How To Heat A Tent With A Candle

Last Updated on May 20, 2022

Living in a tent without enough warmth can be very uncomfortable for you. In that case, you might be searching for some easy ways to produce heat inside the tent. You should know that it is very inconvenient as well as dangerous to have an electric heater or other tools inside your tent. In that case, using candles can be a good alternative to electricity.

In this article, you will find the easiest way to raise the heat level inside your tent using only a candle.

3 Ways To Heat A Tent With A Candle

The first thing you should think about when heating your tent with a candle is safety. Obviously, you should be very cautious if there’s a live flame inside your tent as most of these are not flameproof. 

Yet, there are safer tools like Candle Lanterns available in the market which can produce sufficient warmth as well as warm light.

Below we are going to talk about some safest and easier ways to heat up your tent with a candle-

1. A Candle Lantern

If you are looking for the safest way, using a candle lantern is the best option. These can be adjusted with any size and set up that ensures your safety.

Here are some good Candle lanterns that I recommend. These are-

UCO Candlelier Deluxe Candle Lantern

This lightweight build lantern provides you with much heat along with some warm light. It can generate enough heat to dry up wet clothes, heat up food and water, etc. It is also easier to carry. 

You will have 4 color options along with different types of candles as your choice. It gives you the opportunity to place all types of candles together.

UCO Adonized Original Candle Lantern

It is a smaller-sized lantern which makes it very easy to carry around. It has a backup for about 9 hours which is really great for a night’s rest. It doesn’t provide much heat and light but is still good enough if you have a smaller tent. 

Although it doesn’t deliver as much heat as the Deluxe one, it is a good option for easy carrying.

2. DIY Candle Heater

Another easy tent heating solution for you is to make a candle heater yourself.

The tools required

  • A flameproof container
  • Some tea-light candles
  • Small clay pot
  • A larger pot

The procedure to follow

  • Place the tea-light candles inside the container
  • Place the small pot on top of the container

What really happens?

By following the upper procedures you can make your own candle heater. Here, the heat is produced from the tea-light candles. Then the heat is contained in the smaller pot. Some of these escape through the side rims and gather into the larger pot where the hole of this pot allows the heat to go out in the tent.

3. Tea Light Candles

You can also use the tea-light candles to heat up your tent. But you have to keep in mind that this emits only a low amount of heat. So, these can only be used for small tents. 

The way to use this is to place a table inside the tent which is much lower than the height level of the tent and then set up the candles on top of the table. Then by lighting up the candles you can have some heat to use.

You also have to maintain safety measures to make sure that no flame is near the tent.


There are various methods available when it comes to the ways of heating up your tent with a candle. But, I would always recommend using the candle lanterns as it is the safest option in my preference.

Although the DIY methods work well too, they might result in fire-hazard if not set up properly.

To conclude, you always have the freedom to choose your own way. I have just aimed to guide you through the answers available for the question ‘How to heat a tent with a candle’.

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