How to Live in a Tent Long Term

Living in a tent is always full of adventures. What if you want to live in a tent for a long time? This time living in a tent will be more adventurous. Without it, you can save up a good amount of money by living in a tent for a long time on a trip. In this case, you need to be prepared well.

However, living in a tent for a long time will not ask you lots of things. You just need to follow some basic tricks. That’s all.

Today, I will be sharing those tricks following which you can live in a tent for a long time. So, stay with me till the end. You will find it useful.

How to Live in a Tent Long Term

1. Permanent or Moving Around Pitch

Well, the first thing you should consider while thinking about the long-term tent is that will you stay at a place or moving around? Although it will not make much difference whether you are staying at a spot or moving, there will some impacts on your tent size, space and storage, wear and tear.

If you wish to move around, then carrying a big size tent will be a difficult task for you. So, pay attention to this kind of issue.

2. Tent Size

Selecting a tent size is very easy. Tent size is an important thing for a long term living. You will be needing a lot of things as you want to stay for a long time. An empty tent may seem massive. But, after getting some utensils inside of a tent, it will look smaller.

So, basically, you need a large tent as you want to stay for a long time in the tent. A big tent inside everything that you need will seem to you as you are staying in your home.

I have reviewed some best quality long term living tents. Read this if you plan to buy one.

3. Nylon or Canvas Tent

Now the question is – which type of tent should I pick? Basically, there are two types of tents. The Canvas tent and the Nylon tent. Among them, I will recommend you to go to the Canvas tent. Because, Canvas tent is more durable and nice to watch, Without it, setting up the stoves and burning heaters will be much easy in this type of tent.

However, although there are some great options for Nylon tent. But, according to me, the Canvas tent will be the best pick for staying a long time in a tent.

4. Wildlife and Safety

Well, you need to consider your safety as well from wildlife. You may get hungry animals searching for food and trying to get inside of your tent.

Here, you don’t have much to do. To avoid this kind of issue, you should stay in a caravan and camping park. You should also keep your food away from your tent.

5. Security and Theft

Security is a big issue you need to pay heed. While camping for a long time, there is a possibility of losing your valuable things. Because there is no solid wall to protect your goods and accessing the goods is much easier. You can’t take all the things with you always.

In this case, you can do a thing if you are the owner of the land or you have permission from the owner. You can make a hole, keep the valuable things inside and then cement the ground. This is what you can do.

6. Cost of Tear and Wear

Fortunately, the wear and tear are cheap and you can easily add patches to most canvas rips. In general, the tents are supposed to be durable. Even if you purchase a cheap one, it will last at least one year. Whatsoever, it is recommended to go for the extra durable tent. Considering the weather protection of a tent while purchasing a tent is a wise thing.

7. Space and Storage

As you will be staying a long time in the tent. So, you must consider the space and storage. You will need a lot of things and also space for keeping them. In this case, you need to save up some space. You can easily do that by following some tricks. You can use a rack-style bed that raised off the floor. You can create boxes under the bed and use them for storage purposes.

Without it, you can use the hanging racks for keeping things like clothes.

8. Heating and Cooling Options

Well, these are the common issue you need to take care of. You can keep your tent cool by using fans or opening vents. On the other hand, for heating inside of the tent, you can use a wood stove inside the tent without melting and burning the tent.

For both cooling and heating the tent, the canvas tent is much better than the nylon tent. You can also read my guide on heating a tent without electricity & cooling a tent without electricity. These guides might be beneficial for you.

9. Powering Issues

Powering the site is also an important issue. However, for powering the tent, you can either use a generator or solar panels. According to me, going for the generator will be the best. Because you are not going to have sunlight always for your solar points.

10. Shower and Toilet Facilities

Shower and toilet facilities are also a thing to consider. Most of the people used to get confused about this. However, if you wish to stay in a caravan and camping park, then you will find both toilet and shower facilities. On the other hand, If you are staying on land owned by you or anyone else, then you have to go for a chemical or composite toilet.

However, you will find lots of showers that you can purchase online that are solar heated and also works efficiently to have a shower after the day long.

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