Best Wall Tent for Elk Hunting

Last Updated on September 2, 2022

I personally find elk hunting really attractive. It just gives one a good reason to go outdoors, spend a night under the stars, and show off the hunting gear as well as hunt big game.

I understand that hunting elk can be a lengthy process, so arrangement for accommodation is important as well. For elk hunting, I think getting a wall tent is necessary for comfort and safety. 

Therefore, you should get the best wall tent for elk hunting. Here, we’ve picked them for you based on space, ventilation, durability, and price.

Let’s check them out.

Best Wall Tents for Elk Hunting

Finding the ideal wall tent for elk hunting might seem like a difficult task for you, considering all the different models that are currently available. I have identified 4 of the best wall tents for Elk hunting to make this ordeal easier for you. Keep on reading to know more about them!

Elk Mountain Tents Wall Tent


  • Extremely spacious interior for your comfortable stay
  • Sturdy polyester body to withstand adverse weather
  • Heavily fortified corners
  • Totally waterproof and weather-resistant


  • Lack of color options

Where do I even start? Unlike most similar models, you will never have to worry about frequent replacements or extra purchases when using the Elk Mountain Tents Wall Tent. In short, it is the complete package for all your hunting needs. It’s finished with screened windows to make you feel right at home even amidst the forest.

First of all, I would like to go ahead and highlight its build quality. This high-quality tent has a polyester body which makes it highly durable. Its high-quality canvas is extremely lightweight but has an incredible strength of 449 lbs. Therefore, you can sleep soundly once you have set it up. There’s no chance of it falling from high winds.

One of my greatest fears when hunting for elk in the great outdoors is adverse weather conditions. Therefore, I find this product to be beneficial due to its weather-resistant qualities. 

It is completely waterproof, making it the perfect tent for a rainy day. You will be warm and toasty inside without worrying about your equipment getting damp.

In my opinion, the most crucial part of a wall tent’s structure is its corners. They essentially help it maintain shape and remain firmly planted in the ground. I feel particularly confident using this item as the corners are reinforced with double canvas layers with a Velcro and tie contraption to maintain its strength.

I find no major flaws with this camping tent by Elk Mountain. In fact, I believe that no other alternatives can match it in terms of performance. However, my only complaint with it is the lack of aesthetics. There aren’t many color options, and the shape is also generic. 

WHITEDUCK Alpha Canvas Wall Tent


  • The tent comes with all the attachments needed for the complete installation
  • YKK Zippers for secure fastening
  • Sod cloth to lock out moisture
  • Triangular windows for cross-ventilation


  • Loose stove fittings
  • Prone to cosmetic tears

This product might not be as great as the Elk Mountain canvas wall tent, but it makes a close second. The tent comes with all necessary attachments for a full and proper installation. Each purchase comes with a complete frame, a PVC floor, and rafter angle kits. Other than these, it also features all essentials to spare you any extra preparation.

My research shows that longevity and hardiness are some of the hallmarks of this unit. YKK Zippers are integrated into this tent to make it stronger. 

Since this component is military-grade, it combines well with the doors and windows, which feature PVC mesh to prevent tears. An additional extra buckle also helps keep it secure.

Most of the tents I have used or researched for elk hunts are not suitable for prolonged use. The main reason behind this shortcoming is its lack of proper ventilation. 

Therefore, it gets musty and suffocating over time. However, this item has triangular windows with triple layers, providing natural light and air, and keeping the interior fresh.

In my experience, many elk hunting tents seem to focus too much on their sides and don’t put any thought into the floors. In most cases, they don’t come with any, for starters. 

However, this model is exceptional as its base is made from heavyset polyvinyl. Furthermore, a sod cloth is included to prevent the dampness of the wall from affecting your camping experience.

There aren’t any major flaws with this tent other than it needs some modifications and upgrades. You will face difficulties when installing a stove due to the loose fittings. Other than that, it’s a good wall tent in my opinion.

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent 

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent 


  • Despite the amazing features, it’s relatively affordable 
  • Hydra-Shield body to extend the durability of the tent
  • Impressive interior height and can accommodate 1 person
  • Dual doors and expanding flaps


  • Prone to flooding
  • Not resistant to storms

There’s no denying that wall tents can be an expensive investment for yak hunting. Therefore, my third choice is the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent which is the perfect budget purchase. Although it has drastically less space than the Elk Mountain Wall Tent, it is spacious enough to host one person.

Although it is a more low-budget option than most of the models on this list, it spares no expense in durability. The entire body of the tent is made from Hydra-Shield. 

Furthermore, it features a complete cotton build which makes it more durable, water-resistant, and well-ventilated. Even though it might seem cramped, at least it will keep you comfy. 

Another interesting feature I found out while researching about this tent is its storage capacity. Kodiak ensures that this unit can easily contain the equipment of one person alongside them. It has a total height of 6′ 6″ with enough area to move. Moreover, it has two D-shaped doors for you to enter and exit quickly.

Security is an excellent factor in this item. I find this product to be relatively fit for multiple uses. There is no hassle with installing it due to having a flex-bow frame. You can set it up in a few minutes and never have to worry about the structure collapsing. Furthermore, the door flaps are extendable with poles, letting you sit outside below shade.

Similar to most budget options, I found some significant flaws with this tent. Poor longevity is the most cardinal one, with it being highly prone to flooding and storms. Therefore, look for clear weather before deciding to go hunting with it.

Playdo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

Playdo 4-Season Cotton Canvas Bell Tent


  • Attractive and unique tent design
  • Long cable inlet for simple electricity integration
  • Ample ventilation inside the tent
  • Can house up to 10 people


  • Water may seep inside
  • Uncomfortable stove flap position

A lot of you might be wondering why my list has tents with generic designs only. Well, the final product I have selected is the perfect option for those of you looking for aesthetic canvas tents. The Playdo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Tent resembles the ones you will find at a carnival, letting you stand out beautifully.

Something that I found to be unique about this product is its easy electricity integration. Unlike most alternatives, you won’t have to make adjustments when bringing in a power source inside. You will easily insert an air conditioner into it as it has a 15cm long cable inlet.

Similar to an air conditioner, various facilities within this camp can help you insert more convenient appliances inside it. This unit has a 5-inch diameter on the upper part of the canvas instead of the sides. Therefore, it’s easier to expel smoke outside. When you’re not using it, you can also use straps to cover that portion.

An excellent factor I found out about this tent is its massive capacity. It can easily accommodate up to 10 people to sleep comfortably. Furthermore, it has multiple vents and windows throughout its body for proper air circulation and comfortable use. Lastly, it can easily be packed into a carry bag, making it highly portable.

Although this product is quite nifty, it does have some noticeable flaws. The most glaring issue is the fact that water tends to seep in through its walls. Therefore, it’s best not to remain inside it for long when it’s raining.


If it isn’t obvious, my choice for the best wall tent for elk hunting goes to Elk Mountain Tents Wall Tent. The reasoning behind this decision is quite simple, although the other alternatives have a few unique properties, they can’t match in terms of performance. In short, this product is the one I will blindly rely on whenever I am out hunting.

Best Wall Tent for Elk Hunting
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