Best Cabin Tent With Screen Room & Porch for Camping

Last Updated on January 20, 2023

At the campsite, you often feel like enjoying the night view by staring at the sky, but you don’t. The camping lights attract the bugs, making it impossible to step out of the tent. That’s when you realize that getting the best cabin tent with a screen room is the only way to not miss out on nature while camping.

But where do you get one of those?

Not that hard in this age of day with the internet around as you can look one on the internet. Yet, it couldn’t be any harder. That’s because there are too many to choose from. How do you pick from them?

No worries!

Like always, I’m here to save the day with a handful of the best camping tents with a screen porch for you to try.

Top Pick

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Core Cabin Tent

If you are looking for a cabin tent with screen room and you don’t have the time to shop around then just go for this one. It can fit 9 people and can be set up instantly. Overall it’s better than most others in every aspect.

Key Details:

  • Capacity: 9 Person
  • Size (L x W): 14 x 9 Feet
  • Weight: 27.62 lbs
  • Seasons: 3
  • Closure Type: Zipper

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5-Best Cabin Tent with Screen Room

Finding the ideal camping tent can take a lot of time and effort. Good for you if you’ve got that much time and patience. If not, then you can just go for any of the given cabin tents with a porch right here.

1. CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent (Top Pick)

CORE is a brand that knows to make quality camping tents. And the Core 9 person tent is proof of that. The core of the CORE tent which is the frame makes the setup of this big cabin tent quite easy.

That’s because it comes pre-assembled. It takes just a minute or more to get it up and running. For a tent, that can make room for 9 people at the same time, it’s just amazing.

Besides having that space and quick set-up ability, the CORE makes tall people fall in love with it.  The ceiling of most tents makes the tall people bend their knees, or crouch so that their head doesn’t hit the roof. With the 78-inches center height, that’s not going to be an issue here.

Even privacy is something people inside the tent can have as it got dividers to separate the rooms. Plus, the typical quality tent features are all here like water blocking heat-sealed seams, rainfly, and a floor that keeps the ground dry inside even the place where you pitch it is a bit wet.

And without the rainfly installed, you got a screened tent altogether. From the side walls to the roof itself, the mesh to let you get a clear view of the outside—no need to get out of the tent anymore.



  • No separate screen room

2. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

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Another one of those screened tents that you can look into is the Coleman WeatherMaster tent.

Right here, you get a tent that gets made to withstand the elements. May the weather throw a curveball with heavy rain, windstorm, or just a scorching sun on your way, the tent is good to take on them all.

The tent uses water-resistance 75-denier polyester material that doesn’t allow the water to pass through it. And with those inverted seams and welded floors, there is no way, things will ever get inside the Coleman. The frame tube for the tent is durable not to get bent even if there is too much wind and it will keep the structure in place.

Meanwhile, the tent material keeps the heat out with all its mesh windows. You can enjoy the pleasing weather inside the tent without getting bothered by the bugs.

Even in terms of space, there is good enough room to fit in 2-queen size airbeds in the thing and still have room left. Six persons can easily live inside it, making it great for family camping.

And the cherry on top of all this is the screen room. You get a separate space that’s spacious and well-separated from the tent living room. On hot days, you can have a more comfortable sleeping arrangement here while enjoying the bright stars in the night sky.

But, you’ve got to bring a mat or something for the floor as it doesn’t have one.


  • Great space
  • Water-resistant
  • Large screen room
  • Good airflow
  • Durable frame


  • Screen room doesn’t have a floor.

3. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

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For me, Wenzel seems to redefine privacy and bare nakedness with their cabin Klondike tent. You get two different tents in one as it is a separate partition where one room has a typical sidewall with mesh windows. The other one is nothing but just a screen room.

And the screen room isn’t a small one. This 8-person tent got 9 feet by 6 feet in that screen space where 3 people easily sleep. For the other 8, there is a regular cabin-style tent room.

I love the fact, that between the two parts, there is an O-style door that separates the two spaces. You can get your own private space to live in the tent.

Just like most tents today, the Klondike uses polyester fabric to keep the water from coming inside. The polyurethane coating on the tent, as well as the rainfly, does it well. But you’ve got to give to the stitching quality and the webbings that make sure the tent doesn’t tear apart and leak.

