Best Tents for Philmont Camping in 2023

Last Updated on January 20, 2023

Philmont provides the MSR Thunder Ridge tent that is good enough to get the job done.

However, it’s not like you must have to use that tent and don’t have permission to use your own.

The MSR Thunder Ridge tent has some downsides like it’s not too light. Moreover, it’s not your tent. So, you get to wash it before turning it on, and you have to return it clean and in good condition. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the damage. All these could make life uncomfortable, no doubt.

To avoid all those, it’s a good idea to use your tent that is suitable for Philmont.

In this write-up, I’ve listed some of the best tents for Philmont that should provide the necessary benefits required for Philmont Scout Ranch. Above all, it’s going to be your tent. So, you don’t have to be worried about returning it in perfect condition and all other buggings.

So, let’s learn about the highs and lows of three such backpacking tents for Philmont.

Philmont Camping Tents Reviewed

1. MSR HUBBA HUBBA NX Backpacking Tent


  • It’s pretty lightweight, hence easy to carry along.
  • Solid two-person tent
  • It features two doors that help both the campers go out of the tent effortlessly from their side.
  • Durable and provides good value for the money.
  • Easy and quick setup and takedown process.
  • It features large enough vestibules to keep belongings there.
  • It’s a free-standing tent similar to the PhilTent (MSR Thunder Ridge).
  • The oversized compression bag lets you pack the tent loosely.
  • You will be getting sufficient airflow inside.
  • A quality rainfly comes with the kit.


  • A bit pricey. However, the quality justifies the bill.
  • It should have come with a footprint at this price range.

MSR is a well-known brand for making quality backpacking tents. No wonder this very model shines in quality, and it’s quite effective for Philmont Scout Ranch.

The tent weight is one of the most applauded aspects of this unit, and it’s lightweight, which sets it apart from the MSR Thunder Ridge tent that Philmont provides.

Its capacity is another praiseworthy aspect, I must say. Almost every tent in this world except for this one can lodge one person less than its claimed tent capacity. Whereas, this particular 2-person tent can accommodate two persons quite comfortably.

It shouldn’t take more than 6 minutes for a single person to set this unit up. It’s just a process of dealing with the tent poles and grommets to hook the tent in a quick time. Attaching the rainfly is not an uphill task either.

All in all, this one is quite a handy-dandy tent for Philmont because you will be carrying it on the trail and, of course, the ease of setup and its quality, usability, etc.

2. Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo Ultralight Tent Review


  • A super lightweight tent which is something anyone desires more than anything else for the Philmont trail.
  • It offers two huge vestibules on each side.
  • This tent shines in controlling the condensation smarter than any other option.
  • It’s a super long tent. Even someone who is 7′ tall would find it comfortable lying down on the tent floor.
  • This tent offers abundant headroom as well.
  • Dual entry makes it comfortable for both the campers to go out at night.
  • It’s a freestanding tent similar to the MSR tent provided by Philomont.
  • Enough ventilation inside.
  • The price is a bargain.


  • Although setting up this tent is simple, the procedure is different from other standard tents. So, you have to learn to set up this unit first before you go on the trail.
  • No pockets or gear slings inside like other options.
  • You have to seal the seams yourself or pay the company extra for doing that.
  • No stakes come with the purchase. You have to buy them separately.

Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo tent is particularly made to carry along while trekking. The weight, space, and everything are perfectly poised to provide the required benefits for trekking.

Regarding the design, it’s very basic. With that said, it does what it is supposed to do pretty well.

It’s a two-person tent and probably one of the biggest two-person tents out there. Space is something that would come in handy to stay comfortable with other belongings.

Considering the price and usability, I believe you won’t regret giving it a try. It’s quite effective and creatively built for the hikers,

3. Naturehike Mongar Backpacking Tent Review


  • Multiple colors are readily available.
  • Setting up this tent or taking it down is pretty straightforward.
  • It comes with a tent footprint.
  • Lengthwise, it’s quite big enough for people like 5’10”.
  • It’s compact and lightweight.
  • Sufficient ventilation inside.
  • The price is quite acceptable.


  • The plastic buckle that is used to attach the rainfly would have been sturdier.
  • Although it’s a 2-person tent, keeping other camping gear is difficult if more than one person stays in it.
  • The footprint that comes with the purchase is slightly larger than the tent bottom.

This particular Mongar tent is well built with quality materials and quite useful for Philmont Scout Ranch, considering its weight, ease of use, and other benefits. 

You will be getting everything with the purchase, including stakes, poles, and all those. The stakes are ok, but a bit tiny, and you might want to replace the stakes with some better ones.

The setup process takes about 5-6 minutes for one person and about 2-3 minutes for two people. The rainfly fits well, and it’s quite handy in keeping the inside dry.

Overall, this tent performs pretty well, and it’s almost a replica of the MSR HUBBA HUBBA except for the ability to lodge two persons. But you are getting this tent for almost a third of the price.


If budget is not an issue and you want the best backpacking tent for Philmont, get the MSR Hubba Hubba tent. The Naturehike Mongar is pretty similar to the Hubba Hubba tent but costs lower. Both of these are lightweight.

However, if you want one of the basic tents that is super spacious for two persons and ultra-lightweight, go for the Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo tent.

Philmont Tent

Philmont Tent FAQ

What tents does Philmont use?
The MSR Thunder Ridge Tent is mostly used for Philmont. This tent is specifically designed for Philmont Scout Ranch.

Can you bring your own tent to Philmont?
Yes, you can bring your own tent to the campgrounds. However, you need to make sure that it meets the minimum standards. For example, you cannot bring any type of inflatable tent. Also, you should check the size of the tent as it must fit within the dimensions of the campsite.

How heavy are Philmont tents?
The Thunder ridge Philmont tent weighs around 6 pounds. They are not too light but you can carry them around easily.

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