Coleman Hampton 9 Person Tent Review 2023

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

The Coleman cabin-style tent is an ideal option for families who mostly camp during summertime. It comfortably can accommodate up to 9 people and has extra storage room for their belongings. It’s also a cost-effective option.


  • Fully freestanding structure
  • Hinged style door
  • Perfect peak height
  • Enough pockets available for storage purposes
  • Affordable price range


  • Not suited for multiple seasons

For a family or a group of people who enjoys camping outdoor, you’ll need a fantastic tent that meets all of your needs and preferences. A variety of family tents can accommodate 9-10 people.

The Coleman Hampton Cabin Style Tent, which can fit 9 people is a popular name among family campers, mostly for summer camping. This tent is well-known for its high walls and roomy interior.

As a cabin-shaped tent, it’s difficult to imagine a more traditional form than this one. It has a reasonable price for its size and plenty of open space, making it ideal for groups and families.

As it has been dominating the market for over a decade, we’d like to analyze why it’s such a popular option among family campers. We’ll go over every last feature of this tent so that you can evaluate if it’s the appropriate fit for your next family vacation.

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Coleman Hampton Tent Review At A Glance

Coleman’s 9-Person cabin-style tent has a length of 14 feet and a width of 10 feet. What’s more, it has 7 feet of ceiling height, which is enough for a tent. You will get a lot of space inside with plenty of room for everyone to walk around.

The Hampton is equipped with incredible weather-resistant features that provide comfort and protection in any weather. When camping outside, it also protects you from mosquitoes and bugs. What’s more, the design and structure have been upgraded to provide better protection from wind, rain, and dampness. It is designed for large families and groups of campers.

This tent has a freestanding structure along with a minimal coverage fly that can be buckled to the base of the tent. You will only have one door, but the plus point is that it’s a hinged door.

The hinged door design simplifies the open and close operation, and it will save you from all the trouble you might face with a zipper. Velcro tabs will keep the door right in place and you will get handles on both sides.

It’s far too heavy for outdoor activities like trekking or hiking, but we believe it’s better suited to summer vacations. Furthermore, the structure’s height may make it vulnerable to heavy winds.

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Coleman Hampton Tent Review

Now let’s evaluate this tent’s positive and negative sides in detail.

The Good

1# Design

This cabin-style tent is a tall one with a standard height of almost 7 feet (82 inches to be exact). You will get a removable divider to create 2 rooms inside the tent any time you want. You will have the flexibility to remove and use the entire space whenever needed.

The extra room will allow more privacy as well as create a separate playground for the kids (if you have any). That way both of you will have your personal space.

When packed, the size of the package will be large so you will always have to carry it in a vehicle.

The top part of this tent is composed of mesh that will provide a clear view of the outside and the night sky at night. To stay protected from the rain, a rainfly will come in handy. You can easily install the fly by using hooks and by attaching it to the holes available in the poles.

2# The Hinged Style Door

We already mentioned that we love the hinged style door of this tent even when there is only one door available. Besides the easy in and out operation, the hinged style door will also save us from the frustrating zip and unzip repetition of a zippered door.

A hinged door also provides better protection against the entering of bugs compared to a zippered door. When closed, the Velcro tabs make sure that the door is securely in place. The use of handles on both sides of the door is a nice touch too.

3# Construction

This tent’s poles are composed of a variety of materials. The roof poles are constructed of fiberglass, while they used steel for the leg poles. The poles are very sturdy and not much heavy. The color-coded poles will make the setup easier.

The tent’s walls and fly are top-quality polyester with a waterproof certification. The bathtub floor is composed of waterproof polyethylene and is thick. The waterproof floor of the tent allows it to be used in a variety of weather conditions.

The tent’s windows have zipped flaps that add additional privacy and protection.

4# Easy To Assemble

One person can put the tent together in around 10-15 minutes. The ease with which you can set this tent up will astound you. They used color-coding and it is one of the most effective methods for pitching a tent, as it can be understood by even the most inexperienced campers.

When using such a vast capacity tent, we believe it is critical to find a simple setup that is not overly difficult. That is exactly what Coleman did. They made the setup process as simple as possible.

5# Storage Space

The tent has a number of little pockets in various spots on the walls where users may put their small items such as flashlights and keys. The tent also includes an e-port, which comes in handy if you’re camping somewhere with electricity.

The Bad

1# Only Suited For Summer Camping

This tent is perfect for summer camping in locations where there isn’t a lot of rain or high winds. This is due to its boxy structure, which can blow away in strong winds. The windows and ceiling have mesh.

In cold weather, you might not want to use that much mesh as it won’t keep the inside of the tent warm enough. There is a way to stay safe during rain though, and that is to use rainfly.


Finally, after examining all of its qualities, the Coleman Hampton Cabin Style 9-person Tent is an excellent choice for both families and groups. The ability to divide the space into two rooms and modify it is ideal for storing items, as well as creating multiple rooms for different purposes. Because of the low price and high quality, we believe it is a standout option for summer camping experiences.

Coleman Hampton 9 Person Tent Review
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