How to Anchor a Tent on Asphalt

Last Updated on June 1, 2022

It is unlikely that you will always set up your tent on soil or sand. You may find an environment or place where you need to anchor your tent on asphalt. The situation can be a bit troublesome if you don’t know how to anchor your tent on asphalt.

Well, there is nothing to be worried about. I am here to help you out. In this guide, I will be talking about some ways in which you can anchor your tent on asphalt.

There are several ways you can follow to anchor your tent on asphalt. In fact, you are familiar with these ways. For more clarification, I will be talking about some simple straightforward ways here.

How to Anchor a Tent on Asphalt

1. Using quick fix tent weights

The first method or way in my list is using quick fix tent weights for anchoring your tent on asphalt. In this case, you can use different objects as your tent weights.  They are:

Purchasing tent weight bags:

You can purchase tent weight bags from the market. These tent bags are designed to use for tent anchoring purposes. You just need to fill the bag with sand and then attach the tent frame and leg to this bag. Thus you can anchor your tent on asphalt. However, you will have to spend some money on this method.

Consider cinder block as your tent weights:

Basically, the weight of a cinder block is about 13kg. This amount is good enough to anchor your tent. You will need to tie a rope or cable around the block you brought. Then make a knot using the rope at the upper corner of the frame of your tent. That’s it. You are done with anchoring on asphalt.

Using exercise weights as tent weights:

Well, this method is considered the easiest and cheapest way to opt. In this method, you can use your exercise weight. You have to make a knot around the exercise weight, then make another knot at the upper side of your tent in order to attach the exercise weights to it. You are done.

2. Adding pavers as a base to each leg

Well, you also have an option to purchase paving blocks and use them for tent anchoring purposes. You need to purchase the same number of your pavers according to your tent leg. Then, take each of the blocks you brought and simply place them below each tent frame and mark the holes that are usually used for stakes.

Then you will have to go through the drilling process. So, bring a masonry drill and drill the holes you have marked earlier through the paver. After that, simply place a bolt through the stake holes from the bottom up through the block. Then use an accurate size nut for tightening. You should go through the same process for each tent leg.

3. Drilling into the asphalt:

In this method, once you find your tent is already set up, you need to use a drill along with a masonry bit. You have to drill through the stake holes. Now penetrate about a few inches. Then you need to use screws according to the accurate diameter through the stake holes. You need to screw it until you find it is tight. You can use some washers if you want.

4. Making permanent weights for anchoring tent on asphalt

Well, this is a cost-effective method. This method is also very popular for anchoring tents on the asphalt. Here, you will use concrete and buckets for anchoring your tent.

In this method, you need to get a bucket, cement, and water. After collecting all the things, you need to mix the cement ideally as you are told in the instruction manual. Then, leave the mixture and wait a few hours. You will find that a block of solid mass concrete has been created which is similar to cinder blocks. Then you can use these blocks for anchoring on asphalt.

In conclusion, anchoring your tent on asphalt is harmless. You should anchor your tent on asphalt to make sure wind won’t blow it away. The article hopefully gave you an idea of how to anchor a tent to asphalt

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