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Last Updated on January 20, 2023

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Coleman Cabin Tent

If you are looking for a tent for desert camping and you don’t have the time to shop around then just go for this one. Overall its build quality and performance are better than most others.
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When you’re camping outdoors, the thing that protects you from the sun, rain, and wind is the tent. Maybe in the jungle and other places like such, you might be able to do without it, but you will need the best tents for desert camping.

There isn’t anything else that you can find to make a roof over your head there.

And you don’t want to be lying in the open desert. The night can get real cold, the sand storms can start any time, and the heat in the morning can burn the flesh like a steak in a hot pan.

This is why you need a tent. But which one? That’s what you’re about to find out in our best tents for desert camping review.

Best Tents for Desert Camping Reviews

Picking a tent isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of work. You’ve got to look into the size, the material, and many other intricate but vital aspects to make the best choice. Not everyone has the time or the patience to do such a thing. That’s where this list of best desert camping tent comes to help you out in the search.

1. Coleman Cabin Tent

To camp with your family, you can trust the Coleman tent. This 4-person tent got enough room for a small family with ease.

Made using 150D polyester, the tent material isn’t going to tear up that easily. But most importantly, it gives you a safe haven to stay. No matter the weather, the WeatheTec system ensures that the tent will keep you dry as nothing gets past those polyester fabrics.

Plus, the patented corner welds and seams make sure to keep the water out to keep the floors dry inside the tent. Another aspect that makes the Coleman so popular among desert campers is how quickly you can set it up in seconds.

But for me, the real standout feature is the darkroom technology which can keep 90% of the sunlight from coming inside the tent. So, even if the scorching desert sun is shining bright outside, you won’t feel that from inside it. Also, it reduces heat buildup.

Along with all that, the Coleman instant tent comes with a nice storage bag. So, you can pack those poles and tents quickly and carry them anywhere in the world.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy setup
  • All-weather resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with a bag


  • The zipper isn’t the best


2. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent Deluxe

Kodiak Flex Bow Deluxe Tent

Some tents are good for camping in warm weather. Some are good in cold conditions. But Kodiak Canvas tent is one such exception that works well in any situation you put it through,

When you go out with a big group, usually you need a couple of tents. That means double the work and more weight to carry for you. That problem gets solved with the Flex-Bow as it can fit 8 people at once.

But it is the marine-grade cotton canvas fabric of the tent that really turns the head around. You won’t find many such fine woven tents that are not only durable but quite breathable too. It lets the hot air pass through it, and the cool one comes in to maintain a pleasant climate inside the teepee. But only the air comes through it.

The watertight material won’t let the rainwater come in even if it pours heavily & the Hydra-shield canvas prevents sand and dust from coming in.

The durable duck canvas material provides protection from extreme weather conditions.

Its naturally breathable fabric not only just stays cooler, but also it stays darker in direct sunlight comparing synthetic tents.

You can’t help but adore the room it offers for the people. With a 6-foot 6-inch ceiling height, you won’t have to bend down and walk when you’re inside the tent. And with two D-shaped doors at front and back, coming and going out from it has never been a much more comfortable tent. Even you got many windows with mesh that let the airflow going without allowing in the insects.

The Kodiak Canvas Tent is worth looking at for sure.


  • Good capacity
  • Made with durable hydra-shield 100% cotton duck canvas
  • Waterproof
  • Perfect for all-weather
  • Good ceiling height


  • Too heavy


3. Coleman Dome Tent for Camping

Coleman Dome Tent for Camping

The dome shape tent from Coleman is one of their most iconic camping gear that has been there for a long time. It has that right mix of luxury with the bare minimum styling that many users like. You should consider this tent if you want the best budget tent.

Even before getting into the details, the first thing about the classic dome that you would love is the color. It looks stunning.

Though the reason to love it is its durability. This thing gets made to keep the water out, no matter the condition. The welded corners with those inverted seams works wonder in doing that. To add to that, you get a nice rainfly on top that adds a bit of extra protection.

For those windy nights in the desert, you can live in your tent without any worry as the tent’s frame is solid enough to hold the tent against 35+ mph breezes. E-ports are something that you will love. This ingenious idea makes it easy for you to run down the wires into the tent without any problem.

Plus, you get the typical Coleman stuff that you come to love. So, yes, it’s roomy, and the darkroom technology of this tent is also up for grabs under the dome.


  • Spacious
  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof tent
  • Good airflow


  • The tent’s coating peels off fast.


4. QOMOTOP Camping Tents

QOMOTOP Camping Tent

For some privacy within the tent, you should go for the QOMOTOP. This one is a spacious tent that can make room for a lot of people. There is a divider that gives you the luxury to have separate spaces within the tent.

What makes it stand out is the quick setup feature of this tent. With those telescopic poles, you need 60 seconds to get this thing up. If you are looking for the best lightweight tent for desert camping, QOMOTOP is the perfect tent, they don’t add real weight while you travel.

