Coleman Dome Tent Review

Last Updated on May 1, 2022

If you’ve never gone camping, you have no idea the amount of fun you are missing out on. Apart from enjoying the fresh outdoorsy air, camping can be the stress reliever you are looking for.

Are you looking to jump onto the camping bandwagon? You will need a tent, for there is no camping expedition that can be complete without a tent. You can’t be outdoors and sleep in the open!

The good news is that there is a vast selection of tents to choose from. The Coleman Dome tent is one such tent you can choose from the many options available. But before you pick it, what things do you have to consider?

We have the answers to that question and more here. Read on.

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Coleman Dome Tent Review


  • It has an electric port that allows you to bring power into the tent
  • Weatherproof material
  • Easy to set up
  • Heat reducing material
  • Blocks it sunlight with darkroom technology
  • Superb ventilation and spacing


  • Unsuitable for extreme weather conditions such as torrential rainfall and heavy snowing
  • Although spacious, it cannot hold up too many people

Features of the Coleman Dome Tent for Camping

Quality and Design of the Tent

Camping is an outdoor activity away from the safety of your house. You will therefore need a quality tent to protect you from the elements. This tent has a design that aims to protect you from the elements as much as possible.

The polyester material used to make this tent is waterproof and resistant to damage from ultraviolet rays. The material also reduces the heat in the tent for more comfortable sleeping.

Compared with the typical blackout camping tents, this tent blocks out sunlight better. That means you can now relax in the tent past sunrise—the darkroom technology blocks over 90 percent of light from getting into the tent.

The tent’s dome design adds to the spaciousness, which means up to three average-sized adults can comfortably sleep in this tent.

Polyester is a rigid, durable material that isn’t prone to damage. You will thus own this tent for a long time. This tent will be there for you for many more camping trips in the future.

Ventilation and Spaciousness

This tent has a capacity of 3 to 4 people. We, however, wouldn’t advise you to have four adults crammed into it. If you are camping as a family of two parents and two kids, then the tent would be enough.

However, that doesn’t take anything from the tent’s spaciousness, seeing that some tents can’t hold past two people. You can even decide to fit in a queen-size inflated bed.

With extra space comes excellent ventilation. Not that you will have to worry about ventilation becoming an issue when sleeping in this tent. That’s because of its structural design.

For starters, it has windows that boost the flow of air anytime it becomes stuffy. The polyester material is also light enough to allow some heat to escape the tent for a better-ventilated tent.

The screen room blew us away. In the room, you can enjoy your sleep since the walls screen out most of the light. Furthermore, the center height is high enough for a 5’9 person to stand comfortably.

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Ease of Setup

We speak for many people when we say no one wants a tent that is difficult to set up. This tent’s makers seem to share the same idea since this tent is relatively easy to set up.

It wouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to have to set up and ready. That is because it comes with poles that are already attached to the tent for faster setup.

Likewise, breaking it down is also fast and saves you lots of time. You probably will be very tired after camping for several days and wouldn’t want a hard to break down tent.

If you’ve never experienced a hard to set up tent, trust us, you don’t want to. Such tents can have you waste a lot of time and suck the fun from camping.

What are the benefits of Using this Coleman Dome Tent?

The first thing you will notice about this tent is how good-looking it is. The makers certainly put in a lot of visual appeal. People will compliment you on how cool it looks. Who doesn’t want to own a tent that people think is cool?

This tent’s polyester material makes it a long-lasting tent. You will own it for a long time as it will withstand most of the lousy weather typical with camping. It isn’t a tent that you will have to replace after just one camping trip.

The large and spacious interior means you can have your family camp with you. With the tent being large enough to stick in a queen-sized airbed, you and your family will be very comfortable inside.

This tent is fast to set up. The design plays a significant role in how easy the tent is to setup. You don’t have to insert the poles while setting it up as the poles come already attached to the tent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this tent hold more than four people?
No. This tent has a maximum capacity of only four people. If you want more than four people to squeeze in, then you will have to sacrifice comfort.

Can I fit a queen size inflated bed in this tent?
Yes, you can. An inflated bed will comfortably fit in this tent.

What is the weight of this tent?
This tent weighs 11024 pounds

Final Thoughts on Coleman Dome Tent

The Coleman Dome tent is a durable and high-quality tent that will serve you for a long time. It is spacious and can hold up to 4 people. The setup is easy and can withstand most weather conditions.

Although it wouldn’t stay firm in the most severe weather, it will still be worth purchasing this tent. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get it if you feel it fits you.

All the best.

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Coleman Dome Tent Review

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