How to Fix a Tent Pole

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

The responsibility of a tent pole in a tent is magnificent. The tent poles are considered the skeleton of a tent. They provide the skeleton of your tent. So, you can understand that the duty of a tent pole in a tent is very high.

However, the tent poles usually come along with your tent are not so strong. It may break at any time. In this kind of situation, you have to repair or fix your tent poles.

In this article, I will be talking about some methods following which you can fix your tent poles easily. You may go for any method that makes you feel better.

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Ways to Fix a Tent Pole

Replacing the Whole Pole Segment

The first method in my list is replacing the whole segment of a pole. For this, you need to find a segment for the replacement of your damaged pole. You have to make sure that the length of the replacement segment is the same as the length of your damaged pole.

However, You may get replacement parts along with your tent. It depends on the products actually. If you don’t find the replacement parts with your tent, then you have to go for aftermarket products. Remember, the length and dimensions of damaged and replacement products should be the same.

For measuring the length, you need to place the damaged and replacement poles on a flat surface. Then, use a marker for drawing a line on the segmented shaft where the damaged segment ends.

After that, your next task is to cut down the segment with the help of a hacksaw. So, place your segment pole at your work surface edge so that your marked section remains extended beyond it. Then, use the hacksaw by gliding its teeth back and forth over the line. Carry on sawing till you don’t get the segment apart.

Once you got your new segment, then your final task is to sand or file the segment to turn the sharp edges into smooth ones. You can use grit sandpaper for that. After that, you will find your tent pole ready for use.

Tapping a Split

The second method in my list is tapping a split. In this method, you have to put your broken tent poles on a flat surface first. You can use your camping table for that. This is a good idea. If you don’t have a table, then you can place your tent poles above a flat gear like a toolbox. In a word, you need a flat surface.

After setting your tent poles on a flat surface, your next task is to cut off a slice of gaffer’s tape. Make sure that your tape slice has the same length as your spilled piece. For determining the tape length, you can line up the lose your tape end with the end of the segment. After that, simply perform unspooling the tapes roll gradually until you meet the endpoint. You should cut the tape as cleanly as possible so that you can be sure that both of the ends are square and nice.

After cutting the tear-off, your next task is to place the tape over the split. You have to press the lateral edge of your tape. For this, you should cover your splits’ entire length with 0.64-1.27 cm of your tape. In this way, you will get 1.3-3.8 cm of reinforcement depending on the roll and width you are dealing with.

Your job is done almost. A simple step to follow. Now, you just need to wrap the tape around your split. You should wrap the tape very carefully so that you can avoid any leaving creases or wrinkles. After finishing your wrapping, you need to smooth down your tape. You can use your finger pads for this. If you have followed all the above-mentioned steps properly, then you will get your tent pole fixed and now you can use it.

Splinting a Break

The last method on my list for fixing your tent poles is splinting a break. In this method, you have to break off the notched edges around the break if you find it necessary. You can use the wire cutter for removing the splinters sticking beyond the segmented shaft. You can work with them loose using a plier’s pairs. If you do so, you will get a uniform thickness in the affected area and it will protect the rough edges from being damaged.

After that, your next task is sliding a tent pole repair sleeve through the injured segment. For this, you have to extend the pole straightly and slip the tabular sleeve over one end. Then, conduct the repair sleeve along the pole length till it does not cover the break. Better try to center the repair sleeve as possible as you can.

Then, your next task is to secure the repair sleeves end with gaffer’s tape. For this, cut off a tape slice about 10-15 cm long and wind the tape around poles point where they emerge from the outer edge of your sleeves. After that, just simply apply the tape. Once you are done with that, you will get your tent poles fixed.

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