One thing that makes the tent unique is the interior. There are small storage units all around to keep your items organized. On top of that, with plenty of mesh windows and the removable top roof, you can get a clear view of the outside without ever getting out of it.

The ground venting system is a real game-changer here as it improves the ventilation with those mesh roofs and windows. Not to forget, you get a top-rainfly to keep the water coming inside the tent.

No surprise, it’s a top pick among most campers.


  • Great ventilation
  • Rain fly included
  • Quick setup
  • Super Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Zipper opening doesn’t work smoothly.


5. ALPS Mountaineering Taurus

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4 Person Tent

To enjoy living outdoors under the stars in the middle of the desert, take the ALPS with you if you want a perfect tent. Aesthetically it is one of the best tents for desert camping. And it’s quite spacious too.

Like the rest, this one is also quite easy to set up since all these poles make the work a child’s play. Though the bars are lightweight, they will keep the tent up even in crazy windy conditions.

The insulating canvas also assures you to keep warm on cold nights. While it can withstand rain, dew, and any other moisture source that might come in while camping. Indeed, this product has a polyester flysheet that’s impenetrable.

And when it comes to practicality, there is a loft storage option for you to enjoy. Also, doors at both ends show the tent got designed, keeping the user’s comfort in mind. The mesh windows on the doors are especially quite practical when you need to let the air come in but can’t afford to welcome mosquitoes alongside it.

The rainfly it offers isn’t like any of the other desert tents you find in the market. Like the tent, the fly also gets made using high-quality polyester. The fabric is great for keeping the water out; with the coating on top, it resists it even better. Now, most flys are for more to entice the buyer, where this one will really protect you from the conditions. So, that’s an addition that makes a difference.


  • Durable tent
  • Usable rainfly
  • Lightweight pole
  • Fast setup
  • Lots of space


  • It doesn’t hold heat well.


6. Dome Camping Tent

Dome Camping Tent

The camping tent from Vidalido isn’t like anything else you’ve seen so far. The conical shape looks quite unique. But what truly surprises you is the amount of living space you get inside it. At least, 4-people can live in that four-person tent at once without any problem.

Even the ceiling height it offers is impressive as you won’t have to walk around trying to avoid hitting the roof. One thing that I loved the most is the tent material. It is thick enough to give you privacy from people outside.

And the construction of it is another thing the tipi wins over the consumers. The anti-tear 190T polyester with the 150D Oxford fabric will last a lifetime. It won’t tear that easily. Even the poles you got here are free from rusting. The structure won’t topple down like those cheaper desert tents on the market.

That’s not it. The ventilation is also top-notch. There are windows and doors with mesh structures to ensure the breeze comes in the tent to keep you cool while stopping insects from coming in. Also, you can enjoy the night view quite nicely.

Plus, if you want to get ready for a party, you get some decorations like a flag and other stuff with it. So, you can get in the mood right away.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Durable build
  • Quick setup
  • Party theme decorations


  • Not the best-looking one.



Finding the best tent for desert camping isn’t that hard. I won’t say that it is something unattainable if you try it on your own. But knowing what to look for is essential. And also you’ve got to examine every tent for those features.

It can be really tiresome.

That’s why I’ve come with the best tents for desert camping right here. Just go through them and find the right option. And if you still can’t make the decision thinking there are too many options, then go for something like the Kodiak. It has room for many people, and it works great in all conditions. You can’t ask much more than that.

Or play safe and go with the best budget option, the Coleman cabin tent or dome tent. These tent brands have a reputation for putting out products that are better than most. And the gears for campers out here are the same. They are practical, easy to use, and most importantly, reliable tents.

Just pick one and start having fun!


How to Choose a Desert Camping Tent

Durable sew-in floor

While purchasing a desert tent, at first, you should think about a tent with a floor that is sewn in. Because it will keep the spider, snakes, and scorpions out and will make sure that there is nothing dangerous that you can find in your desert.

Without it, It is better to bring a tent that has some ventilation along with a mesh wall where you can keep your stuff inside and again sealed if possible.

Sand, wind, and dustproof

Well, it is always better to keep all the possible things in your consideration and then find solutions. As a part of this, you should find a tent that is sand, wind, and dustproof.

It may happen that while camping you can expect sand storm. For this, make sure that the tent you are bringing has solid windows that can keep your tent protected from the blowing sand.

Without it, strong winds are also an issue that you need to pay attention to. Your tent for desert should hold strong and durable steel poles. The poles will keep your tent away from snapping and bending and can stand against more than 35 miles per hour strong winds. However, there is another way to be protected from desert winds. You can arrange a windbreaker that will work as an extra layer of protection.

