How to Cool a Grow Tent

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

Whenever you are talking about growing plants in a grow tent, there are a lot of things you need to take into your consideration. Among them, the excessive temperature is a mentionable one. You have to take care of excessive heat. Otherwise, your plants will show a great impact on their health.

Managing the temperature inside your tent, or cooling down your tent, requires a number of skills. Not knowing how to do it can lead to a few problems, including having an uncomfortable or unhealthy experience.

In this article, I will be talking about some simple steps following; so that, you can know how to cool a grow tent. So, let’s dive into the core section.

Well, before moving into the ways to make your grow tent cool, it’s better to have a look at the reasons that are responsible for heating your tent. Then, we will move into our main part.

How to Cool a Grow Tent

The Reason Why Your Grow Tent Gets Heated

Improper Ventilation

Your grow tent must hold proper ventilation. This means, there should be enough natural airflow in your tent. This is one of the most mentionable reasons why your tent gets heated. As a result of improper ventilation, it causes numerous discomforts to your plants.

Lack of Proper Insulation

Another reason for producing much heat is the lack of proper insulation. You will face this kind of problem, especially in the summer.

Existence of Lots of Heat Producers

Apart from the sun, light is also a great source of heat and light. If your tent has lots of light, it will produce an excessive amount of heat. This is also a mentionable reason for producing heat.

Ways to Cool A Grow Tent

Now, let’s move into our main part which is ways to cool down your grow tent. There are lots of ways you can follow. Among them, the simple and easiest to follow are:

1. Improving the Ventilation System:

Improving the ventilation system is one of the most common ways to cool your grow tent. If your tent has a proper ventilation system, then the natural air exchange rate will be higher. As a result, your tent will be rewarded with controlled humidity.

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In this case, an automated system can help you most by increasing or decreasing the fan speed automatically according to the need. So, improving the ventilation system can be your best pick.

2. Bringing an Air Condition

You may know that the air conditioner works best on reducing your tent’s heat effectively, especially in the summer season. An air conditioner can keep the temperature of your tent lower than the outside. This is one of the effective ways to make your tent cool.

However, before purchasing or making an air conditioner for your tent, you should consider your tent size. If your air conditioner is too small and the tent is too big, then it is not going to be effective. Without it, the seasonal outdoor temperature can make an effect the efficiency of your air conditioner.

3. Lowering the Number of Heat Sources as much as possible

Well, diminishing the heat sources like lights is the straightforward way to make your tent cool. You can lessen the number of heat sources in your tent. The heat sources can be lights, motor-driven devices, space heaters and soil that holds heat.

In this case, you can do several things. At first, you can lessen the amount of light. It will make your tent cool. Without it, you can get an air-cooled light instead of using the regular one. You may also go for the light that is controlled automatically. It will turn off automatically when the light is not needed.

4. Using Carbon dioxide

Well, using carbon dioxide has lots of benefits. Obviously, it will work to cool down your tent. Apart from that, carbon dioxide helps the plant to grow properly. Lots of the growers prefer this method to cool your tent.

However, this method to cool your tent is only recommended if you are experienced. Because using carbon dioxide is a bit tricky. Before going to use it, you need to know the exact setting of this. Otherwise, the PPM levels can move too high or low which is harmful to your plants. Even it can be harmful to you too.

5. Using Water Chillers

This one is for you if bringing an air conditioner is too expensive for you. You may go to the water chillers which are quite affordable. In general, the water chiller can be defined as an electronic device that works on absorbing mois vapors and leaving the chilled and cool ones. Basically, there are two types of chillers available. They are air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers.

Among them, the air-cooled chiller is less expensive and also less effective if your tent is bigger than 4*4. Whatever, it is often recommended to go for the water-cooled chillers. This type of device holds a water reservoir for containing water and an evaporating system for taking down the surrounding temperature. As a result, you will be able to get your grow tent cool.

6. Installing a Water-Cooled Lighting System

Well, this is the thing we do not see often. But, this trick works fine to cool your grow tent. You know that light is considered one of the biggest sources of heat. If you can reduce the amount of heat produced by lights, then you will see a great change.

In this case, you can go for the water-cooled lighting system. This system will make sure that your grow tent lights remain under control.

The bottom line is that grow tent temperatures should be moderate. If it gets too hot, the plants won’t perform as well. So pay attention to the temperature.

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