How To Mount A Roof Top Tent

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

A roof top tent is an attractive and convenient way to enjoy your camping trips. They are portable, easy to set up, and can provide a good protection from the elements.

Are you confused about having a rooftop tent? Do you want to know how to mount a rooftop tent in easy steps? If you do, then you are in the right place. 

Mounting the rooftop tent needs a roof rack. Get this first and then start the mounting process. Also, you need to be careful about some things too. 

How To Mount A Roof Top Tent

Let’s check the details before starting the mounting process. 

Things You Need To Be Careful Before Mounting A Top Tent 

Before buying a roof tent or assembling it, you must be careful of some things. If you want a roof tent, you should allow yourself to think first. Also, you should know all about roof tents to get all the info about them so that you can use them in the right way. 

Let’s see the details! 

Do You Need A Roof Rack For A Roof Tent? 

First, you need to clarify whether you need a roof rack for your roof tent or not. If you want a suggestion, we will recommend you to have a roof rack. To mount a roof tent, you need a roof rack. It helps to hold and also secure your roof tent well. 

It also keeps the roof top tent stable enough so that you can use and take a rest in it comfortably. Besides, it also keeps the tent from flying off the roof if you are driving. To make it a stable base for installing the tent, you just need a roof rack. 

We will recommend you to have a square-style rack because it helps the tent to stay in place. 

How Much Weight A Roof Tent Can Carry? 

If you have a roof top tent, then you must know that it usually can carry 200 lbs for the capacity of each person. That means a 2-person capacity can hold a weight of 400 lbs and a 3-person can carry 600 lbs. And it can hold up to a 4-person tent with a holding capacity of 600+ lbs. 

How Much A Roof Tent Weigh? 

A roof tent generally weighs in the range of 100 to 220 lbs. It depends on the size and the materials of the tent. Also, it varies on how it is manufactured. That is why you need to check the details of that particular tent to know how much it weighs. 

Is Your Roof Rack The Right Size For A Roof Top Tent? 

Before buying any roof rack, you need to be sure what size you need for the roof tent. Most of the tent manufacturers give you the information when you are going to buy a rack or the tent. To let you know that, if your roof rack has a 3.25″ width x 1.5″ height of cross-section, you can buy most of the roof top tents in the market. 

However, to give you an idea of how a suitable roof rack should be, check the information below: 

2-person tent: 24 inches – 32 inches

3-person tent: 32 inches – 48 inches

4-person tent: 48 inches – 56 inches 

How Much Weight Can A Roof Rack Carry? 

A roof rack can usually carry 150+ lbs on a moving vehicle. It depends on what kind of thing you are carrying on top of your vehicle. You need to know how much weight a roof rack can carry so that you can use it according to that. 

You should be sure that the weight of your roof rack should carry the weight while moving but it does not cause any damage. We will suggest you apply an easy trick. Most cars, SUVs, and trucks can carry an average weight of 165 pounds when the vehicle is moving. 

This is the amount a vehicle can hold when it is stopped. And it does not include the static rating. It is sometimes three times the amount if we compare it with a dynamic weight limit. Check the authentic information in the owner’s manual of that vehicle. 

How To Mount A Roof Top Tent

Method Of Mounting A Roof Top Tent 

Now that you know all the things to ensure you that the roof top tent is all you need for the road trip, you should know how to mount a roof top tent in some easy steps. 

Step 1: Arranging The Tools 

First, you need to arrange the tools that you will need to mount the tent. You need several kinds of tools such as a 13 mm Ratcheting wrench, box cutter, a 10-millimeter ratcheting wrench, and a hacksaw. 

Step 2: Set Up Working Location 

If you want to face less trouble, you should search for the perfect location to do the mounting process easily. Take the tent out and place it in a clean place. Now, you need to attach the hardware before mounting the top part of your tent. To do all these things, you need a clean and stable place. 

Step 3: Hardware And The Accessories You Need 

To mount the roof top tent, you need to get some accessories like steel mounting plates, ladder, ladder brackets, tent cover, wrenches, channel sliders with bolts and nuts, and bolts with washers. 

Step 4: Inspect Roof Rack 

After that, install the mounting racks by attaching them in the right way. See the direction of the mounting tracks to identify how you will mount them. The side rails should be attached perpendicular to the crossbars. 

Step 5: Mounting Tracks 

Now, you should attach the mounting tracks. Attach it parallel to the hinge of the tent and then align it with the mounting holes that are located in the tent base. After that, remove the nuts from the four medium-sized bullets. Slide these nuts into the mounting channels. Keep doing it until each of the nuts is aligned with the base holes. 

Step 6: Secure The Mounting Tracks 

Now, place the two washers on every bolt. Slide it under the base and in the tent mattress as well. Place it in the mounting track channel. Do this trick for each hole of the mounting track. 

Step 7: Use Ladder

Once you are done with placing the mounting track, now you need to open the tent cover and attach the ladder. Remove the bolts from the brackets and then align each bracket over the holes that you have drilled before. 

Take the longer bolt and slide them up through the ladder bracket and the base of the tent. One thing you need to do is not fully tighten the bolts. 

Step 8: Set Ladder Brackets 

Now, set your ladder on the top of the base of your tent. Secure it to the ladder bracket by using the nuts and bolts. Make sure it is working perfectly. 

Step 9: Move Tent And Position It 

Now lift the tent and place it on the top of the vehicle. After that, position it well. 

Step 10: Secure The Tent 

The last step will be securing the tent properly and then installing it. 

Wrap Up 

The entire process is easy to do. You just need to follow the instructions correctly. In that way, you can know how to mount a rooftop tent

See the details and arrange the tools first. Install the tent and enjoy the road trips and other adventures! 

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