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Last Updated on October 10, 2021

I know you are planning for Florida for endless recreation of primeval camping with your family and friends besides beautiful lakes and beautiful beaches. Now you need the best tent for Florida camping from the devastating market.

An awful tent can spoil your plan. Your night-long experience of snapping poles in the wind can make you frustrated. So, Along with the planning of a trip, buy the best tent for your Florida camping. 

Size and capacity are vital for buying a tent. You also need other factors to consider before purchasing a tent. Here they’re:

  • Purposeful condition
  • Size and capacity
  • Cost
  • Portability
  • Brand and model
  • Waterproof
  • Ease of use
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Ventilation
  • Flooring

Finding the best one from a lot of options in the market is troublesome. I am here to make your list narrow down at its best. So let’s check out the shortlist of the best tent for Florida camping. 

5 best tents for Florida camping reviews

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent


  • The Browning big horn series holds out extra strength and stability. 
  • This big tent provides more space for cottage sleeping, bags, and extra gear.
  • The airing system is outstanding. It offers a large breathable environment.
  • The straight sidewalls provide more room for camping furniture.
  • The combination of the polyester fabric ensures weather protection and will keep you dry.
  • It propounds value for money.


  • Electrical port is absent.
  • A thicker floor is a choice for everyone.

Browning’s best bighorn camping tent is the leading choice for all camp lovers. Being a stand-alone tent with fiberglass poles and steel uprights, it offers stable performance and extra strength. The tent has straight sidewalls that provide huge room for living with all the accessories and camping furniture. 

Having wonderful four large windows and one doorway with a mesh roof, it becomes more breathable. The proper ventilation offers enjoyment living in a tent. You can spend nights being weather-protected.

This lightweight tent offers a heavy round top shelter for you. The combination polyester fly and polyester oxford floor with 2000mm coating offer a waterproof facility. As it is rain resistant, it will be a good choice for a rainy day camping. There is no doubt about the highest quality of the tent.

Coleman Cabin Tent


  • Coleman cabin tent is waterproof and restrains water from getting in.
  • The meshed rainfly of the tent provides a breathable environment and outstanding weather protection.
  • The tent is made with double-thick fabric that offers long-term durability.
  • The tent from the USA needs just one minute to set up.
  • Two queen size air beds are appropriate for it. 
  • The darkroom technology blocks 90% of sunlight coming into the tent.
  • The integrated storage pockets are useful for organizing necessary things. 
  • The included expandable bag offers easy packing of the tent.
  • Different shapes and sizes are available at Coleman store.


  • It is heavy to carry, weighing 18 pounds.
  • You may not find it as a backpacking tent.
  • You may need a separate rainfly.

Coleman instant set up cabin tent has a pre-attached pole on it. That’s why unfolding becomes easy for you. You’ll Only need 60 seconds to to set the tent up and take it down. It is featured with a weather Tec system that can keep you dry during rain. 

The integrated rainfly may not be enough for you. So, investing in a separate rainfly will be helpful. The 2X double-thick Polyguard fabric is durable and long-lasting. This 6-person tent is enough to stay. Two queen size air beds can easily occupy the space. 

It is a top pick product of Amazon for its easy packing system. You can be tension-free when it is time to go back home. In addition, the tent’s darkroom technology is outstanding. The system may block 90% of sunlight and can reduce the temperature of the tent. I think this top pick product will be the best choice for you. 

Savannah GT


  • NTK Savannah is a large tent with a super 6ft height minimum comfort for family camping.
  • The breathable polyester fabric offers proper ventilation and comfort.
  • It is designed as protection from wind, rain, and heat. 
  • The utility pockets are useful to store useful things.
  • The tent is made with a large mesh roof that supplies proper ventilation.
  • The included double-layer full-coverage rainfly offers you ultimate protection from rain or storm.
  • 2-way zipper D style door is for micro mosquito mesh protection.
  • Super-easy to set up with a pin and ring system.
  • Price is an exception and value for the money.


  • It is not for beginner campers because the setup is boring.

The tent is NTK’s top pick product. It is built on innovation and reliability. You may have the safest and most dependable outdoor experience by using it. 

The tent offers you plenty of sleeping comfort and storage space. It is quite troublesome for beginner campers to fabricate it easily, but the pin and ring system of the tent is outstanding. 

The extra-thick Nano-flex technology keeps the tent poles interconnected and sturdy. You may have a safe and stable sleeping experience with it. 

A Micro-mosquito mesh frame is the top feature of the tent. You and your family need not annoy any mosquitoes or small insects while sleeping in it. It is the value of the price product. Surely, you will like it.

Ozark 10-Person 2 Room Cabin Tent 


  • Ozark is a big-sized tent having a 2 room cabin for 10 people with a removable divider.
  • It has six huge windows for proper ventilation.
  • The boxy and tall structured tent is fully free-standing with its 6 leg poles.
  • It is designed especially for summer camping..
  • An E-cable port is available for power service.
  • Small attached storage pockets are useful enough.
  • Two queen size airbeds can easily fit in it.


  • So heavy to carry.
  • The fly is not waterproof enough but has no chance to leak.
  • There are no floor vents.

Ozark is a sizable cabin-style tent having 2 rooms with a removable divider. The divider is just a curtain. 

The large 5 windows on all sides make it breathable and enjoyable. It has a good height of 86 inches (218cm). For tall families, it is a good choice. 

The boxy and tall structured tent is for 10 people. It is especially a summer tent best matched for warm weather. So it meshes all around itself for proper ventilation. But it has no floor vents. 

The tent is so heavy to carry. You may need a car to carry it. The fly and the 68D coated polyester fabric are not waterproof enough. Having so much mesh in the body, it is impossible to stay in a tent in a cold environment. So I recommend the tent for summer camping. 

But overall it is a good choice for flexible camping.

UNP Tents 6 Person Family Camping Tent 


  • Unp is 100% waterproof and made with high-quality 185T polyester material.
  • The tent is stable, windproof, and firm with its 4 steel leg poles and rectangular roof. 
  • The electrical port provides you access to the power source in the tent.
  • The mesh storage pockets help arrange the small necessary things. 
  • It offers an easy setup in three minutes.
  • 6 people can easily sleep in a tent. 


  • It is not for backpacking.

 UNP is a high-quality weatherproof tent having 4 steel leg poles and a rectangular roof. The size of the tent is enough for 6 campers to live in. The most important thing is that it is 100% waterproof. The water will stay outside.

The stable, windproof tent offers you multiple storage options to arrange the small accessories. Besides, it also has an electrical port which may attract the campers to buy it.

5 Zippered windows are for enjoying the scenery outside and also for ventilation. Beginner campers can easily set it up. No particular skill is needed for that. You just need 3 min to set it up or pack it down. The included carrying bag is for restoring the tent easily. So I think it will be the right choice if you buy it.

Final words

Choosing the best tent for Florida camping is an easy task for you now. All the 5 tents are excellent. But ranking the best among them depends on what type of campers you are. My shortlist will help you to find the best among the best. 

I think you can find the best match for your trip. If you’re a family camper, you aren’t concerned about privacy, so just a single cabin tent is enough for you. But if you want to camp with friends and need privacy, a big dividable cabin like the Ozark tent will be an excellent match for them.

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