How To Make A Tarp Tent

Last Updated on April 10, 2022

If you’re someone who cannot ignore the Call of the Wild, then you’re living your life a beautiful way. Pitch black sky, bright stars, pin-drop silence and the sound of birds and crickets chirping to try to break that silence. They are the reason which attracts us to go Camping and spend our vacation nights far from home.

Now to stay out you need to set up a shelter that will protect you from wind, rain, snow etc. You can buy a premade tent or just make a tent yourself. In this article, you’ll learn how to build a Tarp Tent on your own.

How To Make A Tarp Tent – DIY Guide

First, I will start by answering 2 basic questions “Why and How?”.

So Why will you Do it Yourself?

  • Well, why not?
  • You’ll have fun.
  • Save some money.
  • It’ll be lightweight.

And will also gather some experience along the way.

Things you need

At first, you’ll need to gather your supplies. You won’t need any expensive tools. Just some simple kits will do the job. You just need:

  • Tarp
  • Nylon Rope (thickness 4-5mm)
  • 4 Tent Stakes
  • Grommets
  • Poles etc.

Now, how will you Do it?

First things first. Select a Tarp that is waterproof, durable and flexible. They come in different price ranges.

When you have chosen the Tarp that fits your requirements, you should pick a size. You can pick between a square or rectangular shape and both will arrive in a scope of sizes. Regular sizes are 9ft x 9ft, which is large enough for one individual and 12ft x 15ft, which you can use as a group shelter. A square shape is somewhat simpler to set up when you are just learning it for the first time.

A-shape Tarp Tent

Here you will learn how to make a simple A-shape Tarp Tent. It is the simplest Tarp Tent design and requires the least amount of supplies. It will provide you protection from snow, rain, wind and its angular shape prevents water from gathering on the tent which would have made it saggy. Plus it offers nice breathing space inside so you won’t feel suffocated.

One negative point is that it doesn’t feature a floor. To insulate your body from the bottom, you’ll need to have a top-quality sleeping pad. For a beginner, this is often the simplest start line for tarp tent structures.

You’ll need your large tarp to set up the A-Frame tarp tent, a minimum of 8 ft. of quality nylon rope, 4 tent stakes and 2 trees around 10 ft. apart (or use 2 poles in case there are no trees). Now, tie the rope securely as tight as possible around each tree or pole about 4 ft. above the ground. If the rope isn’t tied properly and enough tight, then the tent could sag throughout the night.

After that, drape the tarp over the rope in order that it meets with the tarp center. This will allow equal amounts of tarp to drape over each side. Lastly, pull the tarp tightly at each corner and stake the four corners to the bottom by hammering in each one of the four skates of the tent. If your tarp isn’t taut all the way around, then you can modify your stakes or line until you’ve got a structure that is totally weather-proof.

Then you can put some heavy material like stone or something on the downside of the Tarp so that it doesn’t come up in the heavy wind. And finally, put your sleeping pad inside your Tarp Tent.

Congratulations! You are now on their side who knows how to set up a tarp tent on their own.

Now just arrange a BBQ, put some music on and enjoy your desired amazing vacation night. Happy Camping!

Video: Making A Tent From A Tarp

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