Marmot Limelight 2P Tent Review

Last Updated on August 30, 2022

The Marmot Limelight 2P is ideal for budget shoppers who want the best value for their money. It has some excellent comfort features along with a huge living space. The inclusion of the footprint is just a cherry on top.

Marmot Unisex Limelight 2P Tent Review At A Glance

This backpacking tent offers a huge floor space with 43 x 54 x 88in dimensions and 33 sq. ft. of interior space. It has two large doors for convenient entry and exit as well as good ventilation. You will get a fully waterproof polyester-made tent fly with vents and two vestibules for weather protection and additional gear storage space.

The Limelight 2P has a freestanding design. The materials used to make this tent are lightweight yet strong. On the roof, there is a dimming lamp pocket to light up during the dark. To keep the inside of the tent dry and warm, they seam-taped the fly that fully covers the tent.

Interior pockets can be used to organize your small gears. The clips and poles are color-coded to make the setup procedure easier for you. They included footprints with this backpacking tent which is a rare sight. It is not a light tent for its capacity.

Marmot Unisex Limelight 2P Tent Detailed Review

The Good

1# More Than Enough Interior Space

Besides sheltering you from the stinging cold or scorching heat, camping tents also serve as a safe place to store your goods. Camping with a partner means you’ll need more room than on a solo vacation. In this way, a larger tent can be really useful.

That’s one of the things this tent excels at, it has a roomy interior with 33 sq. ft. of floor space. Even with all of your belongings in the tent, you’ll have no problem moving around.

There is an inner room enclosed by vertical walls due to its unique pre-bent pole structure. This allows for more space in the tent’s cross-section at a higher altitude than most other tents do.

This tent is more comfortable than it appears at first glance. It stands out because of its width and peak height. Two individuals could comfortably sit up in it together without any problems.

2# Impressive Design

That’s where the tent really shines. The massive doors will cover most of the sidewalls and they unzip in a circle. The rear door is D-shaped and the other one is a teardrop-style door. As a result, getting in and out of the cave was never a tight squeeze. In favorable weather, the vestibule can be rolled back to make entering and exiting the vehicle even easier.

Headlamps and books were easily accessible thanks to large side pockets. In addition, the bright color made it very easy to spot in a crowded campground.

3# Reliable Tent Fly

The quality of your tent’s fly can make the difference between a good and a bad camping experience. The fly leads the fight against the weather, especially rain. If there’s one aspect of a tent that can make a huge impact, it’s the fly. As a result, it must be sturdy enough to withstand a lot of pounding while remaining durable.

The fly included with this tent is made of 100% water-resistant polyester that allows it to stay tight even when wet, making it ideal for use outdoors. As a result, you won’t have to retighten it if it rains.

4# Proper Ventilation

You need to be able to breathe well in the wild, whether it’s freezing or scorching out there. It’s true that a well-ventilated tent will protect you from sweating inside, but it also helps reduce condensation, which may be just as annoying in cold weather.

The no-see-um mesh of the Marmot Limelight 2P tent ensures optimal airflow in and out of the tent with a 40D polyester canopy. Also, the huge doors help to provide extra ventilation when needed, thanks to their generous size.

5# Footprint Included

When it comes to protecting your tent’s floor from dirt, rainy conditions, and even from rocks or pebbles, a footprint comes in helpful. This will extend the life of your tent, saving you money in the long run.

6# Durable

68 Denier Poly Taffeta is used to make the Limelight. Even though it’s less elastic, the thick substance makes it extremely resistant to punctures. If you take normal, regular care of this tent, it should last a long time.

The Bad

1# Not A Light Tent

Considering its capacity, this tent should have been lighter. Currently, it weighs around 5.6 lbs, so you must be prepared to carry some weight with this tent. This is one area that this tent should really improve upon.

2# Not Ideal For Winter 

The positioning of the mesh windows keeps the interior cool during hot weather, but it can’t make the tent warm enough during cold weather. This tent would be ideal for cooler areas if the mesh windows were placed differently.


  • Footprint and rain fly included for better weather protection
  • Water-resistant for the seam-taped construction
  • Proper ventilation
  • Vestibules and pockets for storage
  • Color-coded poles and clips for easy assembly
  • Affordable price


  • A heavy option
  • Not perfect for cold weather


This tent is ideal for budget campers who enjoy sleeping in a large space. It is spacious, pleasant, and long-lasting. We wouldn’t plan a long-distance trip with it though, because it’s a massive size shelter, but for the price, we’re happy with what it has to offer.

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