Coleman Montana 8 person Tent With Hinged Door

Last Updated on April 4, 2022

The Coleman Montana 8 person tent is ideal for large families, large groups of friends, and large amounts of fun. It’s a basic tent that’s been blown up to accommodate eight people, making it a great place to sleep and chat through the night.

The Coleman Montana tent is a popular tent among families who camps together. This tent has a hinged style door along with wonderful packed size and the price is very difficult to beat. The tent is now on the market for a while and it maintained its popularity among a large group of campers.

If you invest in a large tent such as Montana, you will never regret it as it offers versatile use. It will prove to be useful if you are traveling in a group and you will also like it if you value large living spaces.

You can get this tent in different versions like one that comes with a LED tent light and another that can accommodate 6 people.

Coleman Montana Tent Review At A Glance

This Montana 8-person tent has an almost straight wall that allows greater headroom to walk around freely. The perfectly positioned windows and a full mesh ceiling make the inside of the tent airy. So, you won’t suffocate inside of this tent.

This tent is a great option for adults who want to go camping with their children. It has a roomy interior, but it would be a stretch if you want to fit 8 grownups in there. The 8-person in the name suggests a mixture of adults and kids.

Still, it has a few amenities that will come in helpful while camping. Such as a retractable rainfly and a mesh roof. Coleman’s WeatherTec system is used in this tent, which features a water-resistant floor but it’s not fully waterproof.

This tent has a relatively easy setup system. This isn’t a pop-up style or instant tent; instead, it uses an expanded dome shape that’s easy to understand, although it’s a bit more complicated than a normal dome-style tent.

It is not a freestanding tent, so you have to stake it to the ground to make it fully functional. You should keep this in mind before selecting your camping spot.

Now let’s take a look at all the features the Montana 8-person tent is offering and categorize them as good and bad.

Coleman Montana Tent Detailed Review

The Good

1# Wide Space

The Montana tent’s floor space is one of its most notable features. There’s enough storage for 2 queen-sized air beds, as well as sleeping bags and other supplies. You may even go with 3 queen-sized air beds and even then you will have plenty of storage for gear.

As we mentioned earlier, trying to put eight adult people in there, might make it too crowded. It would be nice if there were four adults and children present. That’s still a good amount of space for a mid-budget tent.

Plus, it has a center height of 6’ 2” which allows even tall people to roam inside the tent freely with their heads high.

2# Water and Wind Resistant

The Coleman tent is built in a dome shape. Polyester fabric with the unique WeatherTec System is used to wrap around the poles.

The WeatherTec System makes the tent frame fully wind-responsive that will put on a great performance even in high winds. The guy line and triangles can be used to make the structure stronger.

The inverted seams in this tent prevent water from leaking into the tent, which is made of polyester fabric. The bottom of this tent is also water-resistant.

During heavier rains, the rainfly will save the tent from flooding. Since this fly can be removed, you may enjoy a see-through rooftop and stare at the night sky if you choose a fly-free experience.

3# The Hinged Door

Hinged door has its own pros and cons. Without a doubt, a hinged door is a feature that many people will like. You have 2 additional poles that you insert into the door’s sleeves and that will make the door hinged. It opens like a regular door which makes this so much popular. 

However, for such a large tent, there is only one door, which is not ideal.

4# Good Amount Of Ventilation

The Montana tent is ideal for hot summer days. It has a full mesh roof that allows air to circulate and ventilate the interior. There are also mesh windows with zippered covers for when it’s cold outside.

There are 3 windows in this tent. You have the flexibility to open and close one of them, which is connected to the door. The other two windows, on the other hand, are always open and allow adequate ventilation for the tent interior.

The fact that these windows are at an inverted angle is fantastic. They’re also positioned right under the rainfly. So, you will have a good view of the outside world while it’s pouring without getting wet.

They’re also wrapped with mesh to allow air to circulate and keep insects at bay.

5# Easy Set Up

Another characteristic worth noticing is the ease with which this tent can be put up. When you’re on your own, it should take roughly 15 minutes to set up.

You might be able to do it in less time if you have some extra support. It also includes specific instructions to ensure that you do not get lost. This is a crucial feature. Because you don’t want to waste your first camping day figuring out how to set up a tent.

The Bad

1# Only One Door

For a tent that can accommodate 8 people, only one door for entry and exit certainly isn’t enough. Coleman should’ve offered at least 2 doors in this giant tent for more convenience.

2# Not Fully Waterproof

Despite the WeatherTec system, this tent is not a fully waterproof option. Many users faced the problem of water getting inside the tent during heavy rains. It can handle light rains though. So, it might not be the best idea to go camping in this tent if there is a chance of heavy rain.


  • Perfect for a large group of people
  • The hinged style D-shape door is easy to handle
  • Quality materials used from top to bottom
  • Storage pockets and e-port available
  • The rainfly provides shelter from light rain and sunlight
  • High head space inside for comfortable walk inside
  • Easy to set up


  • Only one door for entry and exit
  • The raised door might trouble you
  • There is a chance that the fiberglass poles might bend


Just like any other product, the Coleman Montana 8-person tent has its ups and downs. The downsides of this tent are minor that can easily be ignored. Rest assured, this tent is ideal for those who want to go camping with their kids.

It has a number of features that will prove to be handy while camping. You just have to be a little cautionary about the weather and the place if you want a smooth camping experience with this tent.

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