How to Heat a Tent Without Electricity

Last Updated on January 20, 2023

Camping season is approaching; let’s check your camping gears

While checking your camping gear, you figured out that you have all the best quality equipment but the camping ground has no electricity. Now you have to think about how to heat a tent without electricity.

In the old days, our ancestors spend some excellent time in tents without having the luxury of electric heaters and warmers. We will help you to revive that same adventure and fun of camping without worrying about a cold tent.

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All you need is some easy tips and techniques

We will share some fundamental but super-useful tips to heat your tent without electricity. Seasoned campers from all across the world told us about these tips. We have already used these in our last few camping sessions, and the outcome was impressive.

Therefore, you can rely on these tips to have a warm time in your favorite tent with a friend, fun, and fast without worrying about the cold night.

You have set up the tent, but it’s feeling cold inside

how to heat a tent without electricity

Whenever we think about tent camping, the first thing that comes to mind is enjoying the sun in the high quality hammock trap we picked from the market and the warmth of a campfire. Therefore, most of us do not think about how it will feel after the fire is off.

We have heard from some of our camper friends that most novice campers think about it for the first time when they get into their tent. Although they have picked the best instant tent on their budget, it feels cold inside.

It is not a big deal if you have electricity in the campground

Right now, you have plenty of options to heat your tent if you have access to power. A portable heater, warmer, or fan can provide enough heat to warm any size tent.

Some campgrounds have power outlets in designated camping areas. You can use your car some time to get power.

Your campground has no electricity or you are in the wilderness

It will be a cold temperature issue when you set up your family tent in a wilderness or if the cold campground has no power outlet. All the warming gadgets will be of no use and now you have to be innovative to figure out how to heat a tent without electricity.

In our camping sessions for the last few years, we have used many innovative methods to warm up our tents. We have learned some of these methods from some seasoned campers. You can use any of these methods separately or some time together.

Heated rock can rock your camping adventure

One of my friends, who are a Geologist by profession, once told me a rock store history of million years in it. However, have you ever thought that rock could also store heat at its core?

Yes, rock can store heat in its core and you can use this property to heat your tent without electricity. Tent camping will be safe, easy, and cheap; If you know how to heat winter tents without electricity by using heated rocks.

The recipe for this method is similar to heating water. The only difference is that heating a rock takes longer than heating water. Things you will need are

  • A campfire
  • A few socks
  • A few rounded rocks ( we prefer rocks of around 15-pound weight to trap a sufficient amount of heat)

The processes involved

Heated rock method to heat a tent
  • While you are enjoying the campfire place rocks 5-10 inches away from it. The distance will depend on the size of the rock, the bigger the rock farthest from the fire.
  • Do not forget to turn the rocks now and then so that every surface gets enough heat.
  • When the rocks are too hot to touch, they are ready to heat your winter tent. Be careful when you move the rock.
  • Put the socks on your hand and reach all the way down to its toe. Grab the rock with your sock-covered hand, turn the sock inside out, and wrap.
  • Now you can use these heated and covered rocks to heat your entire tent. We used to place four rocks on four corners of the tent.

I like to put one rock inside my sleeping bag. Nevertheless, please make sure you do not put them very close to your body.

A burnout campfire can still keep your night warm

There is a very interesting proverb in southeastern Asia that said an elephant is still worth a million even if it is dead. In the same way, a burned-out campfire is still worth a lot when you have no other source of body heat in your 3 seasons or 4 season tent.

You need some patience if you want to learn how to heat your tent without electricity using the burned-out campfire.

burnout campfire to keep the tent warm
  • You have to let the large coal chunks burn out completely before using the fire pit.
  • We learned that veteran campers put a layer of soil on the coal chunks and top the soil with spruce branches and grass.
  • Now you can safely set up your entire tent over that covered fire pit and enjoy the warmth.

For your safety, make sure you remove any traces of fire before putting the soil, branches, and grass. It will keep you safe from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Fill the bottle with hot water and it will keep your tent warm

The hot water bottle is the most inexpensive but effective way of heating a space or a part of the human body. I still remember how my grandmother wraps the hot water bottle in linen clothes and put them under my feet for some extra warmth on winter nights.

Using hot water bottle to keep the tent warm
  • You need some good-quality bottles that can survive under the temperature of boiling waters.
  • Before the campfire went off, boil some water and put them in those bottles.
  • You can now keep these bottles by your side. These bottles will provide heat for your body first and later the body heat will radiate to heat your backpacking tent without electricity.
  • For extra comfort and safety, you can wrap those bottles with any available clothes. This wrapping will keep the bottles warm for a longer time.

Some of my camping friends working as health professionals told me not to keep anything hot near my torso while I am sleeping. That close heat source can cause severe dehydration in the body and can damage the kidneys.

You need to keep yourself warm too

how to heat a tent without electricity

If you keep yourself warm, it will help you to survive even if the tent body temperature is a little low.

  • Have a protein and fat-based meal before you go to sleep in a warm tent.
  • Keep your head warm by wrapping it with some clothes.
  • Do not drink anything before going to bed.

A well-insulated tent also works great to keep your tent warm. A fully insulated tent reflects the air & radiates heat inside the tent. For further insulation, insulating mats for the entire tent floor, heat reflective blankets are needed.

Electricity is essential in modern life but you still can have fun without it

It is difficult to think about a time without power and gadgets if you live in a big city or even in a small town. However, you will not believe how exciting life can be when you spent some time away from all the modern comforts.

We all become innovative to find an alternate way to replace that comfort. Heating up stones, a tent on the burned campfire or a hot water bottle are outcomes of that creative thinking.

You can heat your best instant tent without electricity by using these tips and techniques. You can use any or all of those tips according to your needs.

Setting up a tent without any power source sounds scary and uncomfortable, especially in little cold weather. However, if you have some adventurous camping partners and have these tips handy, you do not have to worry about how to heat a tent without electricity.

Now you can enjoy nature in the hammock tarp of your collection with your friends and family. Lastly, you can also heat tent using a candle.

Best ways to heat a tent without electricity
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