How to Fold a Bed Tent

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

Folding the bed tent is not a simple process. It is actually quite difficult. There are so many angles and obstacles that you will have to deal with. The difficult part is folding the bed tent into its proper shape.

I have seen a lot of people face difficulties while folding their bed tents. It is supposed to happen. You may find the bed tent is easy to install, but the folding or taking down process is not the same. In order to fold your bed tent, you will have to go through some hassle.

You should always fold your bed tent carefully to ensure it stays safe for future use. It is important to fold your bed tent properly.

However, today, I will be sharing the detailed steps following which you can fold your bed tent. If you are struggling with the same thing, then this guide will be very beneficial to you. So, let’s get started.

How to Fold a Bed Tent

Folding A Bed Tent – Step By Step

Cleaning the Tent

Well, you should clean your tent before you fold it. Obviously, you would not like to get a dirty tent when you will plan to use it. Apart from that, if you leave dirt in the fold of your tent, then it will do harm to your tent. Your tent life cycle will be affected greatly. 

So, make sure that you are cleaning the tent first. For cleaning the tent, you can use laundry detergent and a wet cloth. After cleaning the tent using a wet cloth, keep the tent under the sun for a while and let it dry. Once you find the tent is dry, then you can move into your next step.

Folding Poles (Top) Together

Your next task is to fold the top poles. For that, you need to stand on one side of your bed tent. Then hold the poles from your tent ridges’ top side and pull them at the same time. It’s really a simple thing. There is nothing much to be afraid of. Make sure that you are keeping a strong grip on the poles you have pulled using one hand prior to going to the upcoming step.

Fold Poles (Bottom) Together

At this point, you are holding two poles using one hand. Now, use another hand to hold the rest of the tent poles that are responsible for making your tent’s outer edges. You are supposed to find them to your right and left. When you have a single pole, that time pull the pole over the top holes.

Then, hold the bottom pole for repeating the process. Keep in mind that you need to hold all four tent poles together. Now you will find that your tent is looking like a taco shell.

Putting Your Bed Tent on its Side

Here, remember to keep a strong grip on these four poles. Since your tent is looking like a taco, keep it in a position so that the open side is touching the surface. However, while flipping if you mistakenly let either one pole or all of the pole go, then you should make a backward step as you are not going to fold your tent incorrectly.

Folding the Top Tent poles Into Your Back Hand

Well, you need to be very careful about this step as you may find it a bit tricky. Also, pay attention that you got a new tope pole as you have flipped your tent on its side. 

Now all you need to do is hold the tent’s top pole and push it onwards your backhand. When you do this, you have to wrestle your tent to the surface. Don’t do this using an excessive amount of pressure. By doing so, you can break your tent pole. Because these poles are very flexible and lightweight. Pay heed to this issue.

Slipping the Tent Halves Together

At this point, you are supposed to find your tent looking like two same-looking circles above the surface. Here your task is very simple. You just have to slide the circles in a manner so that you get a single circle after sliding. That means you need to slide a circle into another one. If you find the tent has still some air, then wait a few minutes and let them out.

Putting Your Bed Tent Into Its Bag

I guess you are still holding your tent tightly as there is a possibility that the tent may spring back into its previous position if you let it go. At this point, there is not supposed to remain any air inside your tent. However, if you still find some air inside the tent. then you will have to use your hand and knee into the tent fabric to make the air out. 

After that, keep your grip on the tent poles tight, keep your folded tent in its bag. That’s it.

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