Best Tent for Mt Rainier

Last Updated on September 2, 2022

A trip to Mt Rainier is on most camper and hiker’s to-do lists. While surviving on Mt Rainier is comparatively easy, having fun and enjoying the camping experience is different. 

Needless to say, only the best tent for Mt Rainier will be able to provide the best camping experience. To help you out, we have picked our recommendations based on factors such as capacity, waterproof rating, materials, and ease of installation.

So, read on to find your ideal pick.

Best Tent for Mt Rainier

Let’s get to know what these products have to offer. We’ll also discuss their strong and weak points in the reviews.

1. Naturehike Cloud Lightweight Backpacking Tent 

This 3-season tent can house up to 2 people. It’s an ultimate backpacking tent that will let you set up a camp in any temperature and terrain, making it perfect for places like Mount Rainier. 

It’s one of the lightest tents that you can buy right now. The tent alone weighs 3.1 pounds, without the accessories. This is surprising given the high quality of the tent. The fabric is 20D polyester and comes with a rain fly and a bathtub with PU 4000 coating. 

These aren’t just firm but are waterproof as well. Thanks to the amazing fabric quality, you’ll be able to camp even in the harshest weather conditions without being overwhelmed. The fabric is rip-stop, which means they’re very durable. 

Besides that, it also offers reliable and smooth YKK dual zippers known for quality performance, mesh interior pockets for storing your belongings, lightweight yet firm structure, and full coverage rain-fly. 

As for the drawbacks, it’s not a four-season tent, meaning it can’t handle winter very well. So, if you’re planning on your Mt Rainier trip in the winter, this won’t be the appropriate choice. 

Another problem with this tent concerns its dimensions. The tent is spacious enough for one but might get a bit snug while fitting two people into it. If you can live with your flaws, this is one of the best tents for you. 


  • 20D polyester fabric with PU4000 coating makes it weatherproof and durable
  • Smooth YKK dual zippers won’t fail you even in harsh conditions 
  • Tent alone weighs only 3.1lbs, making it one of the lightest 
  • Rain-fly offers full coverage from the rain 


  • Would’ve been better if it were a four-season tent for better weatherproofing
  • Two-person version may be a bit snug for two

2. Camppal 1 Person Tent 

Next up, we have this 1 person tent from Camppal. This one costs almost half of the one we looked into previously. Despite being the cheaper option, it offers some solid advantages over the previous one, but it won’t be appropriate for two.

The major advantage of this tent is that it’s a four-season tent, meaning that you’ll be able to rest inside it comfortably whether it’s summer or winter. It comes with a rain fly that provides full coverage over the tent. The rain fly is constructed out of 3500mm fabric, which is enough to waterproof it.

You can be safe even if you’re camping under harsh conditions such as heavy rainfall. The fly will keep the water away, while the light yet firm aluminum pole construction and anti-rip fabric will keep the tent standing. 

This is the second version of the MT051 model, and it offers a solid improvement over the last one. It has an extended length of 250cm that will allow a taller person to sleep in it comfortably. Other than it, it’ll also let you store your belongings easily. 

The only major drawback of this tent is that it’s quite heavy. The tent alone weighs 1.55kg, which is even heavier than some 2-person tents.  

Other than the weight, this is a solid choice for those who want one tent that’ll let them camp anywhere, anytime. 


  • Four-season tent — appropriate for camping through summer to winter
  • Outer fly of 3500mm fabric construction will keep snow and water away
  • Doesn’t require more than five minutes for setting this up
  • Zippers are easier to find out due to the fluorescent cords


  • Doesn’t leave much space for ventilation after the rainfly set up
  • The fabric on the ridge pole sleeve feels very cheap

3. Forceatt Waterproof Camping Tent 

Forceatt Waterproof Camping Tent 

Finally, we have the budget beast from Forceatt. This waterproof camping tent is a gem, and it’s a great choice for those who’re looking for quality performance on a budget. 

This two-person tent weighs 2.5kg, so it can’t be considered the lightest tent on the market. If you’re wondering, most of the weight is due to the 7001 series combination Aluminum rod of 8.5mm diameter. 

These rods will make sure that your tent keeps standing even under a storm, so carrying the extra weight is worth it. It also offers SBS waterproof zipper that provides reliable and smooth performance. There will be two zippers to ensure you never get stuck.

The rainfly offers a 75D 220T rip-stop polyester, and the waterproof index is 5000mm, which is one of the highest waterproof ratings that we’ve seen in tents. 

Another amazing feature that’s unique to this tent is the lock function. Thanks to that, the tent can be set up in less time and can resist strong wind more effectively. 

If airflow and ventilation are a major concern to you, then you’ll be happy with this tent. Most of this tent is made of mesh, and there are two mesh doors, two mesh windows, and a mesh tent top for facilitating ventilation. It’s safe to say that you won’t experience any condensation in this tent. 


  • Provides enough space for two adults 
  • Micro-mesh fabric facilitates ventilation and lets you enjoy the surroundings
  • The lock function makes the tent more stable and cuts setup time 
  • 75D, 5000mm waterproof rainfly is one of the best we’ve come across


  • The floor isn’t that thick, so you may require an aftermarket one
  • Bit heavier than some other tents of the same dimensions and capacity


All three tents mentioned in this review are so good that it’s tough to declare the best tent for Mt Rainier among them. Ideally, we’d like you to assess each of their advantages and drawbacks so you can find which is right for you. 

If you insist still, we will recommend the Naturehike Cloud Lightweight Backpacking Tent. It’s ultra-light, offers enough space for two, has a rainfly with 20D polyester and PU 4000 rating, and is very easy to set up. You can’t go wrong with this!

Best Tent for Mt Rainier
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