Camping as a Disabled Person: Recommended Tents

Last Updated on January 20, 2023

When searching for the best tent for disabled people, you need to look for some requirements, especially enough comforts in a tent for a disabled person.

I enjoy outdoor activities and trying to support disabled users enjoy it as well, so I glanced into it and was happy to find suitable tents for you.

There are some essential factors to watch out for before buying a tent. They are

  • Water resistance
  • Protection from insects
  • Easy installation
  • Weather friendly
  • Low weight
  • Larger rooms to stay and sleep comfortably
  • Smart ventilation system for passing air.

Let’s go for the latest and best tents!

Best Tent for Disabled

1. Coleman Tent Oak Canyon 4


  • Its particular feature is 100% waterproof.
  • Quality XXL-sized bedroom.
  • The tent has a blackout room feature. It blocks 99% of the light in the tent.  
  • Material is fire retardant to slow down the flare.  
  • Control room temperature during the day and night.
  • Safety from bugs.   
  • Freestanding makes the installation easy.
  • Eligible for all seasons of the year.
  • Fire retardant elements are used in materials.
  • Low weights, durable metal, and plastic poles ensure durability and flexibility.


  • Poor instruction book.
  • The pegs need to be stronger.

Quality XXL sized bedroom gives you comfortable living with larger double air beds, tables, and chairs. There are 2 doors with insect guards and a wide PVC window with a cover to provide light and privacy. The blackout room facility gives you the opportunity to sleep anytime in a sleepy environment. It makes your experience more enjoyable and comfortable. 

Moreover, It can make up to 5 degrees centigrade cool down during the day and 1 degree Celsius warmer during the night. The tent roof is made of fabric that stores energy from the sun to control the room temperature. 

Waterproof is its key feature. You can stay dry and safe in it during the rain outside. The tent is combined with taped seams and a sewn-in groundsheet to keep the tent safe from bugs. It is used every season. In addition, fire-obstructive material gives you time to escape from fire.

It’s an ideal tent for campers for its innovative designs and weather resistance. Overall, it’s a wonderful product made of high-quality materials that allow people with physical disabilities to get the most from their family holiday.

2. Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Tent


  • Quiet Spacious rooms. 
  • Usable for three seasons in a year as it’s weather-friendly.
  • Superb ventilation system.
  • The Wenzel tent keeps you safe from bugs. It is waterproof.
  •  A durable floor from the main room.
  • Tent Installation is easy and quick.
  • Separation of rooms like sleeping and storage space is available.
  • It can carry weight up to 27.3 lbs 


  • The screen room is not as tall as the main room.
  • Too heavy for backpacking.

It’s a great tent to take camping with friends and family because it’s substantial for 8 persons (16ft11ft and 6.5 ft of headroom). It has an additional 60ft for a screen room. Besides that, it is a waterproof tent, but it cannot endure torrential rain. Zip-up walls can be used to divide the rooms. Also, there are two small pockets at the window. Weather resistance is one of its attractive features. Polyurethane protects the whole tent from being damaged. Lap-felled seams and double stitches make the tent durable and well-built. On top of that, there are fiber glasses to protect from heavy wind.

Despite its large size, this Wenzel tent can be set up in 15-20 minutes and also has a sturdy fiberglass frame with power corners for remarkable stability and wind resistance. More to tell you, it has an excellent ventilation system, 2 screen windows, and a mesh roof that lets the breeze come into the tent. Furthermore, It has web windows to keep bugs out of the tent. Your camping tent issue can be fixed using unique designs, strong supplies, and satisfying services.

3. Core 11-Person Family Cabin Tent

Core 11-Person Family Cabin Tent


  • Vast rooms to spend quality time 
  • Extra space for sleeping.
  • Pockets are available to keep things organized.
  • Exceptional venting system
  • A complete closable port
  • Bugs-free tent 
  • Customizable floor vents
  • CORE H20 Block Advanced technologies to prevent water entrance
  • A carry bag to organize instruments
  • Uncomplicated and quick installation
  • Applicable in all 3 seasons


  • Heavyweight to carry (43lbs)
  • Not waterproofed

Generous size (29.2″×14.2″×14.2″), ventilation, water blocking seam, floor (144″),etc make it unique. Moreover, there is a nice color to make it more attractive. The large floor lets you feel at home.

Queen-size air mattress fits in, and 11 people can sleep in this spacious tent. 86″ height lets you stretch and stand. It contains an extra room as a screen room. Moreover, it has adequate space for parking wheelchairs.

Just calm and relax as a unique and advanced venting system lets cool air into the tent. Vast mesh ceiling ventilation also puts air out of the tent. It also ensures your safety from bad weather and bugs. Fabrics and seams block water from coming in, and mesh ventilation does not let bugs in. A closable port in the tent allows the cable to go through the tent. You can close it when you do not need it.

Furthermore, the tent set is heavy, but installation is uncomplicated and quick.210 D polyester carry bag helps to organize the tent and instruments.

Durability and strength frames and poles let you sleep peacefully in the tent. You can feel at home at the Core 11p family tent because of its unique designs and quality poles & materials. 11 members of a group can comfortably sleep in this wheelchair-accessible camping tent.

4. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent


  • A hinged door for quick access
  • Frames are strong enough to handle heavy winds. 
  • Zipper protection on the door saves you from bugs and water.
  • A rainfly advantage to avoid rain inside of the tent
  • Waterproof floors.
  • The floor is made of wielding inspired technology.
  • Easy installation and packing save you valuable time.


  • No more than 6 people can sleep inside the tent.
  • Heavy rainfall the whole day long can damage the tent.

Spend time outside with pleasure as the Coleman tent offers a memorable time. Its special feature is a rainfly that doesn’t let you get wet. The extra room called the screen room gives you sufficient space to enjoy. It has a ventilation system with bugs free advantage. Rainfly fabric, strong poles, mesh windows and broad rooms make it unique and more attractive than other items. Forget to tell you about the cord hole in the tent to enter the cable connection from outside.

A simple and quick setup takes little time to build a tent. Yet, it has more to offer you. On the sidewalls, you will find mesh pockets. It keeps your small items organized. Rain or water protection seams do not let a drop of water down into the tent. That’s called water-resistance power. You may carry the tent instruments and objects in a handy bag. 

Overall, it’s a high-quality tent at an affordable price. It is made to give you relaxation and natural scenery to see nature from the tent.


I hope you find my reviews helpful in your search for the best tent for disabled people. All four of the tents mentioned above are made up of high materials, are reasonably priced, and are ideal for camping.

The main distinction between them is their size and waterproofing. Get the Coleman tent walk canyon for the best waterproof results. For large groups of family and friends, use the core 11-person tent or the Wenzel klondike 6-person tent. You can also purchase a Coleman Weathermaster to use all year.

You just need to start figuring out which one is best for you.

A person in a wheelchair wants to see nature and have fun on a trip. That is no longer a fantasy!

Tent for Disabled People
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