With a full mesh roof and windows, there is a lot of breeze coming into the tent which makes it perfect to take on summer camping. And even in the harshest of windy weather, the fiberglass and steel frame gives you a roof to avoid getting caught in it.

For a bug-free, comfortable camping experience, Wenzel is the way to go indeed.


  • Weatherproof.
  • Storage pockets
  • Spacious
  • Great ventilation
  • Quality craftsmanship.


  • The door is only on the screen room end.

4. Core Lighted Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Porch

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Core seems to crack the code of making the best-screened porch tents. Their lighted instant cabin tent is a testimony of that.

If you need the natural light of the day, or just want a panoramic view of the stars lying down from the tent, you can exactly do that with this tent.

What you will love about is that it got a removable rainfly that when you need can keep the water out and when you don’t you can just get it off right away. Even the windows got zippered closures, if you want complete darkness inside the tent, you can have that too.

But all that aside, the Core’s built-in light system is just something amazing. You can enjoy high, low, or night-light mode with a press of a button as it got a panel on the tent wall to do that. Like your home, you get even lighting inside the yurt.

Other than that, there are many familiar features like the other Core tent. For instance, it got pre-attached poles, making it possible to pitch the tent on the ground quickly. With an 80-inch center height, there is no need for tall guys to crouch to walk inside to avoid the roof.

Apart from all that, it comes in a variety of sizes to make camping from a small group of 6 to a large group of 12 possible with ultimate comfort. That’s because it got room dividers for privacy for the people living inside. Even it deals with the heat quite well. Yes, you’ve got the meshed windows and roof for that. Then again, it introduces an adjustable intake venting system to ensure the temperature remains pleasing.

Not to forget, there are two doors, front and back, which makes getting in and out of the tent quite easy as you don’t run into traffic, unlike some other tents.


  • Built-in light
  • Breathable material
  • Quite spacious
  • Two doors
  • Easy setup


  • A bit heavy.

5. Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent

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Coleman follows up on the Core cabin tent with their own Elite, which got overhead interior light for the users to enjoy. And just like the Core, it got three different light modes to get the right amount of lighting inside the thing.

If you want to enjoy the natural lighting, then there is a 9×6 ft. screen room there is to stay. It has enough space to let you sit, and lie down to relax on those warm nights in the tent.

With Coleman, like all their products, you get a quality tent that’s quite unpenetrable. It got zipper protection that keeps the water from getting in. And the welded floors make sure, there are no holes for the water to creep in inside and make things wet.

The polyester 75D taffeta keeps you dry and safe in heavy rain.

Not just that, even the frames of the tent stand out for their durability. Compared to others, it holds itself better against stronger winds.

With rolling windows, a mesh roof, and the screen room itself, the tent is quite cozy to live in too. It doesn’t build up heat like the cheap ones as the airflow on this thing keeps things breezy on warm days. And when you need to avoid the cold, the tent material can provide you the cover to seal in the heat too inside the shed.

So, WeatherMaster truly slays all elements.


  • Good space
  • Great seamed material
  • Rain and windproof
  • Solid frame
  • Built-in lights


  • Slightly on the heavier side


Long story short, there isn’t a lack of Best cabin tents with screened porch out there. But the lack of time and patience makes it hard to go through all the tents to get the ideal one for you. Solving the problem is the above list which has some quality gears.

If you’re someone who is planning to travel with a large group for a long time, go with the CORE 14 x 9 tent. Overall it’s better than most others in every aspect.

My second recommendation would be the Coleman WeatherMaster. It has a small screen room for one to go and have some alone time staring at the night and falling asleep there.

So, for solo travelers and group campers, there is something here for all.

What is actually A screened porch tent?

The screen porch tent is also known as the tent with porch or screen room tent. Actually, these tents are friendly-family tents and an isolated screened porch area to add square footage and livability.

Moreover, along with many designs, a screened porch portion differs from the body tent. It will offer you to have genuine porch feelings. You will find some screened porch tents floor made from polyurethane or other types of material. However, there are some screened porch tents that do not hold any kind of flooring. There are no winners actually. Tents with both flooring and not flooring have individual ups and downs. That’s why you need to decide which one to pick up. It totally depends on your demands.

