Coleman Red Canyon Tent Review

Last Updated on May 20, 2022

Our Verdict: If you are looking for a massive size summer tent with good ventilation and moderate protection from rain, then the Red Canyon will offer good value for you. Otherwise, it’s a NO from us due to its quality flaws, lack of privacy, and poor performance in cold weather.

Coleman Red Canyon Tent Review At A Glance

This one is a massive size tent with a huge floor space available inside for up to 8 people. You will feel very comfortable inside this tent and not suffocated at all.

It allows creating 3 rooms inside with the help of 2 dividers to make it look like a cabin-style tent. It has windows on the front, back and both sides so ventilation won’t be an issue. You will get one door for entry and exit.

The Coleman Red Canyon is a dome-shaped tent with easy-to-follow set-up instructions. It’s not a freestanding tent so you will have to stake it to the ground securely.

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Coleman Red Canyon Tent Detailed Review

The Good

1# Three Room Tent

Unlike other 8-person tents, you can create 3 separate rooms in the interior with the help of 2 dividers that come with the tent. Three rooms will certainly provide more privacy inside the tent in general and make it look like a cabin-style tent. Plus, it will feel much bigger from both inside and the outside than it is. 

Given that most tents that can accommodate 8-person are essentially one large living area, the Red Canyon Tent appears to be more intriguing aesthetically. 

2# Huge Floor Space

The 170 sq ft (15.6 m2) floor space makes this tent one of the most spacious options as an 8-person tent. The space offered per person is certainly more than enough. You will get almost 2 square meters of space per person.

Compared to other 8 or 9 person tents, it offers almost 30 to 40 square feet more floor space which is huge for your comfort. You won’t feel suffocated due to lack of space, that’s for sure.

3# Lantern Hook Available

This tent comes with a lantern hook, which is a nice touch. It will save you from the frustration of having a lamp on the floor that will get in your way when moving around. In addition, it might get tripped over and cause some injuries.

4# Easy Set-Up

The Coleman Red Canyon Tent has a simple and straightforward setup process, and it comes with clear instructions. You can do it alone but having a friend will make things faster. As it is a huge tent, it will take some time to finish setting up. Plus, attaching the guy lines will also take a while.

Depending on your skill of camping along with setting up tents, it will take around 10 to 20 minutes to pitch it in. The instructions are so straightforward that all you have to do is unfold it, stretch it, and fasten it with stakes.

To guarantee that your tent remains stable when the wind comes up, make sure you secure it firmly with the stakes and also make sure to use all of the guy lines.

5# Proper Ventilation

A well-ventilated tent is required for camping in the summer. This one is a well-ventilated tent. Two huge mesh windows will handle that department nicely. You won’t feel suffocated inside this tent no matter how the weather is. 

As an added bonus, it allows you to gaze upon the stars on clear evenings. Additionally, on the tent’s door flap, there’s a half-window, and there’s a little window on the tent’s rear side. It’s possible to zip up these windows in the event of a downpour.

The Bad

1# Not For Harsh Weather

Avoid using this tent in extreme weather conditions, such as snow or rain. As a result, this is not a tool to be used in the winter. Its structure is characterized by large openings as well as a lot of mesh, which makes it difficult to keep the heat in. Aside from that, its poles aren’t meant for such a purpose, so it’s not weather-resistant enough to be used outdoors.

2# Only One Door

As a further downside, there is only a single door in this tent to enter and get out of the rooms. With the room dividers up, it’s already troublesome to go from one room to another as you can’t do it without removing the sheet. So, you’d think there would be more than one door for entry and exit to make it more convenient.

3# No Storage Pockets

The tent area is large, but keep in mind that there is no outside storage space, so you’ll have to sacrifice some space to put your gear within the tent.

4# Lack Of Privacy

There is no way of zipping up the side windows so that will compromise the privacy from the outside. That’s a major disappointment.


  • High-quality materials used
  • Looks like a cabin-style tent once the divider is up
  • Huge space inside
  • Easy and straightforward set-up
  • Lantern hook available inside
  • A good amount of ventilation


  • Some users faced difficulties with the zippers
  • Not a good tent for harsh weather conditions
  • You can’t zip up the side windows 
  • Inadequate ceiling height


The Coleman Red Canyon 8-person tent might look like an amazing tent option available on the market, but that is only true on paper.

While its huge size, water resistance capability, and performance during hot weather could make this tent appear like a good deal, the tent’s serious quality flaws, along with its lack of privacy as well as inability to deal with cold weather make it an absolute disappointment.

If you’re an all-season camper who values durability and dependability in a tent, you’ll want to explore elsewhere. You can only consider buying the Red Canyon if you only want a massive summer tent with good ventilation and moderate protection against rainwater.

Coleman Red Canyon Tent Review
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