How to Make Camping Tent From Scratch

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

It is not impossible that you have left your camping tent in your home. It may happen if you get very excited. Again, a tent is the most important thing for camping. You can’t stay without a tent. In this kind of situation, returning home is not always a good decision. Obviously, you had to go through lots of hassle to arrange this camping.

Somehow you will try to overcome this situation. Making a tent from scratch can benefit you most in this awkward situation. So, it is better to know how you can make a camping tent from scratch.

As you can guess, in this article I will be talking about some simple steps following which you can make your own camping tent from scratch.

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How to Make Camping Tent From Scratch

Materials Required:

Well, in order to make a tent, you will be needing some materials. I am providing a rough checklist below. The materials are:

  • A tarp ( waterproof)
  • Sticks or posts of both short and long lengths
  • Ropes

Finding a Place for Setting Up Your Tent

Your first step towards making the camping tent from scratch will be finding a place for setting up your tent. Remember that you will be sleeping in this place at night. You should select a plane surface that is free from rock or any other kind of obstacle.

Without it, your camping place should have adequate space for both campfire and tent. It is better not to go for the place that is directly under the tree. Dew drops will be falling at late night which will make your feeling worst. Without it, make sure that the place is safe from wild animals.

Preparing Tarp for the Tent

After selecting the place, your next task is to prepare the tarp for the tent. For this, you have to lay your tarp on the ground first. Then, go through the measurement of your sicks or poles. After collecting the measurement, you have to make holes in the corner of your tent. For this, you can use a knife or scissors. It is up to you. You are making these holes for your sticks or poles. So, make sure that the holes a bit smaller than your sticks or poles measurement.

After making the holes, your next task is to cut the ropes you have into four equal pieces. Then, simply just pass the four ropes through the four holes you have made. You don’t need to tie the ropes at this moment. It will be done later.

Securing the Corners Tent

Now, it’s time to secure your tent. For securing the tent, you have to stretch out the corner of your tent in a way so that each of the corners remains diagonally across from the other corner. You should not stretch the tarp hard so that it will change your tarp position.

After that, you have to put your stick you have cut earlier through the hole. Then secure the stick by passing it down the ground. Now, you have to repeat this simple step for the rest of the three holes and sticks. Once you are done with it, you will find that your tent is looking like an Egyptian pyramid.

Building Strong Walls

In this step, you have to build strong walls for your tent. In order to do that, you have to push the corner of the tarp into the ground. In this case, you can either use a hammer or a large rock/stone.

Make sure that your tarps corners are aligned properly at each corner. This is important for your warm camping. This is before you pass the sticks through the holes finally. You may have to repeat the process for achieving this.

Tying the Knots

You are almost done. A simple step to go. Your final step should be tying the knots. In this step, you have to reach each corner of your tent and tie the ropes attached to the poles or sticks. After that, give your tent a quick check whether it is strong enough or not. If you think that you still need to add some weight on the corners. Then, don’t hesitate to do this. In fact, It will secure your more than the previous.

Well, you are done. You have finished making your camping tent from scratch. If you still have an extra piece of tarp with you. You can lay it on the ground for creating a tent floor. By the way, you can also camp without a tent!

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