Core Family Cabin Tent Review

Last Updated on May 1, 2022

“Set it this way.”

“No. you can’t start with the poles unless the foundation is okay!

“What foundation? The bottom part, of course!”

“Okay, now let’s connect the poles.”

That’s part of the conversation when setting up a tent. A tent is a must-have whenever you go camping. Unless you want to risk a night in the cold, you need to have a tent.

But you can’t go to any tent. A tent will guarantee your safety as well as comfort, but not many can do that. What tent should you pick, more so if you have a large family?

How about the Core 11-person family cabin tent? It is large, spacious and can hold many people. That is as long as they are average size.

Many of its features would make you sit up and take notice. Let’s look at some of them in our review.

Core Family Cabin Tent Review


  • Spacious and comfortable (can accommodate 11 people)
  • Center height of 86 inches is high enough for most tall people
  • Has an electrical port access and storage pockets
  • Adjustable ground vents
  • It comes with lantern hooks
  • It comes with a polyester carry bag
  • Has a large screen room for better relaxation


  • The floor is quite fragile and might rip easily
  • Ventilation openings serve as a doorway for bugs to enter the tent


  • Capacity: 11 person
  • Weight:
  • Dimension: 29.2 in x 14.2 in x 14.2 in
  • Material: Durable 68D Polyester
  • Floor Area: 204 sq ft.
  • Maximum Height: 86 inch

Features of the Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent

Ventilation and Spaciousness

The Core tent is enormous and, as a result, very spacious. Eleven people can comfortably fit in this tent. It can accommodate three queen-sized air mattresses in this tent because of its large size.

So large is the floor size, you will get the feeling of being in your own home. This tent has a screen room at the rear of the tent that you can use as an additional sleeping bedroom, storage for camping gear, or a relaxing place.

For ventilation, it has a door and zipped openings that you can open to allow in some fresh air. Additionally, it has vents on the floor to let in the air for better airflow. The adjustable vents draw in fresh air from the ground to cool the temperature in the tent.

Another feature that boosts ventilation is the mesh ceiling. The ground vents draw in the air, then push it out via the mesh ceiling. That allows the airflow ad temperature in the tent to be at the best level for you.


This tent has various accessories that make using it worth it. For most campers, getting power in the tent might be an issue since there is no way to get a power cord in except the door.

If the power cord passes through the tent’s door, you will have issues closing the door when it starts raining. That’s why we thin this tent with the electrical access port nails it.

After camping ad breaking down your tent, how do you store it? Do you put it in the back of your car and drive away, or does it come with a carry bag? This tent comes with a carry bag that ensures traveling home after breaking camp isn’t a nightmare.

Seeing that it is quite bulky, you’d need the bag to save on space at the back of your car or boot.

Quality and Design

Camping is an outdoor activity meaning you will be risking it in the cold and other elements. Therefore, you need a perfect tent that will give you enough protection, especially from the weather.

This tent has a durable 68D polyester fabric that is tough and resistant to water leaks. You will be protected from the rain and the cold. The material has water blocking technology and prevents the water from seeping into the tent.

There are seals on the windows and doors that ensure rainwater runs off instead of falling into the tent. The tent’s dome design also ensures it doesn’t hold water making it slide right off.

Weight and Center height

This tent weighs in at about 16 kilograms, which makes it impossible to carry in a backpack. It is a very bulky tent and will require you to have a car or some form of transportation. Carrying it yourself isn’t an option.

With a center height of 86 inches, even the tallest man on earth will comfortably stand in this tent. Don’t you agree that a tent needs to be tall enough for the taller campers to be comfortable?

What are the Benefits of Buying Core Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room?

The space this tent affords you is the most significant benefit you will get from buying it. It is large and can comfortably hold 11 people. That’s spacious enough, even for a large family.

The tent is also quite durable. It has 68D durable polyester that means you will use it for a long time to come. The material is also water-resistant ad you will thus not have issues with water leaking into the tent.

This tent is bulky. That is why the carry bag is a very welcome accessory. You won’t struggle to cram it into the back of your car or van when you break camp. That is a benefit you will miss out on with the other tents on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the capacity of this tent?
A: The tent can hold up to eleven individuals comfortably.

Q: How durable is the material used to make this tent?
A: The tent’s material is 68D polyester that is resistant to water and exceptionally durable. You will own this tent for some time, thanks to the durable material.

Q: How many windows and doors does this tent have?
A: It has several windows and one door.

Final Thoughts on Core Family Cabin Tent

We hope this review helps you in your quest to get the best camping experience with the best tent. If you are looking for something spacious and durable, this tent will rightly fit that.

It can hold eleven people and have several rooms that make it the perfect family camping tent.

Core family cabin tent review

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