As you can guess from its name, all of the screened porch tents feature room porch additions and being screened. These types of tents are suitable for sitting, cooking and keeping your bugs out, not your elements. It is better to keep in mind that in case of a snowstorm or rain, you will have to stay in the main body of your screened porch tent.

Screen Room Tent Type:

Let’s talk about the screen room tent types. The screened porched tent comes in many sizes, characteristics on design and many different features. In general, there is mainly two screen porch tent type from which you can make your pick. I have talked about both two types below:

Screened porches cabin tent

The cabin tents are usually a bit tall. This type of tent holds more windows that will make you more comfortable. The wall of the cabin tent is vertical. That’s why you will be able to accommodate more stuff and people without any hassle.

Without it, the cabin tents with screened porch have grabbed popularity because they offer you a feeling of the house while staying out in nature. Another positive vibe of these tent types is that they can be set up easily.

Whatsoever, the cabin tents are not a good option for camping in snowy or rainy weather as they hold minimum fly roofs. This type of tent is ideal for camping in summer with family as it offers you more windows, room and also room divider.

Screened porches dome tents

If you plan to camp alone or with a friend and are also thinking about hitting the trail, then the dome tents with screened porches tent are the best pick for you. However, if you want expanded comfort while camping outdoors, then this tent is not for you.

Apart from holding the expanded section, the dome tent holds curved walls, screened porch and brief headroom. As a result, you may feel cramped a bit.

However, there is some upside to these dome tents. You will find the dome tents more aerodynamic. These type of tents has the capability to stand strong against high winds and storms. They are quite good for the snow though.


How To Choose A Cabin Tent With Screened Room

There are lots of tent producers that claim their tents to be a hundred percent suitable for all. But they are not actually. That’s why before purchasing a tent with a screened room, you need to know about some features that you should look for in the tent. Otherwise, your hard work and money will be wasted.

Layout and Shape

Well, the layout and shape of a screened porch tent will help tell you how much space your tent will provide. When you talk about the shape, you will have to pick anyone between a cabin or dome tent.

In general, almost all porch tent holds a sleeping area inside the door with a separate space where you can store anything you want. However, many big tents feature a lounging area, rooms for sleeping on each side, and a central door. They are ideal for family camping as they will add privacy and many extra options.


Well, I have already mentioned that the tent with screened porches offers variety in their size. The dome tents are smaller tent types and the cabin tents are the larger ones. You need to determine which size of tent you need most.

For example, if you plan to camp with your family where the number of people is about 10 to 14 and also you need to have lots of stuff with you, then screened porch cabin tent will be the best option for you.

On the other hand, if you are planning to camp in winter or in a rainy climate along with a friend, then the dome tent with a screen porch will be the best tent type for your camping.

I hope you got my point. You will have to decide which one you need. Spend a bit of time and think carefully before making a situation. Otherwise, you may have to pay a lot.

Easy Setup

You know what I mean. If your tent is easy to set up, then it is an advantage for you. Obviously, you will not like spending lots of time and going through much hassle while setting up your tent. So, select a screened porch tent that is easy to set up.


No one wants to make any compromise with comfort. I guess you are not exceptional. So, you need to make sure about your comfort while camping.

While selecting a tent, you will need to check whether the tent is comfortable for you or not. Can you move around the tent or is the tent tall enough for standing in? Will this tent stand against rain or snow or not? These are the basic things you need to consider while purchasing a screened porch tent for your comfort.


The good screened porch tent is supposed to be equipped with roof vents and lots of mesh windows for enough ventilation. Enough ventilation will not only make you comfortable, but it will also offer you to take clean and fresh air for breathing. Isn’t it an important thing that can draw your attention?

Tent Material

Obviously, you will be wishing your tent to stay with you for a long period of time. For this, you need a durable tent and the tent material makes a tent durable. The things where you need to pay attention to are the frame pole material, mesh wall quality and rooftop material quality.


The weight of your screened porch tent is also a thing that you need to pay attention to. While camping outside, you need to carry the tent with you. The lightweight is always convenient to transport and set up, especially if you are thinking about accommodating the tent in your backpack.

