Best Tent for River Rafting

Last Updated on September 3, 2022

As a long-term purchase, your river rafting tent must facilitate make your experience comfortable and enjoyable!

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, we are here to make the selection process easier for you. By reading our reviews on the top river rafting tents, you will be able to delve deep into the essentials and compare them. We chose our picks based on materials, weather resistance, and capacity. 

If you’re curious to know which one we name the best tent for river rafting, keep reading!

Best Tent for River Rafting

Let’s get to know the options that we’ve brought here for you.

MSR Family-Tents Habitude


  • Sturdy and capacious enough for 4 or 6 people
  • Spacious sidewalls and a high roof make inside movement more convenient
  • There is a wide pocket door that allows you to enter and exit easily
  • Branded stainless steel zippers provide an easy closing facility
  • Porchlight incorporated within the tent ensures safe movement in the darkness
  • Separate storage spaces are allocated for each resident
  • Well-calculated placement of the structural web allows proper airflow
  • Comprises a variety of tent accessories as well as essentials
  • The well-built tent offers strong resistance to unfavorable weather
  • Extremely lightweight with only a 12-pound weight
  • Easy to install and manage


  • Tent poles are designed to hit each other

MSR Family tents are well known for their ability to last long, fight against the weather, and make the stay comfortable for their inhabitants. The name “Habitude” gives a sense of hospitality that the brand tries to deliver in its product as well.

With its Mesh style design, the Habitude 4 is an extremely spacious and well-measured tent. All the inmates can freely move in and about. Both the 4-person and 6-person tents are equally roomy. Two beautiful color combinations are available for the tents – blue and red & white and red.

One of the highlights of this tent is its inbuilt porch, which saves the hassle and expenditure of getting a separate one. However, you will have to get the batteries separately. As for the other accessories, the tent is well-equipped with a full-coverage rain fly, tent poles, bags, etc.

Although the tent poles are made of robust material, their positioning is disadvantageous. But this is a small downside for such a good quality tent. All in all, this one is an excellent tent for rafting.

Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent


  • Has an extremely short, single-minute setup duration
  • Includes an electrical outlet inside the tent to charge devices
  • Proper ventilation is ensured by windows and an advanced mesh system
  • Dividers within the tent ensure the privacy of all inhabitants
  • Tent wall storage options keep the floor clean and organized
  • One of the most commodious tents in this range
  • Vents are present both on the ground and the roof
  • The removable rainfly offers rain shelter and the option to enjoy the view
  • Built with water-resistant materials that have a unique gas detection technology
  • Suitable for beginners due to ease of setup and management


  • The poles and zippers are of subpar quality

Core is a tent brand that has established its reputation by never compromising on quality. This tent lives up to that reputation because of how accommodating it is.

Let’s start with its super speedy installation feature. There’s a reason this tent is called an “instant tent.” Since the poles in this tent are attached beforehand, you will be able to install the tent within no time. If you are a beginner who struggles to set up a tent, this is a great option for you.

Organization can get a little tough in this one. But you will be able to arrange your belongings neatly for the dividers. Moreover, there is an inbuilt plug point where you can charge your devices. For all that it offers, this product also comes at a great price.

Easy installation, ample space, and resourceful features – what more do you need? Considering all things, this tent is a winning product that you won’t regret getting for river rafting trips.

Kelty Grand Mesa Backpacking Tent (2020 Update)

Kelty Grand Mesa Backpacking Tent


  • The newly updated version includes improved features for a better camping experience
  • The edges of the entrance are completely taped
  • Newly added “Kelty Quick Corners” grant an easier installation
  • Inventive storage bag assures hassle-free packing as well as storage
  • Clip and fly additions come in selective colors to make the setup easier
  • The fabric used is extremely high-standard and resists harsh conditions
  • Freestanding system allows users to shift the tent according to their convenience
  • For a 2-person tent, it hosts a pretty spacious interior
  • Considering all its properties, the tent is quite budget-friendly
  • The rainfly ensures protection against rain, sunlight, and unwanted intrusions
  • Plenty of pockets and an extra gear loft help in well-arranged storage


  • Relatively heavy even compared to 4-person tents
  • Does not have a very high ceiling

Kelty has done a great job at upgrading this roomier tent by adding new, innovative features. This latest 2020 model is packed with all the contemporary essentials – and much more!

Probably the very first thing you will notice about this tent is how lightweight it is. The polyester fabric material of the tent is smooth and thin, warranting a breathable atmosphere.

Although ventilation isn’t a problem, the movement is slightly difficult as there is only one door. Since there are only two occupants, this should not be a major problem.

In the updated version, you will get three new benefits. Firstly, your poles will remain secured during the entire setup. Secondly, you will attain a better, well-protected vestibule. And finally, you will find a resourceful bag to carry and store your things.

Not all brands update their products to meet the ever-changing customer demands. For the dedication shown by the brand alone, this one can be considered one of the best river rafting tents.

Bottom Line

All the three tents we talked about have remarkable qualities. So which tent should you buy for your next river rafting trip

According to us, the best tent for river rafting among all was the Core 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent. This tent excels in terms of performance, durability, and systematic installation. All the benefits added with its amazing price tag make this tent so lucrative. If you have to choose one, this should be your go-to tent for river rafting trips!

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