How to Patch a Canvas Tent?

Last Updated on October 17, 2021

To patch a canvas tent, you should follow the steps of how to patch a canvas tent. This is an easy process of just three-step. 

You can do that to fix the tear of your tent. Choose the right canvas so that it will cover the tear or the hole well. 

Check out the process of patching a canvas tent to enjoy every day of your camping life. 

Methods Of Patching A Canvas Tent Step By Step 

If you want to know the method of patching a tent, there are a lot of ways you can find it. Take the easiest way you can and start the process. Some ways are better than others. Let’s see what the effective way is. 

And according to that, you should choose the best way to make the best canvas tent ever. See the effective method step by step. 

Step 1: Saw The Holes 

The first step will be sewing the holes well. When patching a canvas, the great idea will be sewing the holes together. Sew it back together and you can see the hole in the tent. Sew it too by using a sewing awl and thread. 

Hold the thread in place and then sew the hole properly. You can also use a Speedy Stitcher to do this procedure. It is convenient to use and handy too. With this portable tool, you can create lock-stitches that only a sewing machine can do. 

The other advantage is, it is affordable. So, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on it as you do with a sewing machine. If you are used to sewing a lot and you are still doing it, you will wonder how you did not use this tool before. It is super-handy that works like a machine. 

Step 2: Cut The Patches 

When you are sewed the torn part, now you should focus on the damages. Cover the damaged areas properly. And to do that, you need a canvas. Cover the area with canvas both inside and outside. 

If the material around the hole or the teat is weak, covering the areas will decrease the chances of having any further damage. As you are covering it with a canvas, you must choose the best one of all. Waterproof ones will be much appreciated. You need to cover the outer layer with it. 

To do it well, cut a large piece to cover the tear or the hole appropriately. Make sure you cover all the edges of that area and the corners of the patches as well. A circle will be the best. Cut a circle and then cover the hole with it. This will be better than square ones because squares are failed to keep their adhesiveness at the corners. 

Step 3: Apply The Patches 

After cutting the patches in a proper measurement, now you need to apply them. You can start with the inside patch. For that, apply tear mender glue to the canvas patch first and the inside of the tent. You can find this glue in the package of canvas tent patch kit. 

After that, apply the glue to the bottom part of the patch. Then carefully place the patches to the places it’s needed. You have to be sure that you cover the torn area completely. Now, press it to stick it into the place. You can use something steady to make the process easier. Hold it well until it is completely dry. 

When you are done with the inside area, now it’s time to do the same with the outside area as well. First, apply the glue to the bottom part of the patch and then press it well into place. Use something steady until it’s dry for better results. 

You need to make sure that you follow the instructions of the glue. When the glue dries perfectly, you will be all set. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Can anyone patch a canvas tent? 

Yes, anyone can patch a canvas tent by simply using the 3-step process that we shared before. 

2. Do iron-on patches work on canvas? 

Yes, you can find some iron-on options for patching the canvas tents that work easily. 

3. Can I sew small tears and rips together? 

Yes, you can sew small tears and rips together. You just need proper tools and an extra effort. 

Wrap Up 

As you already know that the method is simple, you can use this to patch the tent with canvas in those three easy steps. See how to patch a canvas tent and then apply the steps accordingly. 

Do not stop your adventure if you face this type of difficulty. Everything has a solution. You can patch your canvas tent in this way so that you can enjoy your camping days. 

Experience your every camping day with peace! 

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