Apart from that, there is a small issue you need to pay heed to. Most of the tents you see in the market hold solid windows are tunnel tents. This type of tent is not freestanding. If you planning to camp down this route, then at first make sure that you can securely stake them down.

Lastly, it is always recommended to pitch your tent next to a mountain as the mountain will work as a wind blocker. You will have an extra layer of protection.

Tent type

Well, the tent type that is best for desert camping trips actually depends on several factors like where you will be camping, what’s the weather condition, and how long you will be staying. However, considering all the above-mentioned factors, the high-quality canvas tent is considered the best tent type for desert camping trip. This type of tent is heavy and can stand against harsh conditions like dust storms and extreme winds.

Without it, the canvas tents have the ability to regulate the temperatures. As a result, you will feel cool during the day and also warm while it is at night. It is better to keep some extra pieces of tent stakes with you so that you can secure your tent. Whatsoever, the popular tent type for desert camping is:

  • Canvas bell tent
  • Canvas tent
  • Shift Pod tent
  • 4-season tent

Extra-long stakes

It is always better and recommended to bring some extra tent stakes with you depending on the tent type you are bringing and the conditions of the weather. Thus, you will find your tent is secured on the ground.

This trick works better, especially if you have a heavy tent or a tent that is not freestanding and if the sand of the desert is soft. If your tent is not strong enough then there is a possibility that heavy wind can blow over and damage it. So, isn’t it better to think about these things early before going on camping in the desert?


A breathable tent is always recommended while on desert camping. If the day is hot extremely, then there should be a way of flowing fresh air through the tent in order to keep your tent inside cool. Without it, there are also a few advantages like decreasing condensation.

  • Vents: Does not matter which type of tent you are bringing, there should be enough ventilation like floor and roof vents. The canvas tent I have talked about above is really breathable.
  • Mesh: You will find some tents in the market that will allow you to take off the outer rainfly or panoramic mesh walls and also the roof. However, you need to be careful while taking off them.
  • Windows and doors: You will find the breathable tent doors and windows are good in the daytime also.
  • Folding sides: You will be allowed to roll the wall side up halfway in order to let the air circulation through the tent.

Durable materials

Obviously, you will be wishing your tent for desert camping to be a long-lasting tent. For that, your tent materials need to be durable. If your desert tent has thick and durable materials, then it will help your tent to stay longer with you. Without it, a tent that is made from durable materials is supposed to stand strongly against wind and heavy rainfall. So, invest a bit to get a high-quality tent that is made from durable materials.

Regulator of tempareture

A tent that is breathable will help to regulate the temperature. However, with this, you may feel scorching hot when it is day and very cold at night time. You need a tent that will keep you cool in the daytime and also warm while it is at night. The canvas tent has a good reputation for this.

Space and head height

Comfort is a thing with which you will not want to make any compromise. So, your desert tent should have a spacious interior enough to accommodate you and your family. A proper center height and a good head clearance are a must while desert camping. So, pay heed to these issues to make your desert camping experience the best.

Last thoughts

In a nutshell, your tent should be good enough to gift you the best experience while camping in the desert. For this, you just need to keep the focus on some factors. Make sure that the tent you are bringing is breathable, made of quality and durable materials, dust, wind, and water-resistant. Your comfort needs to be ensured always.

FAQs About Tents For Desert Camping

How to pitch a tent in the sand?

To pitch a tent in sand, long & wide stakes are needed. Stakes having a size of 2/3 feet are perfect for pitching as they will ensure firm security in rough weather conditions.

Pitching a tent in the sand is as same as pitching in any other terrain. You just have to put the stakes down in the sand. Go deeper & level the stakes.

How can I keep my tent cool while it is night?

The windows and doors of your tent play a vital role here. You should try to bring a tent that holds a window with mesh. It will allow the air to be in and will create ventilation. Without it, you can use a reflective tarp over your tent for deflecting sun rays if your tent does not hold one.

What is the way to be relaxed in extremely hot temperatures?

At first, there should be a good amount of airflow in your tent. You can bring a tent that holds windows and also reflective fabrics. However, most desert camping tents block out desert heat, direct sunlight, and UV rays.

Does it take longer to set up a tent in the sand?

Yes. It takes longer to set up a tent in the sand because the ground is uneven and it’s difficult for stakes to be driven all the way in.

Are Canvas Tents Better For Desert Camping?

Canvas tents are often a better option for desert camping as they are designed to be resistant to cactus blades.

How can I prevent the sand that coming in?

Well, you will find some tent holds fabric that is protected from sand and dust penetration. You can go for that. Without it, a tent with mesh will also work fine. A solid tent is good too but you will face an airflow problem with them.

Does the color of my tent really matter?

Yes, if it is daytime. Because the dark materials are used to absorb the heat and make the tent inside hot. The light color is good for day time. However, if you are talking about the night, then there is nothing that color can make an impact.

Best Tents for Desert Camping

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