How to Pack a Tent for Backpacking

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

How to pack a tent in the backpack is a question to lots of camp lovers, especially to the newbie. Camping is always enjoyable. It helps a lot to remove the dullness and monotony of your daily life. Apart from that, there are lots of physical benefits you will get while camping. So, it is always recommended to go on camping.

Now, the question is how you can take the massive tent with you. Well, you can take your tent in your backpack. But for that, you need to know how to pack a tent for backpacking.

In this article, I will be talking about detailed steps following which you can pack your tent for backpacking.

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How to Pack a Tent for Backpacking

Pick a Backpack with an Internal Frame

If you already have a backpack, then it is fine. But, if you don’t have any backpack and you are planning to make a purchase, then purchase the backpack that has an internal frame. Because the back that has an internal frame offers more space than the backpack that holds an external frame. You will be able to pack your tent easily with this additional space.

Laying the Tent on a Level Surface

Now, your first step for packing your tent is laying down the tent on a level surface. Then, line your bag up in the side of your tent using the tent poles. You should not line the bag up in the center. As a result, these poles will help you to pack your tent easily without any hassle.

Rolling the Tent

After that, you have to roll the tent that means the tent poles. So, roll your tent poles in a small package. Keep the tent poles in a straight line. You have to make sure that the poles are aligned properly. Now, give the poles a quick check. If you find it cranky, then you have to undo it and repeat the process until you are satisfied.

However, you will be needing a tent that is rolled poorly. It will make your task hard though. But, these tent poles will make it in place and will make sure whether everything is balanced or not in your backpack.

Be Sure that It Is Tight

Whatsoever you probably know that the tightly rolled tent is the best way for ensuring enough space in your pack. It is not impossible that your tent gets loose and becomes undone inside of the backpack when you are climbing up. As a result, while opening the tent, you may find your tent is damaged. So, do not leave any option.

Open Your Tent’s Bag and Place the Tent Into It

Your tent is supposed to come in a bag. So, before fitting the tent into your backpack, ensure that you are rolling the tent into its bag at first. In this way, you will be able to get your backpack enough compact for helping you while packing other things.

Place the Heavy Stuff Underneath Your Backpack

Keep in mind that, you have to place your heavier items in the bottom of your tent always and the lighter items on the top side. This way, you will be able to protect your spine, hips and so on. This trick will also keep your shoulder from being injured due to heavy items.

Without it, While camping you may need to walk a long away. So, never overload your backpack.

The ideal weight for your backpack is about 30% of your weight.

Place the Tent in Your Backpack

Now, you have to keep your tent inside of your backpack. But before that, you have to do another thing. While camping, obviously you will bring a sleeping bag with you. Your sleeping bag is a heavy item. As I said earlier, heavy stuff like your sleeping bag should be placed at the bottom of your backpack. So, place the sleeping bag at the bottom first.

After that, you can place your tent into your backpack. It is recommended to place your tent as close as to the middle or right after the sleeping bag.

If you have followed all the steps properly, then you will find your tent is packed inside of your backpack. Now you are ready to go for camping. Happy camping.

Exclusive Tips:

  • While purchasing a backpack for your camping, purchase the backpack with an internal frame. It will allow you to have more space inside of the backpack for storing items.
  • It is always recommended to practice packing your tent at home before the final packing. As a result, you will be used to it and will find it much easier.
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