Coleman Arch Rock Dome Tent Review 2023

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

Are you looking for a camping tent to call home? You can trust this brand to give you an unforgettable experience for your outdoor activities. Coleman takes pride in providing campers with first-class camping equipment made from high-quality materials and has been tested and trusted over time.

In light of Coleman’s track record, you may want to check out the Coleman’s Dome tent for camping. But stay with me because I’ve judged the Coleman’s Dome tent and figured out the meat and potatoes. Here’s the feedback.


  • Tent pegs are not super strong
  • Too dark inside in the daytime that you’ll need a flashlight to find your pieces of stuff
  • Little leaks here and there because there are no seam sealers
  • It’s a one-door design, and the entrance only opens halfway
  • Windows are high off the ground

Good points

  • Darkroom feature that allows you to sleep better and longer outside
  • Tent Pitching is quick and super comfortable.
  • Quality material that can withstand rains and tropical winds
  • Has a small outdoor mat
  • A middle hook for hanging light at night
  • Unique colors and style that is appealing to the eyes.

Features of Coleman’s Arch Rock Dome tent

Easy pitching

No doubt, a tent having a weight of 10.24 pounds and 100×49×84 inches may appear challenging to pitch.  But here’s the kicker. Coleman’s Dome tent is super easy to set up thanks to its simplified design and the pre-attached poles.

The 4-person Coleman’s Dome tent would take 2 people an average of 10 minutes to set up and much lesser than that for the 6-person Coleman’s tent.

So this means more time and more energy for you to swing into action and enjoy your outdoor activities. And when it’s time to say goodbye, trust this tent for a leisurely pack up which would be done in a twinkle of an eye.

Poly guard weatherproof fabric

Rains and winds should not kill your fun or deny you good sleep. You can trust this tent for a good fight against unfavorable weather. How’s that?

Coleman’s Dome tent features inverted seams, rainfly, and welded corners that shove off rain water away from the tent. We’re not through yet.

It has strong frames that can withstand up to 35 mph winds, and that put this tent on the list of the most robust camping tents this season.

Season after season, this is a tent you can rely on for protection and durability.

Darkroom technology

Maybe you wouldn’t want to compare any camping tent with your comfortable rooms at home, but sadly you may be left with no choice but to make a comparison because Coleman’s Dome tent will remind you of your room. Think I’m exaggerating?

The tent blocks 90% of sunlight, making the interior darker than regular camping tents and more comfortable. Allow me to explain. Since only a small amount of sunlight gets inside your tent, you would get a heat-free interior, which is the major difference between Coleman’s Dome tent and other brands.

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Separate screen room

Tents are basically designed to shelter you over your head when you camp away from home, but Coleman’s Dome tent offers you more with its separate screen house. That means you can stay inside the tent and have a view of nature from the screen room.

If you so desire, you can convert the screen room to a sleeping place since it has a full floor and can keep bugs away. But here’s the rub. The screen room lacks a rainfly and other rain-protective features. In a nutshell, the screen room gets wet when it rains.

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4 persons and 6 person maximum capacity

If you must have a nice stay, you need to buy a roomy tent and give it its features without hassle. This is where Coleman’s Dome tent fits in with its 4 people and 6 people maximum capacity for both Coleman’s 4-person tent version and Coleman’s 6-person tent version, respectively.

To top it off, the tent has interior storage pockets that allow you to keep your accessories and little pieces of stuff.

Zip closure

This feature allows you to go in and come out of your Coleman’s Dome tent freely, and that’s something everyone dreams of having.

Aside from the quick entry and exit, the zipper is strong, and no matter how many times you get in or go out of the tent, the zipper remains in good condition. Sadly, the zipper is not extended across the front door, and that makes the entrance half-opened.

But if the reduced airflow from the front door does bother you, the two windows and the ground vent are for your compensation.

Benefits You’ll Get from Coleman’s Arch Rock Dome Tent

We hope you will be able to deal with the number of people that would want to share your Coleman’s Dome tent with you because the tent is a beauty to behold and does so many wonders. This includes the E-port that allows electrical power inside your tent and the screen room.


Q) I’m five feet nine inches tall, will Coleman’s Dome tent be okay for my height?
A) Coleman’s Dome tent is uniquely designed to accommodate a wide range of heights even when there’s a bed in it. For five feet nine inches tall, Coleman’s Dome tent is a great choice. You can have a look at our reviews of tall camping tents.

Q) Is the price of Coleman’s Dome tent 4 person versions the same as Coleman’s Dome tent 6 person versions?
A) Yes, their prices slightly vary.

Q) Can I allow my dog to sleep inside my Coleman’s Dome tent?
A) The Coleman’s Dome tent is roomy enough to contain four adults, a pair of dogs, and two queen-sized air beds.



Now that I’ve introduced you to Coleman’s Dome tent, you’ve no excuse to have a bad camping experience. The design is excellent and perfect for those who can’t afford to miss a day’s fun outside.

But the bottom line is this. It’s a decent tent, and it’s worth the money.

Happy camping.

Coleman Arch Rock Dome Tent Review


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