Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 Person Tent

Last Updated on May 2, 2022

One of the most weather-resilient 6-person camping tents available in the market is the Flying Diamond 6. This tent is excellent for sleeping, but not so much for lounging. However, the weather-resistant feature along with sturdy and durable construction gives you the assurance that you’ll have a good camping experience.


  • This one is a freestanding tent
  • Two vestibules available in the tent to store your shoes or other items to keep them clean
  • It has two rooms for additional privacy
  • The divider is removable
  • The rainfly is waterproof and covers the whole tent


  • This one is less spacious compared to some other 6 person tents
  • There are no windows available in this tent

Nothing beats a trip like this for bringing a family together and allowing everyone to appreciate the outdoors. Of course, a tent may make or break you in some situations. Cold, Rain, and wind can all ruin a beautiful camping experience within a short period of time. That’s why you need a tent that can fight against the weather.

While we do not believe that the most costly thing is the best, we do believe in purchasing high-quality goods. Many times, we’ve seen folks purchase low-cost tents only to have them come apart inside a year. You’re on the wrong track if your cheap tent doesn’t last the very first camping trip.

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 Person Tent Review At A Glance

This tent is a four-season tent that can accommodate up to six people. This tent is also available in 4-person sizes. A room divider is there, as well as mesh panels for ventilation. You can keep up the rain fly with two trekking poles to keep you out of the sun.

The entire tent is self-supporting, and reflective guylines are included for enhanced visibility at night. Because of the amenities it offers, it’s been labeled a premium tent. It has two doors as well as a vestibule area. The body is made of ripstop polyester (which is breathable), and they used nylon mesh for the windows.

The rain fly is also made of 1500mm ripstop polyester with a polyurethane cover. The flooring material also has a 1500m strong polyester waterproof polyurethane finish.

This tent’s poles are manufactured with cutting-edge technology. They are built to be more durable, allowing the tent to survive longer. They are known scientifically as DAC aluminum, which is lighter and more environmentally beneficial than most other pole systems.

The pole frame is equipped with sleeves as well as plastic clips that allow the tent to be quickly pitched. Every one of the seams has been taped to provide extra rain protection, and they’re made of a waterproof and solvent-free polyurethane that won’t let any rain in.

The carry bag is designed like a briefcase. It features shoulder straps and organizing pockets, making it so much easier to transport, organize your gear, and pack it away quickly.


  • Weight: 18 lbs 2 oz
  • Capacity: 6-person
  • Floor Space: 12.5ft x 6ft
  • Peak Height: 5’ 6”
  • Style: 2 rooms and 2 doors
  • Poles: 4 DAC poles
  • Materials: Polyester Floor, Nylon mesh, and Polyester ripstop walls

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 Tent Review

In this section, you will get the answer as to why you should consider buying or ignore this dome-style tent. We will try to cover every angle related to this product to make the process easier for you.

The Good

1# Very Durable

With this tent, Big Agnes didn’t leave anything out. They used only the best to ensure that it lasts a long time at your service. The fabric they chose is a tough polyester with a thick mesh that hasn’t ripped or snagged yet.

The 6 poles are made of DAC aluminum, while they are not totally expedition worthy, they have so far held up to everything we have thrown at them.

The plastic clips that are used to connect the poles and the tent body are thick and didn’t show any indications of splitting or breaking even after we mistakenly stepped on them a few times.

You should use caution around hot and sharp items, like with any tent, but in the several months we have used it, we observed absolutely no wear or tear.

The tent also has a dome form, which helps to reduce the effect of wind on your tent. But don’t be fooled! This tent has a large profile, and if the winds come up, you’ll need to utilize every available guy line or your poles may bend.

2# Designed To Be Livable

This tent’s design is fantastic. Whoever was the brains behind this must have spent a lot of time trapped inside a tent because they seemed to have thought of almost every possible scenario to make this one as comfortable as possible.

The only reason we won’t rate it as a perfect 10 is because of the back room’s varying height. It’s ideal for a children’s area, but other tents with a consistent height make the tent look like a palace.

3# Perfectly Placed Doors

There are two doors in this tent. They’re both quite enormous. They feature two closure options: you may unzip them to allow air to flow in for ventilation, or you can zip up the polyester layer for privacy — a smart idea when you’re in a crowded campground.

Otherwise, you may simply leave both doors wide open during the day to provide a convenient passageway while allowing as much fresh air into your tent as possible.

4# Room Divider

There is a vestibule room available in the main area for entry with a rain fly that can be held up using 2 trekking poles. That will provide shade from the summer heat and you will have a place to relax too.

In addition, you will get a “fabric wall” that you can use to divide your tent into 2 separate rooms. The smaller room can be used to store gears or the children can make it their kingdom if you have any. In both cases, the room will provide you with additional privacy.

However, if there are exactly six persons camping in it, then a separate room will not be possible. For your convenience, you can easily remove the wall completely in case you don’t need it or want it.

Plus, there are several mesh storage compartments to keep your smaller stuff close to reaching.

5# Weatherproof

The Flying Diamond tent series from Big Agnes particularly shines in this area. It handles rough weather better than most of its competitors. It’s far more difficult to maintain a tent this large, waterproof. However, they have done it and made it a perfect 4 season tent to own.

6# Ventilation

Okay, so the roof of this tent is made up of around 50% mesh material, which allows for stargazing and ventilation.

The wide doors provide even more ventilation throughout the day, and because they’re constructed of mesh, air can still get in even if they’re closed.

To keep yourself protected from rainfall at night, just keep the windows close with the privacy panels and/or use the rain fly. The rain fly has an adjustable vent as well, so it won’t block the air circulation from coming inside the tent.

The Bad

1# Setup Is Not That Simple

If you are an experienced camper, then you might easily understand the functionality of each component and the setup process. But if you are new to this, then you might find the instructions given by the manufacturers a bit tricky to understand.

The best way to avoid such a situation is to try to set up the tent in your backyard rather than directly taking it to the camping spot. That way, you will be able to understand the trick even if it takes a little more time than usual.

2# High Price

This tent is priced higher than most of its competitors so you will have to spend a healthy amount of money on this one. But it satisfies the price tag with its better weatherproof performance compared to the other 6 person tents.


The Flying Diamond 6 is a sturdy, weather-resistant tent that’s ideal for families with little children. It has a unique shape and design, with two chambers of varying sizes. Although it is a more expensive tent, it receives our Top Pick For 6-person Tent Award for the Best Family Tent for Sleeping.

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