How to Make an Outdoor Canopy Tent

Last Updated on August 28, 2021

Canopy tent has a long reputation for providing shade and protection from the elements. These types of tents are widely used for picnics or parties. Day by day, the popularity of canopy tents is increasing. However, making an outdoor canopy tent is very easy and it does not take much time. In fact, it’s a DIY hack and you can do it by yourself.

Steps To Build an Outdoor Canopy Tent

Today, I will describe the detailed steps following which you can make your outdoor canopy tent easily. In this diy outdoor canopy tent article, I will talk about two methods for making your outdoor canopy tent. You can go for your suitable one.

Creating a Shade Canopy With a Wall

Bringing a canvas drop cloth with grommets:

Well, if you follow this method, then you should get started by bringing a canvas drop cloth that comes with grommets. You can go to a tarp too. It is up to you. Make sure that the cloth you are bringing has the same height and width as your tent site. After getting the cloth, go through the measurement of your tarp or cloths for when you will be drilling holes in the wall you want to make part of your tent.

Drilling the holes in the wall:

Then, you have to make two holes by drilling in the wall. While making the holes take care that the holes are about 1 ft closer than the 2 grommets distance on 1 side of your tarp or cloth and also 7 ft above off the surface. In the end, these holes will let you create a peak in the canopy.

Placing hooks in the holes:

Then, place hooks into your drilled holes tightly. These hooks will be used for securing the cloth or tarp to the wall.

Tying the cloth to the hooks:

Now, your task is to tie the cloth to your hooks. Use rope for tying the two corners of your cloth to the hooks. Once you do this, you will find your cloth or tarp is hanging on the wall.

Tying the pole to the corner and stick the poles in the ground:

After securing the two corners of your cloth to the wall, now you have to secure the rest two corners of your cloth. So, use two tent poles and tie one end of your rope with the pole. After that, tie another end of your rope to your cloth grommets. Then, expand the cloth so that it remains taut.

Stretching out the two ropes and tying them to tent stakes:

Now, you have to expand the other part of your rope straightly. Expand the rope as much as possible and set the tent stakes into this place. Then, simply tie the rope with your stakes for securing the canopy.

Putting a long pole in the center of your canopy:

Well, you are already supposed to find the structure of your outdoor canopy tent. Now, in the last step, you just have to set a long pole in the center of your tent. Place the underneath part of the pole inside of the ground. The other part of your pole will lift up the cloth and you will get your outdoor canopy tent is ready.

Making the Canopy Tent Using a Tarp and Four Poles

Bringing a high-quality tarp with grommets:

In this method, your first step should be bringing a quality tarp for your tent.  Like the previously mentioned one, get the tent according to your camping space so that it covers your desired area. It is recommended to go for the silver tarp. Because the silver tarp provides the best protection from both rain and sun. However, you can go for the blue tarp also in case you don’t find the silver one.

Clearing the tent site:

After bringing the tarp, your next task is to clearing the camping site and placing the tarp on the ground. So, clear the tent site and make sure that there is no debris or any other obstacles. Then, roughly expand the tarp in the ground where you wish to set the tent.

Attaching the tent poles:

After expanding the tarp, now you should work on attaching the tent poles to every corner of your tarp using the rope. You have to place your tent pole in every corner of your tarp with the tips in the grommets. Then use your rope for securing the poles and tie it in a close-fitting knot.

Lifting the tarp:

You have passed the maximum portion of your way. Now, you have to lift the tarp up and stick the poles into the surface. For this, you need help from four peoples. So, ask help from your mates and tell them to stand in each corner of your tarp holding the four poles. Then, lift up the tarp slowly and expand it so the tarp is taut. After that, pass your tent poles inside of the ground for as much as possible.

Stretching out the ropes:

Now, you have to secure your tent using the tent stakes. You have to use the rope for that. So, stretch out the rope from every corner of your tarp. Then, hold the rope and expand them right away as much as possible. After that, use a hammer to pass the stake inside of the ground and tie the rope with the stakes.

Putting a long tent in the center of your tarp:

You are almost done with making an outdoor canopy tent. A simple step to follow. In this step, you just have to put a long pole in the center of your tarp and stick it into the ground. You should use a longer pole comparing with the other four poles so that it can lift the middle of your tarp. Once you have done this, you will find your outdoor canopy tent is ready.

Congratulations! Now you know how to make a canopy tent outdoor. If you have any questions regarding DIY canopy tent outdoor, then just drop a comment below.

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