put up and takedown, and it comes with a large stuff pouch that can easily handle the tent and poles.

2# Comfortness

With its somewhat extended hexagon shape, the Conifer can accommodate a variety of sleeping arrangements. It has five sidewall pockets, four of which are close to the ground for quick access to your personal belongings.

It includes a mesh gear loft with plenty of storage space to help you manage your campsite. The gear loft allows you to hang a lantern from it while preventing small objects from protruding through the lantern’s slit.

Two vestibules are included with the Conifer. The wider vestibule can comfortably accommodate two full-size camp chairs, allowing you to rest and relax while it rains.

The smaller vestibule has no windows, but it can accommodate a few bags or other items that need to be kept out of the weather. With a double-walled tent body and a 2000mm, PU-rated rainfly to keep you dry during storms, you’ll enjoy how weather-resistant the Conifer is.

The 5000 mm floor works effectively to keep water out of the tent. The dome form of the tent, as well as the accompanying aluminum poles, withstand well against the wind, no matter the direction of the wind.

3# Sturdy Build Quality

This is a tent that is made to last, with high-quality materials and workmanship.

The rain fly is composed of standard denier fabric with a waterproof polyurethane (PU) coating, and the tent’s floor is constructed of denier fabric with a thick PU coating of 5000 mm, which helps to withstand standing water that collects beneath the tent.

The standard aluminum J-stakes should tolerate quite a bit without bending when driven into a resistant ground area. If you want a more durable floor, then you can purchase an optional 75D 2000 mm footprint.

4# Performs Well Under Wet Weather

The Conifer 5+ is a flexible tent that provides excellent protection from the wet and rough environment. The weatherproof, vented rainfly provides excellent coverage, ensuring that you and your belongings stay dry as you wait out the storm.

5# Hot Weather Performance

If it’s a hot and humid day, remove the rainfly to expose the mesh tent body and allow some air to flow. One thing to keep in mind here is that without the rainfly, you won’t have much cover or privacy if you’re at a popular campsite.

But it is important to let the hot air flow out of your tent because otherwise, you will face a sweaty night. Once the fly is closed, there won’t be enough air circulation inside your tent. So you have to make sure that you have enough cold air stored in there before closing the fly.

6# Cold Weather Performance

The Conifer 5+ is a versatile tent that provides excellent protection from the elements in cold weather. In a strong wind, this is a great tent to have. You won’t know how powerful the winds are when the guy lines are staked. You won’t feel any flapping or shaking when you are inside the tent.

The Bad

1# The Weight

Well, it’s not a huge negative side or anything like that, it’s just some of us like outdoor gears that are lightweight. The Mountainsmith Conifer 5+ tent is a little on the heavy side and it’s totally understandable.

Because of the tent’s size, it’s no surprise that it’ll be a little heavy, weighing in at 14 pounds 10 ounces. Taking it to a campsite may be a bit of a hassle, so make sure a strong member of your group is in charge of transporting it.

2# Privacy Issue

The whole privacy part of this tent depends on the rain fly. When you keep it close, the tent offers full privacy from the outside. But you can’t always keep it close, especially during the daytime when you will need some airflow inside your tent. That’s when the privacy won’t be there.

Again, it’s not a huge bad side as this is a common case for tents of this style. You just have to adjust to it.


The Mountainsmith Conifer 5+ tent features plenty of inside space and plenty of headroom if you’re looking for a five-person three-season tent. As you can see from the Mountainsmith Conifer 5+ Tent Review, it offers the waterproof durability you need for your camping.

The aluminum alloy poles used in this tent are built to last. The Conifer 5 Person Tent is a great deal with a lot of features that can make your upcoming camping trip fun and dry.

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Mountainsmith Conifer 5 Plus Tent Review
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