How To Keep Tent Cool In Summer

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

When it’s summer, it is obvious that the weather will be hotter than before. The heat could cause health problems, so to protect yourself, you should know how to keep your tent cool in summer

This summertime, camping will be difficult. But the view of the campsites is amazing. People go to the places to see the views in the summer. And if you want to avoid the problems and want to keep yourself cool to enjoy properly, you should know the techniques of keeping the tent and the area cool. 

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Ways Of Staying Cool In Tent On Summer 

How To Keep Tent Cool In Summer

When the days are sunny, camping in that weather becomes good. Nature looks amazing in this kind of weather. That is why people love to camp in the daytime. But it will be difficult as the weather will be hot as well. So, you need to take some extra steps to make your tent cooler in summer. 

1. Choosing The Right Tent 

If you want to camp in summer, you should purchase the right tent. This is the free first step you should do. There are a lot of tent brands and models available in the market. Make sure the tent is breathable enough to allow airflow. 

If you have a lot of options, you can choose polyester tents. The material of this tent is UV resistant. So, it will protect you from the heat of the sun. Nylon tents are also a good option. It allows hot air to escape from the tent better than polyester. 

If you want better options than these two, you can go to cotton tents. It will be much cooler than polyester or nylon. But one drawback is that they are heavy. You can choose a larger cabin-style tent with a lot of mesh. 

2. Disassemble The Tent During The Day 

During the day, the tent might act like a greenhouse. Your tent can absorb the ray of the sun. So, it becomes the storehouse of heat. And it makes the place way hotter than outside. No matter whether it is polyester or nylon, it will be best if you disassemble the tent during the day. 

If you do so, it will increase the lifespan of your tent and it will be long-lasting. You can make a routine. Disassemble your tent after waking up and again assemble it when the sun is down. It will cool the temperature inside the tent. 

3. Set Up Your Tent In A Shaded Area 

If you set up your tent in a shaded area, it will be better than in an open place. You can choose a place beside the tree. Place the tent under the sun. That will keep the tent and the place cooler. Trees can absorb the sunlight. So, you can spend a lot of time there. Also, check the direction of the sun before assembling. 

Besides, pitching the tent under the sun allows the airflow better than before. Take the advantage of the natural breeze that you can get for free. 

4. Make Proper Use Of Breeze 

Breeze or wind works as the natural air conditioner. If the weather is hot, the breeze is what you can use to make the place cooler. Choose mesh tents. It allows more air to travel inside the tent. Check the direction of the wind and set up your tent accordingly. 

5. Remove The Rainfly According To The Weather 

Because of the rainfly, the tent can be hotter than before. So, it will be a good decision if you remove the rainfly at night. Check the weather and if there is no chance of rain, you don’t need a rainfly. If you remove the rainfly, it allows moisture and heat to escape from the top of the tent. 

6. Use A Portable Fan 

You can carry a portable fan. It could be a life savior if the weather is hot. Generally, there is no electricity at the campsite. So, a cordless fan that is portable is necessary. By the way, you can cool a tent without electricity.

While choosing a fan, make sure it is lightweight. Portable ones will be suitable and easy to carry in the situation. And the battery-powered ones will be easy enough if there is no electricity. It is a good decision if you get a fan that has foam blades so that you can use it in close areas. 

7. Pitch The Tent When The Weather Is Cool 

When the weather is hot, you need to keep it cooler. And for that, you should pitch a tent when the weather is stable and cool. If you pitch a tent during the daytime, the area of the tent becomes hotter in seconds. It doesn’t take much longer to heat the entire area. So, make sure you pitch a tent in cool time. That is how the tent will be cool as well. 

8. Take The Tent Down During DayTime 

Try to take down the tent during the daytime. It is because it prevents the tent from getting hotter. You might feel that it is a lot of work. But disassembling and assembling is easy. Try to assemble it at night and disassemble it in the daytime. It avoids absorbing the heat and it will stay cool. 

9. Use Thermal Reflection 

If you use thermal tarps, the sheets will reflect the rays of the sun on the surface of the tent. That helps to reduce the heat and cool down the entire interior. 

If you want to know the best way of using reflective tarps, then it would be tying them well with tree branches. After that, suspend them to cover the tent. It works like a roof. Make sure you leave 12 inches of space between the top of the tent. 

10. Add Ice 

To make the air cooler, you can use ice with the fan. To do that, take some ice and place it well in a shallow pan. Now, place it in front of the fan. It helps to make the air cooler. Make sure you use a pan that is big enough to hold the water when the ice starts melting. 

Also, if you don’t have ice near you, use cold water instead. Bring cold water from the river or lake that is near you. 

11. Choose A Tent That Has A Lot Of Mesh 

Mesh tents have a lot of space for airflow. Get a good-quality mesh tent because it is useful to give you much protection. Also, it helps to protect you from insects, and other things like that. You can get much airflow through this tent. And that keeps the tent cooler. 

12. Drink Lots Of Water 

Drinking a lot of water keeps you hydrated. And when you are camping, keeping yourself hydrated is essential. Also, in summer, the weather will be hotter. That is why drinking lots of water. It will keep your body hydrated and you will feel cool as well. The cooler the water is, the cooler you will feel these days. 

13. Open All The Ventilators 

This is the basic thing you can do. Open all the vents available with the tent. It allows air to pass through the tent. And that makes the weather inside the tent cooler. It will help to make the tent breathable. But if you are worried about insects and bugs, you should keep the mesh closed and the ventilation open. 

14. Cold Towels Works Well 

Try everything you can. If the weather is hot, take some small hand towels and soak them in ice water. You can also use lake or river water as well. It will also be cooler than the normal water. After soaking it well, place it in the back of your neck. So, you will feel relieved. 

Moreover, you can place this cold towel on your forehead at night. It will cool down the temperature and you will feel comfortable while sleeping. If you don’t have a towel near you, you can use a t-shirt. 

15. Wear Lightweight Clothing 

If you feel uncomfortable and sweaty, use lightweight clothes. Do not wear any heavy or dark-colored clothes. The reason is it absorbs heat rapidly. So, specifically in the day, use lightweight clothes with light colors. Cotton or linen will be much appreciated. 

16. Sleep When It’s Dark 

Try to sleep in the dark because there will be less heat at that time. If you sleep early in the morning, you will feel uncomfortable as the tent heats up easily. Try to be inside the tent when the sun is down. And it will be the perfect time to sleep inside the tent comfortably. Also, wake up before the sun rises. 

Final Verdict 

Now that you know how to keep the tent cool in summer, you can go camping anytime you want whether it is cold or not. In the summertime, try to follow the rules as we describe. And you can surely avoid any kind of trouble in that hot weather. 

Enjoy your camping and stay hydrated and cool. Get ready for your new adventure every day. 

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