How to Increase Humidity in Grow Tent

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

Have you observed a brown leaf? Well, this is an indication that the plant is stressed. The brown leaf is a common problem found in a lot of houseplants even when you take good care of them.

As a grower, obviously, you would not like to see your plants getting dryer. It is always a pleasure to see green plants. But, sometimes it happens that your plants are getting dry. You will be trying to get them back into green again anyhow. Rising humidity is an option for you.

However, rising humidity may seem to you a big issue. To be honest, this is nothing but walking in the park. You can do it easily without going through much hassle.

So, in this article, I will give an effort on how you can raise the humidity in your grow tent.

In general, Humidity can be defined as the amount of water vapor. If you maintain a proper humidity level, you will be able to keep your plant healthy and prolong its life. There are many ways available following which you can increase the humidity. Among them, I will mention a few which is easy to follow and execute.

How to Increase Humidity in Grow Tent

Ways to Raise the Humidity in Grow Tent

1. Adjusting the heat flow

Adjusting the heat flow

Well, you can use a humidifier for controlling the humidity level of your tent automatically. In order to do that, you can bring and set up a household humidifier in your grow tent. It is recommended to bring a humidifier that has automated control systems. In an automated controlling humidifier, you don’t need to monitor the temperature and water supply in your home.

You can hang your humidifier if your grow tent holds ceiling support. As a result, your humidifier will release water and the humidity level will remain steady.

Again, for increasing humidity, you can decrease the temperature. You should take it as an advantage if your plants can deal with lower temperatures. Here, you have two options. If your tent holds a temperature controlling feature then it is fine.

On the other hand, you can bring a water chiller or an air conditioner for placing inside of the tent. Whatever you can also shut off all the lights or bring fans in order to keep your tent temperature lower.

2. Adding more evaporated water

Adding more evaporated water

Well, you can do this in many ways. All the ways are simple and easy to go. Among them, the easiest way is to hang a wet towel. For this, you have to get the towels wet first. Then you have to spread the towels around your tent. Your test is supposed to be equipped with air vents on its side. You have to place the towel near your tent’s air vents.

When the air will hit your wet towels, the moisture gets evaporated. As a result, the humidity level in your tent will get increased.

Without it, placing a bowl that is full of water in the tent is also a good idea. Here, you have to fill the bowl with water at first. Then, you just need to scatter the bowls around your tent. Your tent is supposed to come with a fan close to the ground on one side. You need to place the bowls here. As a result, the water will get evaporated and the humidity level will increase.

3. Covering and watering plants

Covering and watering plants

You can place some larger plants in your tent. If you are planning to grow seedlings, then you can get some fully-grown plants in your tent too. While planting those threes, you have to make sure that you are keeping enough space between them. Otherwise, they will not be able to have enough water and light.

Without it, if you feel that your plants need a small boost, you can mist the plants using a spray bottle. The most attractive advantage of spraying plants is that another plant will not be able to absorb water from a plant. This approach works fine on cuttings and seedlings.

As a result of spraying or adding water, your plant will get some water as well as the humidity level will go high. It is recommended to give a check each morning whether the humidity level has fallen or not. If you find the humidity level has become down, then you will need to take proper steps.

So, now you know the steps of raising the humidity in grow tent. Let’s learn the ways of lowering the humidity in grow tents.

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