Guide Gear 18×18 Teepee Tent

Last Updated on May 2, 2022

This one is a fantastic teepee tent option for those who like to camp with their whole family. It is also a wonderful budget option with some really great features.


  • This tent is very tall
  • Easy to set it up
  • Compact size when packed up
  • Provides wide space inside
  • The floor is fully sealed
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Can accommodate a large group of people


  • Not fully waterproof

A good-quality tent is the focal point of any camping vacation since it allows you to relax and refuel for the day’s thrilling activities. If you’re searching for a new tent that can accommodate you and your family, a teepee is a good option.

If you want to feel and experience the real thrill of wilderness, owning a teepee tent can make that wish come true for you. That’s because this tent excels at everything from children’s games to serious camping.

While it’s a less popular tent form, it has distinct advantages in terms of convenience. The word “Teepee” came from the traditional Native American and teepees tent followed their style at first, but many companies have modified and modernized the teepee tent style, making it a terrific camping option.

If you want to switch up your style, teepee tents can be your go-to option. Teepees, with their towering coned tops and rounded bottoms, can perfectly accommodate a group of people within and provide extra headspace.

Guide Gear 18 x 18 Teepee Tent Review At A Glance

The dimensions of this tent are 18 ft therefore it provides roughly 230 – 237 ft2 (21 – 22 m2) area space, which the manufacturer claims are good for up to twelve people. It has a tall structure for a single-pole teepee, with the highest height of 118 inches.

The floor is completely sealed, this tent has a single-layer structure, and there are a total of four solid windows, two doors, and five vents. The center pole is made of steel with a diameter of 28 mm, and the canopy is made of 190D polyester with a waterproof rating of 1500 mm.

With a weight of 23.15 lbs, this is a lightweight tent to carry around, and the packed size is also compact. So, it will be easy to transport. It is very cost-effective too.

That’s just the overview of all the amazing features this teepee tent possesses. Now it’s time for a more detailed dissection of this tent to make sure whether it truly upholds the amazing reputation it has or not. And at the end of the review, we will provide a short “Teepee Buying Guide” too. So, just keep reading.

Guide Gear 18×18 Teepee Tent Review

The Good

1# Huge Space Inside

Space is something you should not compromise when buying a tent for a large group of people. Guide Gear 18×18 Teepee tent offers a lot of space inside. They claim that this tent can accommodate 10-12 people at once. The exact area is not specified, although it is estimated to be between 230 and 237 square feet.

This would provide at least 19.2 ft2 of space per person when 12 person shares this tent and a lot more when there are fewer people. Which is more than enough for a group of friends during a summertime open-air concert. It’s preferable to reduce this by half while camping.

2# Good For Different Weathers

You can use this tent for both the summer and winter seasons. This tent depends on vents as this one is a single-layer structure, and you will have plenty of them. The windows are perfectly placed, and all of the openings can be closed with panels.

Though you can use it in both hot and cold weather we believe it is better suited to a cooler climate than a hot one. However, because the tent’s waterproof rating is low and the tent is somewhat tall, rain and strong winds should be avoided.

3# Easy To Transport

Heavyweight is a major concern for a tent this big as it will be very troublesome to carry. Luckily for us, the Guide Gear 18 x 18 Teepee tent is not that heavy. It’s a rather lightweight tent that weighs just above 23 lbs. That weight won’t trouble you too much when you carry it from the car trunk to the camping spot.

4# Construction

This is a one-room structure with four solid windows. However, the vents are designed in such a way that they can also be used as windows. Mesh and panels cover the door and vents. The sturdy windows are equipped with toggles and have inner curtains for privacy.

5# High-Quality Fabric

The tent body is made of 190D polyester. That is a tough material with a 1000 mm waterproof rating. The floor is made of sewn-in polyethylene that is both durable and water-resistant. The seams are sealed at the factory.

6# Durable Steel Pole

The poles that support the framework of this teepee tent are extremely sturdy and long-lasting. Your tent will be supported by thick steel poles, which will also withstand rain and wind.

The Bad

**Not Fully Waterproof

This tent will resist water to a certain level but we can’t declare it as a fully waterproof tent. The low waterproof rating suggests the same. During our research, we noticed that some users complained that water enters the tent during heavy rain. That is not what we expect from a tent this big.

Teepee Tent Buying Guide

Key things to look out for when buying a Teepee tent are as follows:

1# Size

The first factor you should evaluate is the number of people who will be sleeping in your tent. The size of your tent determines how many people you can bring on your journey while still having adequate space for your possessions. Teepee tents are typically larger than normal tents, with plenty of headroom. Aside from the number of people you want to invite, the size of the tent matters when it comes to transportation.

2# Setup Difficulty

It can be difficult to figure out how to set up a teepee tent. If the tent requires too long to build, you may become annoyed or find yourself in the middle of a thunderstorm if the weather turns bad. It would be a bummer if your tent was ruined or if you were stranded in the storm.

A teepee tent that is too big may be difficult to erect without the assistance of several people. A 12-person tent will almost certainly be tough to build on your own or only with a few people. It’s crucial to read the directions and make sure you can put up the tent properly in a distant camping location.

Our suggestion is that you take some time to practice to set up the teepee in your backyard before you hit the streets. That will make the procedure easier on the campsite.

3# Top Quality Materials 

The quality of the materials used to build the tent is very crucial as they will dictate the overall effectiveness of the tent. The first thing is that the fabric must be fully or partially waterproof. A fully waterproof tent can withstand the heaviest of rains when the partially waterproof one can handle light rain.

In addition, the material you choose can affect how hefty your tent is. Any cotton canvas tent will be heavier than one made of polyester. Also, the poles that support the construction of your teepee tent must be robust and long-lasting. Remember that your tent will be fully supported by the poles.

4# Enough Ventilation

Any tent, especially a teepee tent, needs adequate ventilation. It enables air to circulate, which is very important in hot summer weather. More vents on the tent can help you avoid sleeping inside a puddle of moisture and keep you cozier in general.

5# Lightweight

If you’re camping nearby or transporting your gear by vehicle, the weight of the tent will not be an issue.

You should consider the weight of a teepee tent if you intend to use it for backpacking. When you’re carrying something on your back, the weight makes a huge difference in your endurance.

A lightweight tent will be easy to carry along the journey. It’s best to figure out whether you’d like to travel with a teepee tent and, if so, which lightweight teepee tent is suitable for your trip.

That’s almost all of it. Some other things you might consider are the Style of the tent and the waterproof rating. And that’s all you need to do to get the best Teepee tent for yourself.


With the solid windows and various vents, the Guide Gear 18 x 18 Teepee Tent provides plenty of space for the stated number of users. The setup is simple, and the packing size and weight are ideal. But don’t put it to the test in windy circumstances as it is too tall.

Guide Gear 18x18 Teepee Tent

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