How to Make a Truck tent

Last Updated on November 23, 2021

Camping is always enjoyable. Every year a lot of people used to go on camping for adventure. It helps to remove all the monotony and also welcomes to go forwards with a new feeling. What if you have an option to make the camping more adventurous? Let me explain how.

Planning camping using a truck tent is always enjoyable for anyone. It has some other benefits too. Along with adventure, the truck tent can be made without spending much money. Apart from that, you will get the opportunity to make the best use of your truck. It sounds good.

Now the problem is how you can make your truck tent. Well, here I will be talking about the detailed steps following which you can make your truck tent easily. So, spend here a few minutes and start making your truck tent.

Step-1: Things you need to bring:

Before getting started, you need to bring all the below-mentioned tools. So, gather the tools first.

  • Tarp
  • Clamps (8X)
  • Tee fittings (8X)
  • Water noodle (1X)
  • PVC Pipes 10-ft long (4X)
  • Angle fittings 45-degree (4X)
  • Angle fittings 90-degree (2X)

Step-2: Putting holes in the rear side of your truck

You are supposed to find that there are four holes in the backside of your truck bed. These holes are essentials and you need to use these holes. At first, fit your PVC pipes into those holes. These pipes will act as a leg of your tent roof.

Step-3: Making A shape

Tents can be made following various shapes and the best shape is to create an A shape. Here, you need to make the very first layer using those four feet. After that, you should be matching them using horizontal pipes.

In order to do that, you will be needing two additional pipes. The pipe length should be the same as the truck’s backside length. Now, connect the angle (45 degrees) to a foot and plug a T connector in this angle.

After that, you have to match every two angles along with a support pipe. The pipe should be long. By doing so, you will find your tent is more stable and it will be able to fight against the rain and wind. With this, you are done with making the lower part of the A shape.

Now, you have to use the 90-degree connectors and additional pipes. You should connect and hold all of the pipes to a T connector. Meanwhile, you are supposed to be able to find the shape of your tent.

Step-4: Do not hesitate to add some strength

This part is for extra security and you are recommended to follow this step. You may face heavy rain or strong wind while camping and you want your tent to fight against them. So, be prepared from now.

In order to make your tent stronger, you need to use your pipes. At first, cut your 4 pipes and make them 8 short pipes. Then, bring 2 T connectors and 2 supporting pipes. The supporting pipe should be long. 

Secondly, you need to connect the short roof pipe and the T connectors before you connect the top along with 90-degree connectors.

After that, bring those two additional pipes and plug the pipe between two new connectors. Thus, you will be able to have an extra supporting line. Lastly, you need to connect all upper short roof pipes using a 90-degree connector.

Step-5: Covering yourself

Well, covering means using the tarp to protect you from the wind and rain. The tarp should be water-resistant and made from high-quality material.

So, fit the cover or tarp to your tent carefully. Your tarp should not be large or short than your tent size. After setting the tarp, you need to secure it so that it does not fly due to wind. In order to secure your tarp, you should use the clamp. You can use 4 clamps in the front and 4 on the backside.

Step-6: Stay away from the noise

There is hardly any person who would like to tolerate the annoying noise while camping. If you dont want to have this bitter experience, then you should plan something ahead. In order to stay away from the annoying noise caused by the vibration of your tent, you will be needing to use a material name “pool noodle”. 

This material will work as extra protection that will cover the four feet of your truck tent for preventing them from coming in contact with other hole sides. Then you are allowed to cut them down into 4 short pieces and then cover each foot. With this, you are done with making your truck tent.

Author: Euell Gibbons

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