Nissan Titan Truck Tents – Top 5 Picks

Last Updated on January 20, 2023

Top Pick: Kodiak Canvas

If you are looking for a Truck Tent for Your Nissan Titan and you don’t have the time to shop around then just go for this one. Overall its performance and build quality are better than most others.

Which camping tent goes best with that Nissan Titan of yours? We can help you figure it out. In our selection of the finest truck tents, you will find both comfort and quality.

With the help of this article, you will be able to compare the most essential qualities in a truck tent and therefore choose the right one.

We will also tell you which one is the best truck tent for nissan titan. Keep reading to find which one is our favorite of the lot!

5 Best Truck Tent for Nissan Titan

Below, we’ve provided an in-depth analysis of our recommended picks for you. Read on to know more about them.

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent Review


  • Composed of one-hundred percent cotton duck canvas that is substantial and comfortable.
  • Hydra-shield canvas is long-wearing and completely waterproof.
  • Well-suited with car models like Nissan Titan, Ford’s F-series, and other contemporary GMC and Chevy models.
  • It has an impressive height limit of 5 feet with a burrow-shaped layout to increase the internal space.
  • The space of the interior can be increased by keeping the tailgate down.
  • There is enough storage to place all your equipment as there are two gear pockets.
  • The tent consists of a sizeable door with top-quality zippers from YKK Fastening.
  • Steel-made poles are lightweight yet sturdy enough to place the tent firmly.
  • A good number of windows (five) ensure the tent remains well-ventilated.
  • Able to hold up in most adverse weather conditions.


  • Setting the tent up without any external help can be quite difficult in the first few attempts.
  • It cannot withstand heavy snowfall.

Kodiac Canvas has made quite a reputation among tent companies. Years of top-notch service have earned them an increasing number of new and returning customers. Even if the price is a little higher than the direct competitors, the product itself is always worth the splurge.

Ideal for those who like hiking and truck tent camping, this bed tent is reliable in most conditions and regions. Even the quality of the incorporated parts from other brands (for example, the zipper) is kept in check. Users have reviewed this as one of the most robust tents out there since it hardly gets damaged or ripped.

Sometimes, the materials of canvas tents are so thick that the atmosphere becomes stuffy. For this product, the super-strong hydra-shield stays dry even under heavy rain and does not cause any form of discomfort.

With impressive dimensions and negligible downsides, this tent is well-rounded and functional enough to be considered. If you want something of premium quality for your next truck camping trip, you should give this a try.

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent Review


  • Although the tent is marketed as a “short bed,” it caters to a variety of sizes in that range. 
  • Instead of half-measured doors, this tent has a swift passage in the form of a full door.
  • Available in a few attractive colors – Green, Grey, and Beige. 
  • Compatible with vehicles that have bed liners and toolboxes.
  • Has above 5.6 feet of maximum height limit and a large inner space.
  • Double layers rainfly ensure protection from rain, snow, wind, bugs, etc.
  • Fits most light-duty trucks and comes with a computability-testing size chart to make it easier for you to compare.
  • This is the sole tent in the market that comes with an entire floor, helping to keep your vehicle neat and safeguarded.
  • Setting up is quite easy since the construction follows an easily distinguishable color code.
  • Composing material polyester keeps the overall weight of the tent pretty low.


  • Securing parts (pole, pole sleeves, etc.) are not of the best quality and are prone to ripping.

Easy setup and colorful look – these are the two highlights of this Napier tent. However, if you delve deep into its specifications, you will figure out that it has many other strengths.

With over 5.6 feet height, this one is quite spacious and makes the stay comfortable for its number of occupants (two, ideally). It is easy to mount and install. The different colors used not only contribute to the appeal but also ensure a smooth setup.

One of the biggest plus points of this tent is how less its weight is. It is clearly one of the most lightweight tents in the market. When a tent weighs less, it makes the movement of the vehicle easier and decreases the chances of the tent collapsing.

If you are trying out tents for the first time, this beginner-friendly tent is right up your alley.

Rightline Gear 110750 Full-Size Short Truck Bed Review


  • This tent does not bear any floor. While it significantly reduces the duration of setting up, it deters full protection of the tent.
  • It has a noteworthy size range with both short and long beds, extending from 5.5 feet to 8 feet.
  • The edges of the tent are secured with tape, and the fabric is waterproof.
  • Buckles in the tent are made of extremely robust material (nylon).
  • Offers a better supply of light and air through its sky-view vent.
  • The poles and pole sleeves have different colors, making it easier for the user to identify and place them.
  • Two available gear pockets offer plenty of storage to safeguard your belongings.
  • The tent straps are long-wearing, strong, and reliable.
  • It has phosphorescent (objects that glow in the dark) zipper sliders.
  • Net-style windows allow proper ventilation and protection at the same time.


