Best Tent for Horse Packing

Last Updated on September 3, 2022

The thrill of horse packing is something many of us have never experienced yet desperately want to. Unfortunately, as thrilling as it sounds on paper, horse packing can be quite a cumbersome task, especially if the tent you are carrying around is not suitable for you.

The main part of any horse packing gear is definitely the tent. We can help you choose the best tent for horse packing by providing you with a few recommendations of what e think might suit you the most. These tents were picked after meticulous inspection and research so that they meet your requirements. 

So, what are you waiting for? Buckle up and keep reading!

Best Tent for Horse Packing

Here we have described four of the finest tents you can use for horse packing. All their features are thoroughly analyzed to help you evaluate each option better.

1. Featherstone Backpacking Tent


  • Waterproof material ensures that you stay dry in all climates
  • Can easily hold 2 people 
  • Equipped with two vestibules that help hold your gear
  • Two doors make the space feel less cramped
  • The tent can be relocated without needing to be disassembled first


  • Clips includes are of low quality

First up, we are going to review the Featherstone Backpacking Tent, which is a huge hit amongst customers owing to its ability to perform well in all weathers. This is due to the fact that this tent is made from waterproof fabric. Besides, the seams are taped on this tent, making it impossible for rainwater to enter.

The tent also safeguards against wet and muddy grounds by utilizing a bathtub floor design. This helps the floor stay a bit above the ground so that the tent and your belongings cannot contact wet soil. Therefore, you are truly protected from rain in all ways.

Since the product is pretty lightweight, you will not face any trouble while horse packing, and neither will your horse. However, being lightweight does not mean that there is no room for extra items in this tent. In fact, it includes 2 vestibules to help store your belongings in an organized way,

You can easily stay in this tent with another person and enjoy their company. The doors on either side of the tent allow for more airflow, along with the mesh fabric material that enhances ventilation. Plus, whenever you need to relocate to another close location, you can just move the tent without totally reassembling it.

2. Coleman Sundome Tent


  • Can withstand heavy winds
  • Designed with inverted seams that prevent water from seeping in
  • Included rainfly keeps the tent dry from rain and snow
  • Can be set up in about 10 minutes
  • The attached E port helps to access power inside the tent


  • Can not hold too many people

The second model today has all the basic qualities that a best horse packing tent should have, along with the additional gift of electricity. That is right; the Coleman Sundome tent has an E port, which helps you access electricity even inside the tent. Thus, the horse packers can camp within the comfort of some useful appliances.

If you plan on horse packing to a region with strong winds and storms, then this model is your best bet. It has been tested to be able to tolerate winds flowing at more than 35 meters per hour. Hence, it can be a moderately safe choice for windy regions.

Along with withstanding heavy winds, this product is a pro at keeping you fry from rainwater, to the inverted seams on this model help to prevent rainwater from seeping in. The welded corners also help in this regard, working together to keep you dry and warm.

We love that this tent includes large windows and vents located on the ground, which work together to enhance the airflow and ensure your comfort. This also helps to keep condensation away and keeps your belongings protected. You can set up this tent in just under 10 minutes.

3. Coleman Cabin Tent

Coleman Cabin Tent


  • Can be carried and stored easily with the help of an included carrying bag
  • Tub like floor design keeps the bottom of the tent away from the ground
  • Darkroom technology helps reduce sunlight and temperature 
  • Can be set up in as little as 1 minute time’
  • A huge internal space can fit two queen size beds


  • The quality of the seams deteriorates over time

While going backpacking, one of the most important things to do is to bring gear that can be carried easily. This helps ensure the comfort of both you and your pack horse. Thankfully, despite being quite roomy in size, the Coleman cabin tent is such an option that you can look into.

This model easily fits in the included pannier bag. This pack saddle bag works as a great storage unit when you are not using your tent as well. The ease of carrying does not mean the space is not roomy; you can easily fit two queen-sized beds in this tent. So it is great in all aspects.

Like the previous models we reviewed, this backpacking tent also helps keep you safe from rain by employing the tub-like floor design. Welded corners and inverted seams are also among the features of this model that prevent any water from coming in. 

The absolutely unique thing about this tent is the special darkroom technology it utilizes. This helps to reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your tent by 90%. 

It also helps keep the temperature from rising too much. So if you are in a hot sunny region, and would prefer to sleep in, then this model can definitely help with that.

You definitely do not want to spend the valuable time you have camping behind setting up a tent. To help you avoid that, this tent comes with a super-easy setup style. In fact, you can finish setting it up in under 3 minutes! Seriously, how cool is that?

4. UNP Camping Tent

UNP Camping Tent


  • A lightweight body makes it super easy to carry around
  • Instructions for setting up the tent are clear
  • Designed with mesh windows to allow continuous airflow
  • Material is waterproof and tear-resistant, thus safe for all climates
  • Equipped with pin rings and ground stakes that keep the tent sturdy


  • A bit small in size

Last up, we have the unp camping tent, which is another mass favorite. The main reason for this is that it allows a lot of air to pass through. This is done by the roof’s mesh windows, which help a lot with ventilation and breathability.

Sometimes, setting up a tent can be quite hard to do, especially if the instructions are unclear. Thankfully, the UNP tent has gotten rid of that problem by clearly defining the setup manual’s instructions. 

You can take the tent to you to any region you want, due to its included rainfly. This helps you keep dry in case of sudden rain or storms. On top of that, the material the tent is made up of is completely tear-resistant, so it is quite convenient for rough use.

One of the best things about this tent is that it is incredibly sturdy. The pin rings and ground stakes included in the package helps it achieve firmness. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the tent collapsing suddenly on your next horse camping trip.


Getting the best tent for horse packing just got easier with this article. We hope that you can choose the best one for you from these recommendations. But if you want our advice, our vote is on the Coleman cabin tent, thanks to its ease of carrying around, and its unique darkroom technology.

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