How To Stake A Tent In Sand

Last Updated on November 23, 2021

Are you planning to place a tent in the sand? If you are, then you need to know some important things well that help to have much security. Know the details about how to stake a tent in sand before starting anything. 

If you are aware of the circumstances, then you can start the process accordingly. Let’s get right into the description to know the process well. 

Things You Can Do To Stake A Tent In Sand 

Setting up a tent in the sand is a bit more difficult than the normal ground that doesn’t have any sand. If you are going to camp in a sandy place, you need to be careful enough and learn how to stake a tent in sand. 

Make sure you execute the process properly to avoid blowing away the tent when the wind comes. It can be a challenging task for you. To overcome it, you can apply two kinds of techniques. You can use a freestanding tent or non-freestanding tents and use shelter in that environment. 

You need to focus on some critical points. Let’s see what these are. 

Rock Stacking 

The best way is to stack a rock for complete security. If you are camping on a beach or in spots like a loose sandy area, using rocks is the best decision you can make. It helps to anchor your tent. But one thing is that you cannot pile the rocks on a buried tent stake. 

It might not be as strong as you think. This cannot hold the tent properly in the wind. To avoid that, you need to find a fast and large rock. It would be best if you can find a cowpie-shaped rock. 

Take that thick rock and run the guyline over it. After that, push the tent stake into the ground. Make sure it is properly buried. This can hold the tent stake and make it more secure. 

Choose The Best Guyline 

To stake a tent on sandy ground, you need to get a long guyline. The reason is it works best to pitch the tent with more security, especially in sand. Also, make sure the guyline is durable enough. 

You can get a guyline that is 36 inches in length. This type of length is easy to use and it can give the tent much support from winds. 

Dead Manning 

To stake the tent well, you can use deadman anchors if you don’t have any rocks around. It helps to anchor your tent the way it needs to be. First, you need to dig a hole of 12 inches deep. Then wrap your guyline around a stick and the stake, bury or rock it. 

When you are done burying the guyline, one thing you can also do is stack rocks on the top part of the deadman. It makes a combination of rock-stacking and dead-manning. You should know that deadman is not as secure as rock stacking. 

So, if you want better protection, you can make that combination and then stack it in the right way. 

Get The Best Tent (Freestanding or Non-freestanding) 

If you have the option of having a tent, what type of tent do you need in a sandy place? There are a lot of freestanding tents as well as non-freestanding tents available. Freestanding dome tents are available that have some advantages over the non-freestanding ones. 

As you are going to camp the tent in a place that has sand, you need to be sure it secures the tent well. We are recommending freestanding tents because they don’t need to be staked down. Moreover, the tent can protect you from insects, rain and more weather troubles. 

Also, if you are inside the tent, it helps to keep the tent from blowing away. So, we will highly recommend you to choose a freestanding tent if you are planning to stake it in the sand. 

Best Tent Stakes 

Having the best tent stakes is also important. You need to have a good-quality tent especially when you are going to stake it in the sand. If you need a suggestion, we will recommend you to have the MSR Groundhog stakes. The reason is it is lightweight and durable as well. 

Besides, it is Y in shape that holds the tent well in sand. And it stands securely in place by connecting with guylines. 

Select Campsite 

Another thing is that you need to get a suitable campsite. If you are setting up a tent in sand, it will be a challenging task for you. If you can get the right spot to set up the tent, the work will be easier. 

Choose a campsite that has rocks nearby. It might take some time to get the perfect campsite. But once you get it, you can easily stake the tent without much difficulty. 

Method Of Stacking A Tent In Sand 

To make things clear, you should know the entire process of how you can stack feet in the sand. For doing it, you just need a few things like a tent or shelter, mallet, tent stakes, guylines, and that’s it. 

Let’s check the method in detail. 

Step 1: Select A Spot 

First, you need a spot that is suitable for camping. While finding a place, you should keep in mind some things like getting a proper place according to the direction of the wind, sunlight, and other weather conditions. 

Step 2: Start Setting Up Your Tent 

After finding a suitable place, now you need to set up your tent. Bring all the materials and then start the process by inserting the poles. After that, tie the poles well to attach the fabric. 

Step 3: Insert The Stakes 

After doing that, now it’s time to insert the stakes. You must secure the tent properly when it is on the sand. Now, insert your tent stake into the sand and then put the sharp end into it to secure the tent. That is all you need to do. 

Wrap Up 

All the steps are described in this article. You just need to check how to stake a tent in sand in detail and then start the process accordingly. 

The entire process is easier if you know it well before starting the execution. No matter if the place is in sand or not, you can still stake your tent and enjoy camping there. 

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