  • The zippers are prone to splitting.
  • Since there is no floor, the vehicle does not get optimum protection. 

Not having the floor has its merits as well as demerits. While the setup will be faster, the vehicle will accumulate dirt. Two fully grown adults can occupy the tent and enjoy a clear sky view.

Other than the color-matched poles and sleeves, the provided setup manual will also help one to install the tent. Beginner-level campers and hikers will love this for how easy it is to use. The tent also comes with a rainfly. That means no unwanted dirt or fly will come your way. 

The quality of the other materials, however, is questionable. For example, the zipper and the pole are of inferior quality. However, the brand does provide a decent warranty to back up its claims.

A lot of users don’t bother about the floor in a tent. This one is a great option for you if you belong to that category of users.

Sportz Truck Tent Review


  • The blue and gray colors in the tent make up for a sleek design.
  • It is the sole truck tent in the market that comes with a stitched-in floor.
  • The maximum height limit of the tent is 5.6 feet, which is in the middle range.
  • There are three net-style windows, two ceiling vents, and a large entrance passage in it.
  • Comes with a rainfly, the cornered edges of the tent are secured with the help of tape.
  • All the mesh windows and the large doorway contain storm flaps.
  • There are strap guards and extendable pouches in the tent. These pouches contribute to the storage.
  • The poles and pole pockets are colored, making it easier for the user to set the tent up.
  • There is an optional canopy that can provide shade and protection.


  • Tents poles are a bit long, which makes the installation a bit tough.


While we’re looking for the best Nissan titan truck tent, there’s another popular truck tent from Napier. To begin with, the Napier Sportz Truck Tent has an interesting feature. You can directly access the inner space of your vehicle as well as the electric receptacle connections using the access panel in the back.

Another notable feature of this tent is its stitched-in floor, one of the few in the market to have so. If someone is suffering from breathing difficulties, this one is an ideal tent for them. In terms of ventilation, it is of superior grade. It has plenty of passageways (vent, windows, etc.) for air to pass swiftly.

You can choose to have an added canopy with the tent. This canopy will protect you from the sun and rain. For storage, there are some unique, extendable bags. All in all, this is quite a remarkable tent and definitely worth checking out!

Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent Review


  • The price is quite affordable for a full-sized tent.
  • Net-style windows ensure the interior remains well-ventilated and protected from external objects.
  • Although the door is a tilted “D” shaped, it is large enough to ensure hassle-free entrance.
  • The floor is stitched in, making the setup exponentially faster.
  • Includes high-performance storage bags that are portable and waterproof.
  • It can fit most of the full-sized beds available.
  • Incorporates a height limit of 5.25 feet, which is above average in tents.
  • Includes a full rain cover.
  • Made of high-grade polyester with a minimum level waterproof coating.
  • Includes poles made of sturdy fiberglass and tie-down straps.


  • Some of the parts, including the poles and the rainfly, are of subpar quality.


Most of the qualities of this tent are similar to the other ones in this list. What sets this one apart is its lucrative price point. At quite an inexpensive price, it offers most of the benefits that higher-end products are offering.

It is one of the few quality truck tents out there that has sewn-in flooring. Not having flooring is a two-way thing. While it decreases setup time, the interior bears the price by having to welcome pollution. A sewn-in floor is a perfect solution to this since you can both protect your interior and save time using it.

Other noteworthy inclusions are mesh windows, tie-down straps, and rain cover. Users love this tent for its ability to fit large-sized beds. Although it fits large beds, the tent itself does not weigh much. It is easy to carry and install. Besides, it is also compatible with a lot of popular pickup truck models.

According to our research, this is the best-budget tent on the entire list. Get this if you are looking for something affordable!


We extensively researched before approving one tent as the best truck tent for Nissan Titan. And we have a clear winner – the Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent!

With their strong build, comfort-inducing aspects, and superior accessories, these truck tents are perfect in every sense. Kodiak canvas has only used the finest materials to build their tent. Yes, it is a bit on the higher end, but this tent is worth every penny.

Best truck tent for Nissan titan
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