Best Tent for Deer Camp

Last Updated on September 3, 2022

Regular camping tents are great, but they won’t provide the space and features necessary for hunting. It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting deer, elk, or other animals; a quality tent is a must for getting the best out of your trip. 

However, due to the oversaturation of products in the market, it’s pretty tough to find the right tent for yourself. To make things easier for you, we’re going to share the best tent for deer camp that we’ve come across through our research. 

Let’s begin.

Best Tent for Deer Camp

The following hunting tent options are the best that you’ll find on the market. Let’s get to know them. 

1. PRIMOS HUNTING Surround View 

The Primos Hunting tent is a medium-budget hunting tent that comes with all the bells and whistles that you can expect from an excellent hunting tent. 

One of the best things about this tent is that the walls are constructed to provide a one-way view. It means you’ll be able to observe your surroundings without being spotted. 

It offers a dimension of 60 x 60 x 70 inches. This will provide enough space for you to set up a dedicated resting place, a few chairs, and a storage unit. You’ll also be able to roam around inside the tent, which will save you from boredom on a long day. 

There’s also a front window built exclusively for shooting. This window will provide a complete 180-degree view, so you’ll be able to spot and track your prey more accurately. 

There are five shoots through ports other than the front window on each side of the wall. 

Despite the amazing build quality and enormous size, it’s not that heavy at all. The tent weighs only 23 pounds with the bag. That will help you carry the tent without much hassle or fatigue. 

The only drawbacks with this tent are that this is tough to put into the bag after hunting. Then again, the see-through camo won’t work that well if sunlight is falling directly on the tent’s wall. 


  • It weighs only 23 pounds, so it’s very easy to carry and handle 
  • The front window provides a 180-degree shooting view 
  • There are five shooting ports on each wall for 360-degree coverage
  • A seven-second setup makes it very easy to set up and pack up 


  • The see-through camo isn’t much effective if the sun is blaring into your eyes
  • Putting the tent in the bag after packing up is very tough

2. WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

Next up, we have the canvas bell tent from the Whiteduck store. If you want to go all out with the hunting tent, and if money is expendable, you should definitely consider this tent. 

Is this tent overly expensive? No, but it costs twice as much as the previous pick, making it the most expensive tent on this list.

The tent is made of 100% cotton, 8.5 oz Army Duck Canvas, and it comes in three colors, Beige, Brown, and Olive, all of which are waterproof, UV resistant, and fire retardant. 

This tent has integrated mesh doors & windows, a 5” opening for a stove jack, and strategically placed openings on the tent that facilitate ventilation. 

There’s a door and three windows on this tent. You’ll get enough room for moving around and for standing inside the tent. 

It offers an entrance and center pole made of galvanized steel to keep the tent standing even under the harshest conditions. 

One unique offering of this package is the tool kit. It consists of pegs, a rain cap, pins, and a rubber mallet, all of which will help in the installation of the tent. 

The only thing that we didn’t like about this tent is that the groundsheet can’t be zipped to the tent. Other than that, it’s a feature-rich tent that can make your hunting experience comfortable and enjoyable. 


  • 100% cotton 8.5 oz Army Duck Canvas fabric is very durable yet breathable 
  • The door and three windows are mesh, and there are four openings for an excellent ventilation
  • It’s a four-season tent, meaning that you can use it throughout the year
  • Provides enough space for even an adult to stand inside the tent


  • It doesn’t come with a zip-on groundsheet

3. Barronett Blinds Pentagon Tent 

Barronett Blinds Pentagon Tent

Moving on, we’re looking at a cheaper tent that performs exceptionally well for its price. This is another pentagon tent, and it’s manufactured by Barronett Blinds. 

It’s a low-profile tent that offers many options for shooting, making it one of the best backpacking hunting tents for deer camp. 

This, too, comes with mesh fabric on all five sides of the tent body. So, you’ll get a 360-degree overview of your surroundings. 

What makes this a better choice is that even though you’ll be able to see what’s going on around you, it won’t be possible for others to see you from outside. This will help you spot your prey more easily.

The five-sided blind design allows the tent to provide 70% more space than a 4-sided tent that takes up seemingly the same amount of space. Then again, there are openings for shooting through on each of the five walls. 

Multiple windows can be opened without making any noise. Two rear peak windows will allow you to see what’s behind the blind. 

No matter when you’re going hunting, you can rely on this tent. It’s built to last through heavy rains, snow, wind, as well as hail. You’ll be able to use this for years without any problem. 


  • There are openings for shooting through all the five walls 
  • The windows can be opened without making any noise
  • You’ll be able to monitor your surroundings with the mesh sections on the walls
  • Even a 6’2” adult can stand in one of these without any problem 
  • Built to be tough and to withstand rain, snow, hail, and wind


  • Repacking this tent is pretty tough, and you’ll have a hard time folding it

4. Rhino Blinds R100-RTE

Rhino Blinds R100-RTE

Last but not least, we have the R100-RTE from Rhino Blinds. It’s one of the cheapest tents for deer camp that you can get right now. 

Each tent can house up to 2 people, meaning these aren’t that cozy and big. However, if you’re hunting in one or even a two-person squad, you won’t face any problems. 

The fabric of this tent is constructed of genuine 150D polyester for both horizontal and vertical weaves. The high-quality polyester fabrics make the tent very durable and rip-stop. Even under harsh weather conditions, the fabric won’t tear apart easily. 

You’ll have an easy time setting this blind up as well. We highly recommend practicing this before your first hunt. With some practice, you’ll even be able to set up the blind in under 60 seconds, which will considerably cut system loss and will also help you track and hunt your prey easily. 

The blind comes with a camouflage that can blend in with the surroundings easily. If you leave the tent set up in a single spot for a few days, it’ll start becoming one with its surroundings. 

These tents are built to overcome adverse conditions, so you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged. 

With the Rhino system hub, you’ll have a great time setting the tent up and repacking it. This system makes the overall process much easier. 

Then again, the hook and loop system will help you make adjustments to the windows without making any noise. 


  • It comes in four amazing camo patterns that help it blend in with the environment
  • Thanks to the Rhino hub system, these are very easy to pack and repack
  • The fiberglass rods and metal hubs will last through all kinds of weather
  • Hook and loop style windows help in making silent yet quick adjustments


  • The door design isn’t the most convenient that we’ve come across


As you can see, there are multiple tents to choose from, and picking the best tent for deer camp isn’t an easy task. Generally, we’d recommend you pick the one that suits your requirements. 

Then again, if you’re looking for a tent that won’t let you down irrespective of your preferences, we’d recommend the PRIMOS HUNTING Surround View. This tent offers tons of amazing features such as lightweight, adequate space, 360-viewing, multiple shooting openings, and more. 

It’s safe to say that you’ll have an amazing time with this. 

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