However, most heavy and durable tents are a bit heavy-weight. So, you will have to balance the tent quality and weight. You can’t compromise the quality.


Well, checking the height of your tent is a part of comfortability though. This is an important thing to pay attention to separately as it plays a vital role in your overall camping experience. While camping, if you need to crouch over or something unexpected like crawl around your knees and hand the whole time, then I assume that your camping experience will never be great.

UV Protection

Protection is also an important thing you need to consider. While camping in a screened porch tent, you are supposed to spend a good amount of time in the extra room for your relaxation. So, you need to make sure that you are covered from the pummeling rains and sun rays while staying in the extra room.

Apart from that, waterproof design, fiberglass framework and seal-sealed tents are also an issue that you need to pay proper attention to.


If you need a tent for camping at any time in any season, then you need to think about the weather features of a tent. You will find there are lots of tents that hold several features such as enough ventilation for keeping you cool during summer, zipper flaps to use in windows in order to keep the rain or cold out and a weather-protected cover roof. Don’t forget about these features.


Obviously, a tent that is made for camping in the backyard or camping occasionally will not be able to stand against harsh conditions. Without it, the lifetime of these tents is also a question as you won’t like to spend money on purchasing a tent again and again. So, pay heed to this issue.


Apart from enough room or a separate storage facility for keeping and storing your gear dry and safe, the best-screened porch tent should offer a storage beg for your easy transporting.


Budget is another important factor. You will find a plethora of screened porch tents available in the market at various prices. Obviously, the best tents are a bit pricey and will ask you to spend more money. The price is affordable though. If you feel that you need to add some money to the budget, then don’t hesitate to do so. They will pay off the money through their services.

Trip Length

Your trip length is needed to be considered to ensure your comfort while camping. As you can guess that you will need more gear for camping long time and for this you need a big tent. On the other hand, for camping a shorter period, a small tent will be fine.

Intended Purpose and Expectations:

After all, you are the only person who knows about your needs. You know whether you will camp with your family or not, how many doors will be ideal, do you need individual interior rooms or not. You need to keep all these things in your mind while purchasing a screened porch tent for you.


Advantage of Having a Camping Tent with Screen Room

Space Issue

The first and most impressive advantage of using this type of tent is that it allows having a massive amount of space. This type of tent is ideal for camping with the family. It offers accommodation for at least six people. Without it, the additional screened porch area of this tent will allow you to have an extra living room and more footage.

Safety Protection

Another important advantage that the screened porch tent offers is protection from insects. While using the tents, these tents will provide you protection from wasps, mosquitos, spiders and from other types of insects.

Extra Storage

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, the screened porch tents offer you extra storage in order to store your gear. For this extra space, this type of tent has gotten more attention. You will be able to store your stuff here.

Without it, you can keep your muddy shoes or boots here that you don’t want to drag inside of your tent and the most exciting thing is that this extra space can be used for making a grill.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tent with a porch?

The tent with porch means the front space that is distinct from the main part and remains partly covered. This feature is found mostly in the camping tents that are made for the family.

Why the screen porch is being used?

The screen porch is used in order to make the camping experience great. Basically, the screen porch is used to set up tables and chairs for relaxing and having the best view of the outdoor environment.

What is a screen tent with a floor?

Well, the screen tent with floor actually is a tarp on the surface for acting as a floor and a mesh as a sidewall.

What is the benefit of using a screen tent with a floor?

The benefit of using the screen tent with the floor is that it keeps the interior clean and also keeps the screen tent dry.

What is a tent with a screen room?

Well, the tent with a screen room is basically a tent along with a sitting room where there is a fly on top and the side is covered with a mesh. This room is also used for storing equipment. It holds a zip that can be opened fully and also these zips can be up for protecting from dangerous insects.

Which one is better? screen tent with floor or without a floor.

Actually, It totally depends on some factors like the weather condition, the surface where the tent will be set up and also the time period how long you will be staying here. If you wish to set up the tent in a forest, then it is better to use the screen tent with the floor. On the other hand, you can set up a tent screen without a floor if you wish to camp on the beaches.


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