Marmot Crane Creek Tent Review

Last Updated on August 30, 2022

If you like to travel solo or with a partner and not in a group, then the Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking tent might be your ideal tent option. It is ultralight, has enough floor space, and has quality construction with proper ventilation. So, it is hard to ignore if you want a reliable backpacking or camping tent.

Trekking and Camping without the proper equipment can be a real pain. Getting out in nature is a great way of escaping the monotony of everyday life and everyone should try it.

A backpacking tent is a must-have when going on a hiking or camping trip. There are many different backpacking tents on the market to choose from. Through extensive research, we have found a reliable and comfortable backpacking tent that we think you would like. We are talking about the Marmot Crane Creek Camping and Backpacking Tent.

Marmot Crane Creek Tent Review At A Glance

The Marmot Crane Creek is a 3 season tent. It’s perfect for use in the fall, spring, and summer seasons. It won’t be a great choice for the extreme winter season, but it has the capability to keep you warm in normal chilly weather. It comes in both 2 and 3-person capacity versions.

This dome-style tent has a freestanding design, the poles and stakes are made of 7000 series aluminum which is very durable and it comes with doors on both sides.

Other features include 32 square feet of floor space for two people with a center height of 43 inches (it becomes 34 sq ft and 46 inches in the 3-person version). The weight is around 4.8 lbs; you can divide it into two parts for an even lighter weight. Polyethylene is used on the floor and it’s waterproof.

Marmot Crane Creek Tent Detailed Review

The Good

1# Great Weather Protection

Consider the tent’s weather protection features when choosing one for yourself. Waterproof materials are included with most tents by default. It is important to ensure that the tent is stable in all weather conditions, not only in the rain.

The waterproof shield on the Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and camping tent is rather impressive. It’s a good performer in all weather conditions. It’s water-resistant and will keep you warm in chilly weather. In summer and hot weather, this well-ventilated tent ensures fresh air.

2# Impressive Construction

This one is a Dome-style freestanding backpacking tent, so setting it up should be a piece of cake. It also has a Freestanding design so you can rotate it at your convenience after pitching it up on any terrain.

You will get two D-shaped doors for entry and exit located on both sides of the tent. So, when two people are sleeping inside the tent, no one has to step over the other to get out. Plus, it also helps with ventilation.

Then, a vestibule with a zipper on both sides provides extra storage capacity.

3# Proper Ventilation

Inside the tent’s wall, it has mesh for ventilation. The fabric of walls along with mesh allows fresh air to flow in and heated carbon dioxide to escape.

There are Velcro stiffeners attached to the vents in the vestibules, so they can be left open at all times if desired. If you need extra airflow, you can partially unzip one of the vestibules and leave it open.

4# Storage Pocket Available

One of the nice touches in this tent is a storage pocket inside. The storage pocket is attached to the tent’s wall. It’s great for storing tiny, essential goods inside and keeping them easily accessible. A pocket also helps keep things from tangled up on the tent floor and being crushed.

5# Quality Floor Material

This Marmot Crane Creek Camping and Backpacking tent has a floor made of fully waterproof fabric. That’s a must-have on any tent floor because it keeps the surface moisture outside where it should be. It also helps with insects and bugs.

6# Easy To Set-up

This tent is really straightforward to set up, even for a novice. This trekking tent comes with an instruction handbook. One person can easily set up the tent even though two people are recommended in the instruction handbook.

The Bad

1# Pricey

We didn’t find any performance issues with this tent that we can count as bad. The minor downside can be the price of this tent. The Marmot Crane Creek Camping Tent is a bit more expensive than other tents with similar qualities. Products from Marmot Crane Creek have a good reputation in the market. Therefore, given the brand value, the price isn’t too outrageous.

2# Space Might Feel Insufficient

The tent is rated for 2-person and the space inside the tent can accommodate two people but things will become tricky if you have some extra gear. 2 adults with gear might feel a bit uncomfortable sleeping inside this tent. 

That won’t be the case if you can fit the gears inside the storage pockets. Then you will have plenty of room available.


  • An ultralight tent, ideal for backpackers
  • Polyester-made seam-taped fly keeps you dry and warm
  • Convenient accessibility with 2 D shaped doors
  • The floor is fully waterproof
  • Proper ventilation
  • The spreader pole adds enough headroom


  • No footprint included
  • A little pricey


The Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking tent performs exactly as advertised. It is an ultralight tent so easy to carry and very reliable and comfortable to sleep in. The weight of this tent makes it a perfect option for both camping and backpacking tents.

If you want the best value for your money, invest in this tent because it won’t disappoint you when you are out in the wild.

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