Coleman Sundome Tent Review

Last Updated on May 1, 2022

Frankly speaking, no matter how you plan to get the most memorable experiences when camping, the tent you purchase will determine your mode every morning. Imagine waking up to a too squeezed abode that cannot even shield the sun’s rays.

Keep those aside, what of a tent whose breathability is low, keeping the internal temperatures unbearable.  Staying in such a tent would be a nightmare, right?

Why not purchase a tent with a homely design like the Coleman sundome tent that you can rest comfortably after the tiresome hikes?

Likely you have heard about it in the streets because its crafting was a dream come true to most campers. We have brought all the details about its matchless crafting to books, so you can get started reading.


  • Requires only 10 minutes to set up
  • It has ground vents for adequate ventilation
  • The side pockets will help keep the tent neat and organized
  • Due to its E-port, you got access to the external electric power
  • The floor seams are inverted to help keep the room dry despite the rains


  • The zippers don’t match the other high-quality construction
  • It doesn’t come with a footprint

Coleman Sundome Tent Features


Whether you will be camping during winter or summer, you should check the tent’s weather ability. Otherwise, you will be camping at the mercy of harsh weather. For instance, having to bear intense temperatures on a sunny day or a wet tent on a rainy day. It is as serious as that.

Well, with this tent from the Coleman brand, you are safe.

This is my point;

It has weather tech crafting making it waterproof during the rainy seasons and covers you from the harsh sun rays.

Yet, the floor crafting will keep your bendings dry during the storms.  How? The corners are well-welded and have inverted seams such that the inner parts remain dry no matter how heavy is the downfall.

What about the windy areas?

Still, you can be sure that this tent is wind-resistant. That is due to its very robust frames that can withstand intense winds over 35mph.


Can we be candid here? Even though a tent has sturdy crafting, you can’t just purchase it. Why? You should check if its capacity can hold the occupants without a feeling of being suffocated.

One thing I am surefire of is the size of this tent will leave you satisfied. Just a moment, I will explain myself.

It comes in different sizing. Thus you can get a one-occupant tent to a tent that can hold up to 6 occupants. So it is your task to choose the size of the tent that you need.

However, keenly ensure that the size you pick comfortably holds the occupants and leaves a relatively ample room for movement.

Easy setup

My previous camping tent would take me 20 minutes to set. I thought it was the fastest tent to install, not until I set my eyes on this Coleman sundome tent.

Surpassingly, this tent takes only 10 minutes to set up. I tend to think that is due to its startling lightweight and compact design.


Though you will be camping, maybe you would need to surf a little on the internet or stay connected to your loved ones. That wouldn’t be possible after your phone depletes the charge.

Don’t even think of carrying many power banks because this tent brings the electricity power closer to you. How?

It has an E-port that you can use to bring in the electricity power and charge your phone or laptop while resting in the tent.

Storage pockets

If staying neat and organized is your weakness, the Coleman sundome manufacturer considered your interests too.

The interior part has numerous pockets where you can place some extra accessories and let your little abode remain organized.

Ground vents

Despite how sunny it will be in the outside environment, you can get into your tent and take a quick rest in more favorable temperatures.

There are ground vents in the design of this tent. The vents provide a smooth airflow, which helps to cool the internal tent air.

Benefits of using Coleman sundome tent

Most, if not all, expectations of camping hobbyists are meant in this tent. I am not exaggerating.

For instance, this is a secure all-weather tent. I mean, it has waterproof surfaces, sturdy poles to withstand intense wind and even sturdy frames for stormy weather.

Still, the manufacturer does away with capacity limitations by availing Coleman sundome tents of varied sizes. Actually, its most extensive size option can hold up to 6 occupants.

Lastly, it has polyester and aluminum materials, which assure longevity. Also, the inner lining is of nylon mesh to ensure both longevity and ventilation.

Frequently asked questions

Q; what is the capacity of the Coleman sundome tent

A; this is a tent to hold the entire gang. It has varied capacity options from one person to up to 6 occupants.

Q; is this tent suitable for stormy weather?

A; this tent has the most solid frames and shock-corded fiberglass poles, making it safe in stormy weather.

Q; how long does it take to set it?

A; under normal circumstances, it will take you only 10 minutes. If you are looking for tents that can be set up instantly, then check our guide on instant camping tents.

Final thoughts on Coleman Sundome Tent

Keeping aside the fact that this tent does not come with a footprint, I find nothing against this tent.

Besides, the cost of a footprint is affordable and widely available.

It has all every camping hobbyist would think of. For instance, its ground vents regulate the internal temperatures to make it comfy to rest in. 

Yet, it is of a polyester material and fiberglass poles, which for sure will see it live longer.

Still, this tent is waterproof, storm-resistant, and even withstands intense winds of over 35 mph.

Not impressed by Coleman sundome tent? If yes, then have a look at our Mountainsmith Conifer 5 Plus or Hyke & Byke tent.

Coleman Sundome Tent

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