How to Set Up Tent Cot : Step By Step Guideline

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

What do you like most about camping? For most campers, there is nothing better than having a good sleep while listening to the whistle of nature and birds. During camping time, you need a place where you can have a sound sleep. Although you can use a traditional tent with additional beds, you can also use a tent cot. It keeps you above the surface with a distance. So, you can stay safe from insects or snakes.

Hence, most of us even don’t know how to set up a tent cot properly. It doesn’t require a lot of skills to set up a tent cot. The procedure is quite easy if you know the proper steps. Since it is about your sleeping so you should not take it lightly.

Today, we are signing in with an easy guideline to let you know the procedure of setting a tent cot. The following stages are some of the basic steps; if you follow them sequentially, then you should be able to set a tent cot within a few minutes. So, shall we start? I think we can. Great!

Let’s get started!

How to Set Up Tent Cot

While looking for the best tent cot, you may have observed that there is a wide array of designs coming from different manufacturers. Though the design and style differ with the model, still the assembly procedure is almost similar for all.

However, most of the brands offer tent cots that you can either set as a bed or a lounge chair. In this section we’ll discuss how to set up tent cot for both, so read them carefully. Before that, you should know the common parts of a tent cot.

What Tent Cot Includes?

A tent cot basically includes a tent and a cot. The cot section should have a primary metal frame, supportive legs, and a sleeping platform. Where in the top tent section, it has a cover and a rain fly. Whatever design or brand you choose the above things are common for all.

Set up as a Bed:-

How to Set Up Tent Cot
  • Assemble The Frame In Order

At first, unzip the tent cot bag and carefully take out the whole unit. It comes in an almost-ready state except for a few models. Now, unwind the frame and detach the legs from one another. You’ll find straps for locking the legs in a specific position.

Unfold the legs until the sleeping platform become straight. Carefully unfold each frame and legs and once it becomes straight then tie the straps with the legs tightly. Then place it on an even surface for doing the next step.

One more thing, if you find any difficulties while unfolding the frame then simply change the unfolding direction. Now, move on to the next step.

  • Set Up the Upper Tent

Once you are done with the cot now, it’s time to set up the top tent. For most of the models, you may find additional frames, and tent covers are attached to these frames. Now unfold these frames in the opposite direction until it gives a structure.

Now the body of the tent cot is ready and after then attach the rain fly for a convenient ceiling. Some rain fly comes attached to the tent body, whereas others come separately. If it comes separately, then connect it by following the manual. Finally, attach all the straps in the top tent and see how it looks!

Additional Tips: The tent cot has windows for user comfort. You can either keep it open by unzipping and also you can keep it close by zipping. When you unzip it, then you can fold the window cover in a roll and attach it with the straps.

Set Up as a Lounge Chair:-How to Set Up Tent Cot

  • Set as a bed and Remove the Tent Cover

Follow the above steps to set the tent cot as a sleeping bed. Now you can convert it to a lounge chair. For that, you need to remove the covers from the upper tent section. Carefully unstraps the tent cover and keep the top frame over the surface. Now, fold the cover and place it over the sleeping surface.

  • Convert it into a chair

After then, remove one strap from the supportive legs. You’ll notice that it is now foldable so fold it at 45o to use it as a backrest. This is a useful tent cot setup for bad back. Moreover, you can keep the rest sleeping platform as it is. This chair shape will look like a beach chair. Also, by folding another section from another end, you can convert it into a general lounge chair.

Nevertheless, the second procedure of setting up a tent cot as a lounge chair is our optional guideline. We include these steps for those who buy a tent cot that can be convertible to a bed and chair as well. Instead, the first step is applicable for most models. If you failed to understand the instruction manual, then you can get help from our guidelines.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, a tent cot is an essential addition to any camping trip, especially when you have kids or older people with you. It keeps them high and dry and away from bugs and snakes as well. They offer a compact and lightweight design, so you can easily pack it up and take it along with you anywhere. You’ll find both single and double tent cot in the store. Whatever size you need, make sure to get the one with a sturdy frame since it holds your weight.

Apart from that, now you know how to set up a tent cot, so there is nothing to worry about at all. You can either do it by yourself or else you can take help as well. Anyway, while setting a tent cot, you should follow each step cautiously. Otherwise, you may get hurt while unfolding the frame or legs. Also, you should be careful while locking them in any specific state.

Thus, it’s time to do the packing for the next camping trip along with a tent cot. I Hope, you are confident enough to set up the tent cot by yourself. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings on your campsite being above the ground!

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