How to Hang Camping Chair on RV ladder

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

The ladder in a recreational vehicle (RV) is used for the purpose of climbing up to the roof of the RV. The ladder can also be used for the purpose of hanging your camping chair on the RV ladder.

Things you need to hang a camping chair on an RV ladder are:

  • A chair rack 
  • Large zip ties
  • An adjustable strap

You’ll need to buy a chair rack to hang a camping chair on your RV ladder. You can buy it from any store or online platform. An adjustable strap is required for the chair’s stability when traveling.

Process of Hanging Camping Chair

How to Hang Camping Chair on RV ladder

It’s simple to hang a camping chair on an RV ladder by following a few basic instructions. You need to see that the RV ladder is ok enough to transport your camping chair. Then you should proceed with the steps below.

Step 1

You must first attach a chair rack to the RV ladder because the ladder is made to climb to the top of the roof. As a result, there is no structure for hanging your camping chair. 

There are different types of chair racks available on the market. Their installation processes are also different. Later in the article, I go over the chair rack in detail. 

Step 2

After installing the chair rack, you can put your camping chair in place and laid out your chairs nicely.

Step 3

After you’ve placed the chair, it’s time to secure it because your chair may hit a bump while traveling. So you must ensure your chair protects it from any type of bump. For this, you need the following:

  • A large zip tie: You can tie up your chair with a large zip tie. It will secure your chair so it does not bump. You can easily find them in your home storage.
  • Adjustable strap: You can tie up your chair with an adjustable strap. It will keep your chair from swaying or flapping in the wind.
  • Ratchet straps: Yon can use ratchet straps if you want extra security. But it is not necessary if you use an adjustable strap. If you’re carrying a weighted chair, you must utilize it.

Chair rack

You’ll need a chair rack to hang your camping chair on your RV ladder. The chair racks found in the market are not the same as they have different shapes, prices, and installations.

Heavy-duty chair rack

Heavy-duty chair racks can be installed in all types of RV ladders. It is easy to install; just place the rack on the ladder. It has two hooks on both sides. After placing the chair perfectly, you can secure it with zip ties.

Camco Clamp n carry chair rack

Camco clamp carry rack is also used to hang the bike. It is a lockable rack, and it does not rust. It comes with an adjustable strap to keep the chair stable when traveling. It will cost $30 to $35. This chair rack can hold up to four chairs. 

Process for Installing Camco clamp n carry chair rack to your ladder:

  • Take a screwdriver.
  • Loose both screws.
  • Remove one part of the clamp.
  • Put the other part on the ladder in the right place.
  • Put back the removing clamp by screwing it back.

After installing the chair rack, open and raise the latches. Firstly, bring the chair and set it in place. Secondly, secure the chair with an adjustable strap.

Ladder Mounted chair rack

Ladder mounted chair rack easily carries your chair. This type of rack fits in the ladder of any kind of RV. It can carry up to six chairs that cost between  $50 to $80. No adjustable straps are needed to secure the chair because it is fitted with a flexible rubber strap. Place the chairs and tie them up with the rubber straps.

Final Thought

Rv ladder is not only used for climbing up to the roof. You can use it for various purposes. I have discussed the process of hanging the climbing chair on the RV ladder. Aside from that, you may also use the ladder to hang your bike.

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