How to Hold Down Canopy Tent on Concrete

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

A canopy tent is considered the most popular type of tent at the present time. Setting down this type of tent is quite easy. That’s why a good number of people opt for the canopy tent. However, It may happen that you need to assemble your canopy tent on concrete due to high wind or any other reason. This time, you will have to find out the way to weigh it down so that your canopy tent does not blow away.

For this, you have some additional tasks to be done. Fortunately, the additional tasks are pretty much straightforward and easy to do. You can do this easily without spending much time.

In this article, I will be talking about the ways following which you can hold your canopy tent down on the concrete.

How to Hold Down Canopy Tent on Concrete

Using Quick-Fix Tent Weights

By using exercise weights:

If you exercise at home, then you are supposed to belong some exercise weights. If so, then you can use these weights for holding down the canopy tent. You just have to stack any weights by the tent leg. You can tie a knot in the weights and then tie another knot at your tent frame corner for attaching the weights to it.

Cinder block as tent weights:

The cinder blocks that weigh about 13kg also can be used as a tent weight. If you wish to use a cinder block as tent weights, then you have to tie a rope with the cinder block at first. Then, knot the rope at your tent frame corner. You have another option like you can tie the cinder block to with tent leg using a bungee cord or rope. The cord or rope will work as an attachment.

Purchasing tent weight bags:

Well, you can also purchase weight bags for holding your canopy tent down on the concrete. You will find some tent weight bags in the market that are manufactured especially for canopy tents. You will have to fill the beg using sand and then attach them with the frame and leg of the canopy tent. Although this trick will save your time, they are costly compared with other options.

Filling Buckets with Gravel, Sand or Water

You have another option for holding down your canopy tent and the option is filling a big bucket with gravel, sand or water. For this, you have to bring an empty bucket first. It is better to bring a bucket that has a handle so that you can carry it.

After bringing the bucket, now you have to fill the bucket. You will be needing fillers of different amounts. As a filler, you will need 18 kg of water for filling your bucket. The amount of sand and gravel that will be needed is 12-L and 19-L respectively.

Now, you need to mix the water and dry cement according to the instruction you will find written in the cement bag’s packet. Most of the tent users prefer that. Then, fill the bucket half full using concrete. However, you will not be able to make this empty once you are done with it.

After getting the bucket ready as a weight, you will have to attach a bungee cord or tie a rope with the handle of your bucket. Using rope will be the best option as you will get enough for reaching your tent and tying.

Finally, you have to connect your cord or rope with the corner of the tent frame close to the leg so that the bucket remains hanging close to, or on, the ground. If you find the bucket hanging, then you will need another cord or rope for attaching it to the tent leg as this will prevent it from spilling or swinging.

Making Permanent Weights Using Concrete and Buckets

Well, the above-mentioned methods are not for permanent use. You have to set them each time you need to hold down your canopy tent to the ground. You can make an anchor using buckets and concrete for permanent use.

For this, you will have to bring a bucket, cement and water. Then, mix cement according to the instructions you will find in the cement level. Leave the mixture for settling. Wait about an hour. You will find it dry such as a block of solid mass concrete.

This one is a cost-effective and permanent solution you can take anywhere you want for further use. This bucket will be good enough for holding your canopy tent down on the concrete.

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