Hyke and Byke Zion Backpacking Tents Review

Last Updated on May 1, 2022

Do you hate it when you have to deal with a seller with poor customer service? Even worse, that lengthens the product ordering process, making it impossible to access help when needed from the manufacturer.

Due to that existing gap, the hyke and byke company saw it reasonable to do away with the middle man and make their customer services more friendly and available 24/7.

Coupling their fantastic customer services and their expertise in tent making, their latest product, the hyke and byke zion tent, have won the hearts of most nature lovers.

Well, who doesn’t want an item that will make their camping memorable, last longer, and even have a call away available help?

Even to top up, this item comes with a lifetime warranty. You can guess how confident they must be in their work with such a warranty.

Below are more details about its pros, cons, and features.


  • Its mesh lining gives adequate ventilation for the occupants
  • The aluminum construction makes it robust
  • It takes only a maximum of 20 minutes to set up
  • All-weather resistant including storms and rain
  • Lightweight to easily carry to your camping ground


  • It is treated with a flame retardant trisphosphate that is linked to some health issues in an extended period of use

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Hyke and Byke Zion Backpacking Tents Features

Mesh interior design

Among the things that every tentmaker should consider is ensuring that the tent occupants can access the environment’s clean air. We all know how our breathing systems are quite critical.

Fortunately, this tent manufacturer kept that in mind. The tent has an interior lining of nylon mesh. Consequently, there will be a flawless flow of clean air from the outside environment.

Have you noted something peculiar too? The mesh is of nylon material, which is known to withstand tear and wear. Meaning, it contributes to the longevity of this fanciful tent.

Quicker setups

Likely, you will get to your camping station very worn out. Envision, then having to deal with a tent, which is quite problematic to set. That can increase your frustrations, which is the last thing you could expect on your camping day.

All credits to the hyke and byke tent for ensuring that you will set and even remove your tent in a few minutes. That is because it uses only one pole, which has a quick attaching clip-pole attachment.

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Nevertheless, with respect to all the toiling, you had to bear to get your money, you can’t afford to spend on an item that will waste after single camping.

Looking for a firmly constructed tent will assure not only durability but also promise wind resistance. I bet you wouldn’t be happy when the set tent crumbles down just because it couldn’t bear the wind.

Considering that, it is no wonder that this tent has an aluminum frame and a very solid pole. Thus it will stand still amid intense wind, and even you can be sure that you will not have to purchase any other tent any time soon due to its longevity.

Side pockets

First things first, what’s the need for side pockets in a tent? They play two significant roles; one of them is increasing the storage space of the tent.

Secondly, side pockets are mostly used to place the frequently needed items for fast accessibility and neatness.

Absolutely! This tent, too, has side pockets. Thus you can place all your frequently needed items well organized to keep your tent neat.


Getting a lightweight tent simplifies a lot of things. One of them is that you can easily carry it to the camping stations and back to the vehicle after the camping period.

Even better, if it incorporates a small size, there will be no hassles carrying it along with the other camping equipment.

Fortunately, this fantastic camp weighs less than 4lbs. Irrefutably, due to such a lightweight, it will be easier for you to carry.

Above that?

The lightweight also plays a more notable role in promising fewer hassles when setting up the tent.

Benefits of Using the Hyke & Byke Zion Tent

Honestly, there are countless benefits of using this tent. Let me briefly highlight some. First, an all-weather resistant tent. This means you can camp in a rainy, stormy, sunny, simply in any weather condition.

Next, its design promotes breathability due to the nylon mesh linings. Addedly, the mesh linings are anti-tear and yet have no-see through crafting style to promise your privacy.

Lastly, the pole is of solid material, while the frames have aluminum crafting. That is to make the tent sturdier and yet make it live longer.

Frequently asked questions

Q; does the tent have a spot to hang a tent light

A; luckily, all the tents from the hyke and byke company come with a detachable ceiling loft that can be used to hang the tent light.

Q; what is the weight of this tent?

A; according to the shipping information, this tent weighs 3.6 lbs. Therefore, it is a very lightweight item that you can quickly move with to the camping ground.

Q; can someone see through the interior mesh lining?

A; the mesh lining is to promote breath-ability and not compromise on your privacy. Consequently, the mesh has a no-see through crafting technique.

Final thoughts on Hyke & Byke Zion Tent

Acquiring a tent from a seller who promises to be 24/7 available when you have issues is a good thing. That is the case with the hyke and byke company.

Besides, all their ever available customer service and the unlimited warranty, their zion one person tent has all the features that every nature lover would expect.

Note; it can hold only two occupants

Among them are the fast and easy settings and removal of the tent. Also, its interior has a homely design due to its elegant appearance and a nylon mesh, which allows good airflow. Go through this review for more details.

Hyke and Byke Zion Backpacking Tents

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